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Top 3 Most Affordable Vera Wang Wedding Dresses and Gowns

Updated on April 19, 2012

Vera Wang wedding dresses are all the rage with both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. It is their elegant, sporty and luxurious designs which make them truly unique and their name, perfection of detail and high quality that makes them one of the most desired bridal gowns on the market today. Despite the glamour and glory bound by perfection however, these dresses also carry a major, unfortunate flaw which, prevents many brides-to-be from even looking in their direction. This flaw comes in the form of a reputation that they have been given for a rather pricey tag. This has sadly led many average brides to believe that they can not afford one of these dresses even, on a good day. It could not be farther from the truth though. There are many of Vera’s signature gowns that are affordable. In fact, since the release of the “White” collection in February of 2011, there are now even more gowns that are priced so that any bride can afford them. For example, take a look at these top 3 affordable wedding gowns by Vera Wang.

1. Lace Corded Bodice Ball Gown with Tulle Skirt(2011)- This lovely dress is a modern cathedral style with slight layering along the train that measures 70“ from the waist to the floor. The gorgeous back side is lined fully and zips up. To add a special touch, the gown comes with a sash of its own which is available in 3 choices: Floral,horsehair or grosgrain. Though only available in Ivory, this gown has many size options from 0-14 and is an excellent choice for the bride on a budget.

2. Floral Embroidered Bodice Taffeta Ball Gown(2011)- The Taffeta gown has elegant 3-D floral designs on a strapless,corded bodice and a long skirt measuring 100yds plus a 64“ train. The backside of the gown has covered buttons with a lined, zip closure. The dress is available in soft White, Ivory and comes in sizes 0-14.

3. Draped Column Gown with Strapless Bodice(2011)- With Chantilly lace, and 2 layers of Charmeuse along the skirt, this dress is not only glamorous but, it is also comfortable and sheik. The train on this dress is 57“ which, makes it great for an outside wedding. It is available in Ivory, sizes 0-14.

The gowns listed above are just the start of affordable gowns that are available in the new White collection. There are many more from other collections as well though, the White collection was specifically made with the typical working bride in mind. For example, all of these gowns listed here can be bought for under $1,500 dollars each. This is a small price compared to the typical Vera Wang bridal dress which can run a minimum of around $15,000 dollars. This is a dream come true for many brides. Yet still, some hear this and may think that the dresses are lesser quality than the more expensive ones however, there is no sacrifice in quality with these gowns. They are just as glamorous and uniquely designed as any other made by Vera; they are simply made to be more affordable for the average person. Most can be purchased over the Internet and are also available in local bridal boutiques.

Vera Wang wedding dresses are a truly unique find. They bring out the beauty, grace and elegance in a woman on her wedding day. They also make her feel special because she is able to wear such a great dress. This is what the affordable cost of the new White collection is doing for brides all over the world and they can do it for you too!



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