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Different Types Of Women Fashionable Sandals

Updated on June 16, 2014

Women Shoe Sandals Photo

Women Sandals Styles

Women can never have enough shoes. There are many shoes types and designs. Women accessorize their outfits with many other fashion pieces including shoes. Choosing the right shoe for your feet type is also very important.

There are timeless shoes as well as in vogue shoes that you can not wear for a long time as the demand for it wears off.

Accessorizing yourself with great fashion shoes can make or break your fashion outfits. Some shoes can completely change your look.

There are many shoe designers, and some of them have really taken the time to design shoe brands that do stand the test of time.

What are the things that can make great fashion shoes? Take a look at any shoes you wear, and you will discover that these shoes have details, textures and shading. Check the shoes patterns and see if there is any interesting interpretation such as the way the heels look like., the color of the shoes and how sophisticated the wearer will look when she wears these shoes.

There are different designs of shoes. And these designs are what make any shoe trendy or not. I will list some of the most popular ones and try to get the shoes photos so that you can see what the shoes look like.

There are about 6 groups of women footwear which all have different types under it. These are the groups: Boots, sandals, clogs & mules, flats and pumps.

I will write about different sandals types women wear.

Givenchy Huarache Sandals


Nine West Strappy Sandals


Thong Sandals


Slides Sandals


Grecian / Gladiator Sandals


Shoe Trends For 2011 Fall Video

Women's Shoe Designs And Models

Many women shoe stores has different shoe brands and lovely designs. If you take a look at the shoes display section in a shoe store, you will see the types of designs and models that will appeal to your fancy.

The emergence of ecommerce stores or internet shopping has made it very easy to browse the web and order any shoes of your choice.

From the shoe photos i listed above, you will see that these shoes will make any woman look gorgeous and attractive to anyone they meet. Wearing perfect shoes will make any woman more appealing.

There are times that women are so confused as to what shoe model they want to buy and which not to buy, since each shoe details, texture and color gives women different temptation, especially if the shoes are the newest fads.

Each year brings with it different way that shoe fashion changes. The shoe heights, width, soles or heels can be changed anytime by shoe designers to look a bit different from what it was previously, so that the new shoe trend can fit the latest fashion vogue.

Are you wondering what different types of weird shoes normal people like you and me wears? Yes. Shoe designers actually spend time and money designing funny shoes. What for? I've got no idea.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 6 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you tirelesstraveler. I love shoes a lot. I am amazed at the different shoes that have come up now and being referred to as weird shoes.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 6 years ago from California

      Never the shoe shopper I am always amazed at shoes. Thanks for enlightening me.