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Top Summer Fashion & Beach Must Haves

Updated on February 15, 2013

Top Summer Must-haves

Summer is here and what would it be without a few hot and sexy items. What you absolutely need for the summer, from the hottest tanks to the beach makeup look I am going to pick out what is a necessity. This is a total MUST READ for items you need to have a fashionable summer!

The Perfect Black Bikini


who doesn't go swimming at least a few times during the summer? Even if its just for tanning outside by the pool, the number one must-have for summer is a hot bikini. This bikini is perfect for anyone with varieties of body types, it has great coverage in all the places you want it most while still looking amazing. Its simple with the black but has a little sass with the gold under bust and belt sequins. Its conservatively hot for any type of person looking for a little bling.

The Multiple Way Wrap

Over your bikini as a cover up, tied into your hair, or around your neck. The scarf is number two on our must-haves list. It is most commonly in the summer used as a bikini cover up, but also has several other uses. I always use it as a hair piece, but can also be used for the evening as a scarf to dazzle up your outfit.

The Tote

Now who goes to the beach without a tote? Nobody, totes can carry sandwiches, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and everything else you need at the beach. All that probably won't fit in your purse with your other thousands of items you ladies have in there. So get a tote! They're big, cute, and hold anything you need.

Tanning Lotion

Admit it, you feel more sexy with a bronzed beach color skin tone. How to achieve this? Use tanning lotion designed for tanning beds, it works better then the tanning SPF lotion from any store. We have a ton of tanning lotion brands and styles, whether you want the tingly sensation or the cool breeze feeling.

A Cute Beach Towel

Why settle for a boring, bland towel when you can show off your personality with a fun, glam towel? From animal prints to bright flowers or bold patterns; get a towel that stands out!

Glam Gemstone Bling Sunglasses

Never head to the beach without bringing your sexy shades! We love big, bling sunglasses that really turn heads! TIP: When buying sunglasses, be sure to make sure they are FUNCTIONAL as well as fashionable; check the UV Rating! Many times, "cheap" glasses DO NOT have proper UV protection!

SUNBLOCK! Spray Versus Lotion

I highly suggest getting a spray-on sunblock because it is easy to apply in hard-to-reach-areas. If you want to be TAN but still protected from the sun, go SPRAY TANNING the day before the beach so your tan stays on while you swim and you can still layer up the sunblock!

911 Female Products

Be sure to pack a cosmetic bag inside your tote with all your 911 EMERGENCY female goods! Check out my complete list of "NEVER FORGETS" by reading the article below! The last thing you want is a beach mishap that will ruin your entire trip as well as your friends / families!

A Water Bottle... Or Two!

Never head to the beach without a Water Bottle! Skip the pop or juice; stay hydrated with WATER. We love eco-friendly, reusable waterbottles. Most decent beaches offer a drinking fountain, making it simple to refill your bottle.

Insulated Water bottles can keep your H2O cooler longer, or, simply pop it in the freezer the night before!

How to CUSTOMIZE All Your Beach Items!

Monogram your water bottle or add a funny saying to... just about anything! With Cafepress you can purchase hilarious, romantic, witty or monogramed CUSTOM items, OR create your own, even if you have NO graphic design experience!

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    • poshbytori lm profile image

      poshbytori lm 5 years ago

      Thanks! I hope you liked it.

    • Diva2Mom profile image

      Diva2Mom 5 years ago

      Hey these things will be enough and perfect to make me feel fabulous under the sun! Great stuff! God bless.