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Top 10 Best Ionic Hot Rollers

Updated on May 14, 2015

The Best Ionic Hair Curler For You

For fast easy curls that leave your hair shiny, static free and silky, try an ionic hot roller set. These hot rollers take just minutes to heat up and once they're in your hair, your all day curl will be set within 10 minutes. Plus the ion technology leaves your hair shiny, static free and feeling healthier than ever.

The days of spending an hour burning our hair with too-hot curling irons are over. With ionic hot rollers, now you can curl your hair in just 15 minutes and when you're done, you won't have to deal with flyaways, frizzy hair, dry hair or dull hair. Because while the heat and moisture are working their magic to give you curl and volume, the negative ions are reconditioning your hair to ensure it's full of moisture and full of life!

Photo Credit: marin

Have You Ever Used Hot Rollers?

Have You Ever Used Hot Rollers?

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Which Ionic Hot Roller Should You Get?

Depending on the size of curler you use and the length of time you leave them in, hot rollers can style your hair from loose waves to kinky curls. If you have curly hair, you can even use hot rollers to straighten it. And the number 1 thing that hot rollers do to your hair is add volume.

When deciding which hot roller set is for you, you need to figure out what style you're aiming for and your hair type (although in some instances, your hair type will determine your style).

Large and jumbo rollers will create big curls or waves. For waves, leave them in just a few minutes. For curls, leave them in until cool. These rollers will also straighten wavy hair.

Medium and small rollers will create kinky curls and spiral curls (if they get hot enough and are left in until cool). These smaller rollers are also good for bangs.

If your hair is long and thick, you'll need a full strength roller set (no travel sets for you!) and larger rollers.

Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact, Large and Medium Roller

#1 Top Rated Ceramic Ionic Hair Rollers

If you need a set of quality hot roller to take with you on the go, this Remington ionic hot roller set might be what you're looking for. The compact heat and carry case is just large enough to hold the 5 medium and 5 large hot rollers. The soft grip rollers heat up fast and they have cool touch end caps to protect your fingers from burns. When using these hot rollers, make sure they're all snapped in (push them all down hard) to the case. Otherwise you'll end up with a few cold ones.

Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact, Large and Medium Roller

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter, Hair Rollers, 1-1 ¼ Inch, Pink
Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter, Hair Rollers, 1-1 ¼ Inch, Pink

5 medium soft grip rollers

5 large soft grip rollers

a heat/carry case.



Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hairsetter

#2 Best Ionic Hot Rollers

This is a set of steam rollers, which work a little different (and faster) than hot rollers. When "heating up" these rollers, only leave them on for 15 to 30 seconds. The object isn't to get them hot, but to fill them with steam. If you leave them on longer than 30 seconds, the foam will get wet and you'll have to wait for it to dry before you can use it. Once the roller is in your hair, you only have to leave it in a few minutes before the curl sets. The ion technology in this steamroller kit creates 3 times more steam than other steam rollers and makes your curls last even longer.

Caruso Professional IONIC Molecular 30-Piece Multiple Size Steam Hair Setter
Caruso Professional IONIC Molecular 30-Piece Multiple Size Steam Hair Setter

6 petite foam rollers, 6 small foam rollers

6 medium foam rollers, 6 large foam rollers

6 jumbo foam rollers

carrying case, styling guide



Conair CHV14JXR Extreme Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers

#3 Top Rated Ionic Hair Curler

This hot roller set is perfect for someone with long hair and no bangs who uses all the same size rollers. A lot of hot roller sets have rollers from 1 inch to 2 inch, but this only has 2 sizes that are barely distinguishable from each other. These heat up in just a few minutes and the velvety covering on the curlers hold your hair in place. Because this set uses wire clips instead of pins, there's a slight learning curve when you first start using them. Until you learn to do it just right (try clipping it up under the curl), be prepared for the clips to fall out. On the plus side, the wire clips don't leave little dents in your hair like the plastic pins sometimes do.

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hot Rollers; Bonus Super Clips Included - Amazon Exclusive
Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hot Rollers; Bonus Super Clips Included - Amazon Exclusive

8 jumbo 1.5 inch rollers

4 super jumbo 1.75 inch rollers

12 wire clips

heat and carry case



Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers, Pink

#4 Best Ceramic Hot Rollers Hair Setters

If you've never used hot rollers before, this is a great easy-to-use beginners set. It includes 3 different sized rollers, each with a velvety cover that grips hair and holds it in place. They heat in just 2 minutes and put out more negative ions than other hot roller sets. The plastic butterfly clips are easy to use, although they don't hold thick hair very well. The only truly negative thing about this set is that the case has such a flimsy cover.


Conair HS28X Instant Heat Compact Styling Setter

#5 Best Ionic Hot Rollers

Because it only has 12 smallish curlers, his hot roller set is meant for someone with short or medium length hair who needs hot rollers for on-the-go. It's made to be used for travel and I have to say, the carry case is far better than other carry cases. It has an inside pocket for uses a zipper instead of a velcro flap to keep it closed (and means no more lost pins). Although it says the rollers are medium and large, they're more the size of small and medium. For being a compact travel set, they heat up quickly and they leave a decent curl (although this set definitely doesn't replace your full size hot rollers).

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers w/Ceramic Techology; Black Case with Blue and Green Rollers
Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers w/Ceramic Techology; Black Case with Blue and Green Rollers

8 large rollers (the size of mediums)

4 medium rollers (the size of smalls)

12 metal clips

soft black carrying pouch



BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Professional Jumbo Roller Hairsetter

#6 Top Rated Ceramic Ionic Hair Rollers

This is one of the most versatile hot roller sets I've seen. It comes with 4 different size rollers and 2 different types of clips to choose from. Plus it has 2 temperature settings, which is probably why it works so well on thick or long hair. If you're looking for tight curls, this set isn't for you. It's better for big bouncy curls that last all day. The heating case is a bit different in that it has an arm in the back that lets it stand vertical while heating.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic 30-Roller Hairsetter
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic 30-Roller Hairsetter

6 small rollers, 8 medium rollers

8 large rollers, 8 jumbo rollers

15 spring clips, 15 butterfly clips

storage pouch



Infiniti Pro by Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Rollers

#7 Best Ceramic Shell Hair Curlers

This hot roller set works best on people with medium or short hair that's not too thick. Although it includes 4 different roller sizes, there's not enough of each size to do long hair. The rollers themselves are top quality, made of ceramic and flocked to hold your hair in place. They just need to include more of them. I should also bring up the clips. These are super easy to use and they actually give a good hold. However, they're easily bent out of shape so you need to be careful with them. This roller set also comes with a sample of Argon Oil.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers, 20 count
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers, 20 count

4 jumbo rollers, 6 large rollers

6 medium rollers, 4 small rollers

20 Super Clips

sample of Argon Oil

heater case



Revlon RV261 20-Roller Ionic Professional Hairsetter, Purple

#8 Top Rated Ionic Hairdryer

If you find yourself wishing they would make curlers the same as they did in the old days, congratulations. You got your wish. Besides the new ionic technology, these rollers seem like a leftover from older times. They aren't flocked to grip your hair. Instead they're ribbed to guide your hair and prevent tangles. They take about 5 minutes to heat up and if you aren't careful, they'll burn your fingers.There's no way you can take this with you when traveling. Not only is it too big, but the lid isn't attached at all.

With today's comforts of modern technology, I personally wouldn't recommend this hot roller set (however 97 Amazon customers would). But like I said, if you've been wishing for the old days, here you go.

Revlon RV261 20-Roller Ionic Professional Hairsetter
Revlon RV261 20-Roller Ionic Professional Hairsetter

6 large ribbed rollers, 8 medium ribbed rollers

6 small ribbed rollers

20 metal roller clips

2 piece carry case



John Frieda Smooth Waves 2-Inch Jumbo Hair Setter, 5 Count

#9 Top Rated Ionic Hot Rollers

If you're looking for loose waves and lots of volume, these 2 inch ionic hot rollers might work for you. These curlers are not made to curl your hair. Instead they smooth it and give it the same look as if you were to blow dry it with a round brush (but in way less time). The case has two heat settings, low and high. Normally I'd say don't even bother with the low heat, but if you have thin hair, the low setting might be hot enough to work with you. The rollers heat up in 2 to 3 minutes and each has a velvety coating to grip your hair. The biggest complaint is that there aren't enough rollers. The set only includes 5 so you'll probably end up doing your hair in 2 parts.

John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves; 5 2-inch Jumbo Rollers
John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves; 5 2-inch Jumbo Rollers

5 super jumbo 2 inch rollers

5 butterfly clips

case with temp setting



Conair Xtreme Instant Heat CHV26HX Multisized Hot Rollers

#10 Best Tourmaline Ion Hair Rollers

These hot hair rollers work great on thick or long hair. The tourmaline infused ceramic rollers heat fast and they stay heated longer. The flocked cover grips your hair and the stay cool edges keep your fingers from being burned. The heated clips are easy to use, plus they don't leave any dents or crimps in your hair.


How To Use Hair Rollers Video

Hot rollers are used differently than regular old curlers. Plus they're a lot more versatile. Watch these videos to learn how to use hot roller to bouncy curls, messy waves or soft sexy curls.

One Last Piece of Advice - Protect and Condition Your Hair

HSI Professional Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner, 2 Ounce
HSI Professional Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner, 2 Ounce

For the silkiest, smoothest, shiniest hair you could ever ask for, work bit of Argan Oil into your damp hair after you shower. It doesn't take much, just a couple drops. And for the small amount you use, the effects on your hair are enormous.

Argan oil penetrates the hair shaft to lock in moisture and repair damaged hair follicles. This is how it restores shine and makes it silky smooth.

If you're going to submit your hair to any kind of heat, use a bit of Argan Oil first. Because it's rich in unsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, it's easily absorbed into the hair. This instant excess of moisture is what protects your hair from the heat of your styling products.


Ionic Hair Roller Reviews - Feel free to leave your review here

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very nice ionic hair rollers! Never used one..but these look great

    • LNAngel profile image


      5 years ago from Florida

      Love ionic hot rollers--such a great way to get smooth curls!

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 

      5 years ago from United States

      I actually have 2 sets of ionic hot rollers. I set I use for everyday and the other is a travel set of 8 curlers, which is perfect for packing. It would be awful for me to be without them :)

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      5 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      The only curlers that have ever worked at all for me are the Caruso ones, and even they only last a night. But it's fun to have curls for a while.


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