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Top 5 Fruits For Your Beautiful Skin

Updated on April 7, 2015

Beautiful Skin Is Preferred By All

Glow, softness and elasticity of skin determine the beauty of both men and women. So it is compulsory to keep the skin healthy to look handsome or beautiful respectively. Beauty and glow begins deep inside the body at cellular stage. Cellular enhancement requires cleansing, protection an nourishment that can be fulfilled by balanced diet with adequate quantities of nutrients.

Fruits containing nutritional constituents play vital role to nourish human skin naturally at cellular stage to increase the glow, softness and elasticity of skin. There are lots of fruits available around globe which have specific nutritional constituents with required quantities of nutrients. But five among them are in my priority list.

Grapes The Fruit With flavonoids


My First Priority-Grapes The Delicious Fruit

Grapes are the richest source of flavonoids which boost metabolism and nourishes human body. Due to presence of intense anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that fights wrinkles and lines grapes are the best food for skin. It also contains hydroxyl acids that helps to keep skin smooth.

Obviously grapes pulp juice and seeds play significant role in the beautification because of potent anti-oxidants more powerful than Vitamin E and C.The fruit is easily available worldwide throughout the year so its regular consumption results excellently.

Strawberries for wrinkle free skin.

Strawberries are the healthiest berry fruits. As rich in Vitamin C, they helps fighting free radicals. The presence of manganese and alpha-hydroxy acid ranks it the best fruit for healthy skin.

Banana the anti-ageing agent

Banana is rich in Vitamin A, B and E hence it works at anti-ageing agent. As it contains 75% water. So it helps to hydrate skin in order to make it smooth. The presence of Vitamin C and B6 constituents maintain the integrity and elasticity of skin to make it glow and look beautiful.

The use of Banana peels has amazing results. When it is used externally as face mask, it checks acne and white spots.

If the skin is rubbed gently on affected face area miraculous result experienced.

Papaya Enhances Beauty Of Skin


Papaya the papain container

Papaya contains a particular of enzyme called papain that kills dead cells and helps to cure skin impurities. It also detoxifies human body and skin to keep them healthy. Due to low sodium presence it hydrates skin and smoothens it.

The paste of raw papaya when applied on face, it reduces pimples and acne. Its regular use on face reduces the sign of ageing. In this way it helps to look beautiful longer.

Papaya For Beautiful Skin

Beautification Of Skin And Its Care In Summer Season With Papaya Pulp At Home

Papaya pulp can be used at home for the beautification and care of skin in following ways: -

(1.) Firstly take the pulp of ripe papaya and mix it with ample amount of lemon juice.

(2.) Secondly make the paste using rose water.

(3.) Thirdly apply the paste on the skin and massage it gently for few minutes.

(4.) Finally leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. It results in glowing skin.

Orange the skin texture enhancer

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C that improves skin texture. It also contains collagen that slows down skin ageing process so human skin remains beautiful for a long time.

Orange Peel Face Pack For Beautiful Skin

Your Opinion Always Matters For Me

Which of the mentioned fruits you eat daily ?

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People Of All Ages Intends To Look Beautiful

Ages don't matter when it comes to look beautiful. People around the globe do not deny to chance on enhancing the beauty of their skin. But the fortunate human beings consume colourful fruits to nourish their cells to stay beautiful for long time breaking the barrier of age. Looking younger means nourished cells that is the outcome of the use of ample quantity of fruits in daily diet.

Hence artificial ointment or creams can make one look beautiful for short time but natural beauty will help to beautify the skin longer.

Determination of Beauty

The index of beauty for both men and women are determined by glow, delicate skin and its elasticity. So to maintain these properties cellular level nourishment is compulsory that comes from balanced diet, and adequate quantities of specific nutritional constituents. It is obvious that such beauty can be achieved only with proper addition of fruits in daily diet.

Disclaimer - The content is based on practical experiences but it does not suggest any treatment or cure as skin varies from person to person. Hence results variation are also common. The main purpose of content is to enhance the knowledge base.


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