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Top 5 Ray Ban Models

Updated on June 20, 2013

Do Your Favorite Ray Ban Models Make the Cut?

Through the years, Ray Ban models have come to be synonymous with great shades in fantastic styles. So much so that they are the favorite sunglasses of celebrities all around the world. Just about everyone famous to any degree owns a pair! And why not? You simply can't get a more styling pair of shades than Ray Bans.

But which of this brand's models make the top 5 cut? (Insert drumroll here.)

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

"With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60."

Jack Nicholson

Early Pilots Needed Sunglasses!
Early Pilots Needed Sunglasses!

History of Ray Ban

Birth of an Icon

The 1920s and 30's was a time of great advancement in the aircraft industry. Planes were much improved and began climbing higher and higher into the skies above. In turn, this created a major problem for the pilots of these crafts: Sun glare.

An American test pilot (and Lieutenant) approached Bausch and Lomb and requested that they make suitable eye wear for pilots. The company took the challenge and Ray-Bans were born. Needless to say, the glasses found a market far beyond the pilots they were designed for. In 1937 the Ray Ban Aviator Model was patented and put out for sale to the general public.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons/Public Domain

Ray-Ban Aviator (Click thru to see all lens/frame colors!)CHECK PRICE

The Aviator is not only Ray Ban's first model, it is also their most popular. When this model became available, pilots and other military personnel took them to heart. The general public wasn't far behind them.

This isn't a company to rest on its laurels, either. In 1952 (a full ten years prior to the government mandate) they began making their lenses impact-resistant--a great safety feature. The company was far ahead of its time.

Today the Aviator model is still growing strong.

**Buying Ray Ban Sunglasses on Amazon.**

With all of the frame and lens colors available, it creates an almost limitless possibility of selections. Once you choose the basic type of sunglasses you want, click on it to go to Amazon. When you reach the product screen you will be able to better personalize your choice. So if the glasses here don't have the lens color you want, don't despair--check them out in Amazon. Chances are the color you want is a simple click selection on the order form!

Not sure what size to order? If you're looking at Aviators check out Ray Ban Aviator Sizes.

"Some movie stars wear their sunglasses even in church. They're afraid God might recognize them and ask for autographs."

Fred Allen

#2 Ray Ban Model: The Original Wayfarer

In 1952, they released yet another ground-breaking design: The Wayfarer. This time the look appealed to stars of both rock and movie screen. And another icon was born.

Celebrities that sported the Wayfarer look included James Dean, Roy Orbison, and John F. Kennedy.

RB2140 Click thru for lots of color options!CHECK PRICE

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer (More Options!)CHECK PRICE

RB2140 Square SunglassesCHECK PRICE

Ray Ban's Virtual Mirror

People like to try on sunglasses before they buy them--especially if you are talking high-end shades like these. But how do you try on sunglasses over the internet? With a web camera and Ray Ban's virtual mirror, that's how!

Jackie O and President Kennedy
Jackie O and President Kennedy

#3 Ray Ban Model: The Jackie Ohh

Jackie O Set the Fashions of Her Time

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a beloved First Lady of our country. She was also the very epitome of good fashion. Her clean suits, A-line dresses, and smart pill-box hats quickly became known as the "Jackie" style. Where Jackie went, fashion soon followed.

The #3 spot on the Ray Ban Top Models Lists belongs to the Jackie Ohh. Glasses inspired by a legend, and one heck of a great lady.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh IICHECK PRICE

Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh GoldCHECK PRICE

"The only reason we wore sunglasses onstage was because we couldn't stand the sight of the audience."

John Cale

#4 Ray Ban Model: The Clubmaster

This model is almost a conglomerate of all the great things about the other models all rolled into one. The strong and yet relaxed beauty of the style shows through with simple sophistication.

Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster (Lots of Color Choices!)CHECK PRICE

Ray-Ban Clubmaster (More Options Too!)CHECK PRICE

#5 Ray Ban Model: The New Ray Ban Wayfarer - (Wayfarer Part Two)

The Wayfarer was such a great design, they did it again! Introducing the New Wayfarer.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses (RB2132) Blue/Blue Plastic - Polarized - 55mm
Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses (RB2132) Blue/Blue Plastic - Polarized - 55mm
A simple click thru to Amazon will show you the multitude of colors this style of Wayfarer comes in. Simply choose your favorite!

How to Tell Fake Ray Bans

With any popular products, fakes are bound to start popping up. This is true of Ray Bans, too. Here are a couple of videos to help you determine if your great find was really so great after all.

What's Your Favorite Ray Ban Model?

Which Model of Ray Bans is Your Personal Favorite?

See results

Have You Checked Ebay for Ray Bans?

Just remember, there are some fakes out there. If you find a great pair of Ray Bans for a price just too good to be true...well, they probably belong to the fake Ray Ban variety. On the other hand, if you ask the right questions before buying and they have a return policy...what have you got to lose? The seller just might not understand the value of a great pair of shades!


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