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Types Of Fashion Belts Styles For Women

Updated on June 28, 2014

Styles Of Fashion Belt Types

These are the types of belts that you can use to accessorize your outfits. Some of these belt styles are ready made, others can be made by a dressmaker. A dressmaker with sufficient skills in dressmaking can use different types and colors of fabrics to make beautiful belts, and attaching different fashionable fastenings on the belts.

Belts can be made from various types of fabrics. Dressmakers can use a furnishing fabric to make shapely fashion belts. Hard wearing fabrics, such as suede, braids, leather and velvet are suitable materials for belts as they make the belts to look fashionable and stylish. Tapestry fabric and linen are another practical fabric choice used in belt making.

Fashion belts are made using stiffening, backing materials and decorative fastenings or buckles, clasps, lacing and belt hooks. Belts are part of fashion accessories that men and women use to accessorize their clothes.

Types of Belts Used To Accessorize Clothes

Crushed Belts

This type of crushed belt is made using satin fabric, soft leather or velvet. It is a cut straight belt that uses soft interfacing material and lining fabric for backing.

Shaped Belt

Shaped belts are are made using two patterns. The front of the belt is made to look wide and the back is narrower. This belt type is made with top fabric and interfacing. Lining fabric is used for backing and any fastening choice.

Straight Belt

Straight belts can come in any width and the length depends on your waist length size. This type of belt appear straight as the name suggest and has a clasp or buckle fastener.


Buckled Belt

Buckled belts come with buckles where the end of the left side is made for buckle and the end of the right side is where the buckle goes through. Be sure that the buckle fits tightly, so that the belt will not slip through the buckle.

Soft Belt

Soft belts are usually made to fasten like a tie, this is why it is called a tie belt. You tie the tie belt in soft bow and knot it loosely. Dressmakers can make this soft belt as it is very easy to make. All you have to do is measure around your waist to know the waist length and then use the measurement to cut and sew the soft belt and make a bow or knot when you wear the belt.

Clasp Buckle Belt

Clasp buckle belt is clasp belt that is very attractive and fashionable belt style that you can make or have on a plain belt to turn the belt into an attractive and beautiful buckle belt.

Decorative Belt Styles

Fashion belts can come with decorative appearances such as top stitching, sequins or any other embellished materials. A dressmaker can use a sewing machine to top stitch a belt by making rows o top stitches around the edges.

Tips For Wearing Fashion Belts For Women


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