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Types Of Women Fashion Blouses / Tops / Shirts

Updated on March 28, 2016

Tops, Shirts And Blouses For Women

Women have been wearing trendy blouses for a very long time. There are many types of blouses that have been following the dictates of fashion trends. The successful existence of fashion industry is that they continually create new and improve on existing trends. The material available at a particular time can influence the fashion style.

Many people always mistake ladies' shirts, tops and blouses to mean the same thing, whereas they are in fact three different fashion styles.

Women shirts have types that include, dress shirts, western style shirt, denim shirt and collar dress shirt.

Types of women tops range from shell top, halter top, bustier, loose tank, draped cowl, stretch top, smock and t-shirt style top.

Some of the most popular blouse styles include roll neck, wrap, sleeveless, blouse with yoke, kaftan, victorian blouse, Chinese style, tie neck, gypsy, one shoulder tank, loose tank, cascade front blouse, off the shoulder, one shoulder and peasant blouse.

Stylish And Fashionable Women Blouses

You can liven up your wardrobe by adding some of these colorful fashion blouses, as women clothing are made up of different type of apparels. The way women dress themselves will impress upon people who they are.

There are many things that do change about fashion over time. But the one thing that cannot change is the quality. The quality of any blouse type will ensure that such blouse will always be on demand.

Blouses are design in such a way that they are supposed to cover the body, while at the same time enhance the appearance of the wearer.

A well designed and quality blouse on any woman will make her look more successful and professional.

An attractive blouse on a lady makes her look confident and stylish.

As there are so many different blouse types that women can choose from, it becomes very difficult and overwhelming for women to make up their mind as to which one to wear. But with time, women do always come up with the blouse style that can really show who they really are.

Tips For Wearing Blouse

As a woman, knowing the answer as to who you want to be will help you to dress in a way that you will be comfortable in.

Decide on the type of blouse that will fit you and then go and get the blouse style.

Know what dress code each occasion requires, and dress up accordingly. If it is a casual evening out or a business meeting, whatever the occasion may be, dress to reflect it.

Remember, when you wear the right blouse for any occasion, it will help boost your confidence.

Victorian Blouse For Women


Sequin Peasant Blouse


Women Roll Neck Blouse / Top


Three Ways To Wear One Blouse Video

How To Sew a Shirt and Blouse

Blouses And Skirts

To make your dressing complete, you cannot wear just blouse, you have to team it up with some other clothe style.

You can pair your blouses with fashion skirts. The type of skirts you wear will depend on the style of blouse. Flared skirts are best worn with straight blouse and vis-a-vis.

Skirts and blouses will add a touch of feminine glamor to your wardrobe. Women can pair their skirt and blouse with great shoes, and lovely women handbags.

Blouses And Trousers

Just like some people like wearing their blouses with skirts, others prefer blouse and trousers.

Depending on which style you want to choose from, make sure your overall trend is chic and ladylike.

A well fitted trousers and blouse can show off your curves and make you look elegant and posh.


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