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Beautiful Umbrella Parasols for Spring and Summer

Updated on September 11, 2014

Summer Umbrella & Parasol

Looking for beautiful well designed sturdy umbrellas and parasols? Don't you think umbrella and parasol are your best friends especially for spring and summer? I do think they are my best friends and I love collecting them. However, umbrella and parasol both have their own functionality based on a user usage pattern. A woman who has a wedding ceremony in the upcoming days may use an umbrella or a parasol for her own use on her wedding.

In China, a martial art master may use them as a deadliest weapon. So it depends on a person and it is obvious that we use umbrella and parasol for different purposes but mostly as a weather protector. The sun and the rain are the main reasons we use umbrella or parasol. I know how hard it is to wait until rain stops and then go to a destination. Sometimes we have very important task to do but only for rain we fail to do so on time.

It is spring now, while on the other hand summer is about to arrive! Most of you might have noticed that we use umbrella in the rainy days while we use parasol in a dry sunny day. I think it is time for you to collect umbrella or parasol if you think you need them. Today I have brought some beautiful, decorative, colorful umbrellas and parasols for you.

I will explain you the history and difference between umbrella and parasol so that you can understand their functions. Then you would know about their types, Asian umbrella and parasol, and popularity. Also you can see variety of beautiful umbrellas and parasols display such as paper parasol, oil paper parasol, lace parasol, wedding parasol, beach umbrella, paper umbrella, folding umbrella. Let's find out everything you need to know about umbrella and parasol.

Image credit: Jordi Paya

A Beautiful Wagasa (Japanese Traditional Umbrella)

Image credit: flickr

Parasol History and Function

Parasol and umbrella both are separate entity, still now! Though, history tells us that distinction between parasol and umbrella was over in the late 18th century but you can still find a parasol which is only for sunshade not for as rain protector. I know this because we have such. Parasol could be oil painted and when it is oil painted it looks very beautiful and elegant.

In the ancient time in Egypt, people there used to make parasol with palm leaves. The sizes of palm leaves were very large. Parasol became one of the most used fashion accessories in the early 16th century in ancient China. The word Parasol actually comes from the Latin word "Papare" and it means prepare and Parasol means "for sun" because it protect us only from sun but not from rain.

Today many people still use parasol for different purpose such as home decoration, wedding accessories, gift, and sunshade. Indeed parasol is very popular in East Asia. Japanese people use it mainly in summer while they hardly use this in rainy days because it is not suitable for rain. It does help them when they go out in a sunny days.

Image credit:

Oriental Japanese Chinese Umbrella Parasol - Asian red color parasol

This is the parasol you might want to get. Do you know why am i telling you this? Well, Japanese parasol always make you feel that you got a right parasol that suit you well. It comes with hand made bamboo handle and in red color shade. This is very beautiful parasol and could be use for wedding ceremony if you want. It also can be used for Asian theme home decoration, it does make a nice decoration! I hope this parasol is ready to be with you this summer.

JapanBargain Oriental Parasol, Red
JapanBargain Oriental Parasol, Red

Awesome Asian summer parasol!


Japanese and Chinese style parasol - The most beautiful parasols are here!

Japanese and Chinese style parasols are famous all over the world. They are not only beautiful but more than beautiful and fashionable. Sometimes they are oil painted or hand-pained by brilliant artists with various themes like birds, dragons, cherry blossom, flowers and etc. You can completely reply on Asian parasols. If you are a model and wants appear in a photo season with these colorful parasol then collect them at first. If you watch anime or manga then i think you have noticed that anime or manga characters use parasols. Home decoration with these colorful parasols would be a great idea for you. In Japan and China, number of restaurants decorate restaurants with light colorful parasol. Please note that, you can use these parasol only in sunny day not in the rain.

JapanBargain Japanese Chinese Umbrella Parasol, White
JapanBargain Japanese Chinese Umbrella Parasol, White

If you are looking for a nice wedding parasol then i would recommend this on. This is absolutely perfect for wedding. If you have any outdoor party in summer then take this with you

JapanBargain S-2197 Japanese Chinese Umbrella Parasol, Light Orange
JapanBargain S-2197 Japanese Chinese Umbrella Parasol, Light Orange

Do you like yellow color? This is not my favorite color but i know there are people whose favorite one is yellow. The quality of this parasol is very good. If you have a person who loves yellow color then present this one on her birthday.


A Beautiful Thai Girl with Parasol

Image credit: Timefortea3

Umbrella History and Function

Umbrella is a very handy item for all of us especially in rainy days. One of the main characteristics of umbrella is - it is not oil painted like a parasol. The word umbrella comes from Latin word "Umbra" that means shade. Umbrella was invented more than 3000 years ago from now. In Asia, umbrella first was invented by the Chinese people a long time ago in 11th century B.C, although ancient sculptures have found that umbrella appears in the city Nineveh frequently.

Chinese mainly used to make umbrella with bamboo and leaves but today we see many colorful umbrellas all over Asia that are made of silk, fabric, plastic and paper. We can find different types of umbrellas in the market, even you can find a beautiful cute umbrella for your kids.

As it is a hand-held device we can easily grab it with our hands. Generally an umbrella has a pole that serves as handle that is curved at the end and sometimes it is not curved. Umbrella is used by us for two reasons; one is for sunlight protection on the other hand it is used for not getting wet from rain. The demand and popularity of umbrella is huge all over the world. Today umbrella is used for many purpose except weather protection such as fashion accessories, religious festival, cultural festival as performance accessory, and in photography industry as light reflectors and so on.

Image credit:

London Fog Auto Open Close Umbrella - It is a beautiful umbrella!

I am not sure whether you live in a place where rain comes down off and on as daily basis. I have heard it happens in England (UK). If you really live in such place i think umbrella is one of your best friends. You need it when you go out. It will be easier for you if you buy a durable and well made umbrella just like this one. The one you see below is fully made of fabric and the handle of this umbrella is made of wood. Automatic open and close system make this umbrella very handy. You can easily open and close it within a short time. Awesome design and varieties of color would attract you to buy one. Don't forget to get this one since it is a great umbrella.

A Rainy Day in Tokyo, Japan

Image credit: kirainet

Difference between Umbrella and Parasol

Size: Parasol comes small in sizes while umbrella is bigger than a parasol.

Usage: Usually Parasol is used for as protecting tool against sunlight while umbrella for get rid of rain.

Weight: Umbrella is generally heavier than parasol while parasol is lighter than an umbrella.

Durability: Umbrella is more durable than a parasol.

Materials: Parasol is made from bamboo, paper and umbrella's most common materials are fabric or plastic.

Design: Parasol could be oil painted, on the other hand umbrella may not be oil painted.

Image credit:

Hanging parasols

Image credit: Steve Snodgrass

Asian Umbrella and Parasol

Are you interested in Asian art work? From a long time ago, parasol and umbrella have been using by the Asian people. We have traditional value as well. China, the country where first parasol was invented in Asia continent then to Japan and now is has spread to many Asian country such as Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia.

Asian parasol and umbrella have been recognized as one of the best Asian art works in the world. You can't recognize these two together because they are different in size, weight and style. I think you already have seen the difference between umbrella and parasol earlier in this lens.

Have you ever bought or had any Asian umbrella or parasol? I have both and people here use umbrella during rainy days and parasol is mostly used in hot weather to cover our skin from hot sun. Don't forget it that they are great decorative items for us as well. We use it for our religious ceremony, wedding and of course modern fashion.

You would see if you come to Japan or China where large number of population use parasol and umbrella everyday because of the weather we have. All the year we have to rely on these. In rainy days we can't ignore it while in a sunny days we must have to use umbrella or parasol.

Image credit:

Types of Umbrella and Parasol

Types of Umbrella:

Folding umbrella

Beach umbrella

Golf umbrella

Patio umbrella

Wedding umbrella

Types of Parasol:

Paper Parasol

Oil paper Parasol

Lace Parasol

Wedding Parasol

Cloth Parasol

Love this pink color parasol? Find it here. Japanese Chinese Paper Parasol

Image credit:

Cloth Parasol with Hand painted design on Ivory background - Umbrella For Sale Online

Cloths parasols are as beautiful as paper parasol. Are you thinking about its durability? Well, still cloth parasols are not that much durable like other umbrellas. They are light and easy to carry anywhere you want and it protects you only from sun, not from rain. Though, these parasols are still popular because of their design.

Cloth Parasol on

Cloth Parasol with Hand painted design on White Background
Cloth Parasol with Hand painted design on White Background

Use it for wedding and modeling! It is a pride of every bride and model.


Asian Women with Beautiful Parasols

Image credit: Jordi Paya

Popularity of Asian Umbrella and Parasol

Have you ever been to Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan or Korea? If you have been to these Asian countries I think you can imagine the popularity of parasol and umbrella. The popularity actually is very huge. I am proud to be an Asian because this is where the first parasol was invented by our talented artists.

Japanese parasols are well reputed for great design not only in Asia but also in the whole world. I see many people in Europe and North America use parasol in summer when they go out in a sunny day especially women use it much than men. So just think of the popularity of a Japanese parasol, people from other country love them.

I see our Buddhist monks use light weight parasol most often. You know they sometimes travel from one temple to other one temples and it is such a handy item for them to keep and protect their head from sunray. Do you know what they do in rainy days? They stop using the light paper parasol and use water resistant parasol or umbrella.

Image credit:

Candy Colors Chinese Style Cloth Parasol - Beautiful Chinese Parasol!

Candy Coated Cloth Parasol with Tassel, Ivory
Candy Coated Cloth Parasol with Tassel, Ivory

This is a perfect choice for hanging out with friends in spring and summer. Don't think that only Japanese parasols are nice but it is true Chinese parasols are good too in terms of durability and design. With a perfect Chinese parasol you can go to shop, beach, wedding ceremony, park or walk along street.


Patio Umbrella - Japanese Outdoor Décor Item

Japanese Outdoor Decor - 7 Foot Tall Asian Splendor Oriental Patio Umbrella (Andaman Blue) with Hardwood Base
Japanese Outdoor Decor - 7 Foot Tall Asian Splendor Oriental Patio Umbrella (Andaman Blue) with Hardwood Base

Japanese patio umbrellas are nice than other patio umbrella, do you know why? I know the answer, the answer is - generally Japanese patio umbrellas are handcrafted and hand painted with extraordinary designs of many object like flowers, birds, fruits, bamboo, cherry blossoms, Asian landscapes and etc. Your garden would be very nice and well decorated if you place a Japanese patio umbrella, I am sure it would be a great idea for you.

If you are looking for a Japanese patio umbrella for your home garden then you can choose this beautiful patio umbrella. It is handcrafted and hand-painted and the frame of this umbrella is made of durable Asian bamboo and hardwood. As it is a durable patio umbrella I know it will last for many years. There are other colors you can choose from if you don't like this patio umbrella's color. The shade of this patio umbrella is totally water-proof so need to worry get wet during rainy days.


Which one do you like most?

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Beach Umbrella - 8 Foot Deluxe Beach Umbrella Combo Set

Summer is coming soon. I think most of you are waiting for summer vacation and whenever we think of summer vacation our mind first go to a windy, sandy beach. Am i right? I always go to beach with an umbrella and if i go to a beach with my family members then we surly take a big beach umbrella. We must need it in order to be safe from sun rays.

Last few years back, i went to beach with all my family members and before that my dad and I went to our local shop to buy a colorful durable big beach umbrella. We spent almost an hour to find out the best one that we wanted to buy. In the end we got one and we never dissatisfied with that beach umbrella. I think we found the best one from the shop, thanks dad you got the right one that everybody loved!

8 Foot Deluxe Beach Umbrella Combo Set – Includes Easy Go Storage Bag – UPF 50+ Sun Protection!
8 Foot Deluxe Beach Umbrella Combo Set – Includes Easy Go Storage Bag – UPF 50+ Sun Protection!

Finding a nice colorful beach umbrella is easy now; just you can search online and order one that you like most. Here I have found one you might like this one. I like this colorful shade, don't you? This large tall beach umbrella can protect you and others from sun rays. I bet you, everyone would love this beach umbrella. You can easily anchor this umbrella into sandy beach. You also get a storage bag you're your purchase so that you can move easily. This is absolutely a great beautiful well made beach umbrella which is ready to provide you shade.


Colorful Beach Umbrellas - It looks amazing!

Would not you like to spend your beach vacation having colorful beautiful beach umbrellas? I think you would, look at the picture, it is very beautiful.

Image credit: rkramer62

Beautiful Umbrella for Kids - Your kids would love this!

It is impossible sometimes covering you and your kids by a normal size umbrella. Don't you think so? There are umbrellas for kids which are amazingly beautiful and adorable. They can attract your little kids very easily with their colorful design of shades. Mostly they are made of nylon so that raindrops will not fall on head. You can purchase kids umbrella for many occasions and present them. You can find ladybug themed, dinosaur themed umbrella for you kids.

Stephen Joseph Little Girls'  Umbrella, Watermelon, One Size
Stephen Joseph Little Girls' Umbrella, Watermelon, One Size

Your little kids would love this beautiful light pink color umbrella. It works well and a best quality product for them. It is very sturdy, beautiful and cute. I think you always want to surprise your kids and hunt for such ideas to make him or her happy. If you really wish to make your kids happy then presenting a nice umbrella just like this one would be great for you. This umbrella looks very cute and made of nylon. It is easy to open and close for kid. Product quality of this cute umbrella is superb and durable. I hope your kids are going to outside with this cute umbrella in the rain.


Usages of Umbrella and Parasol

  1. Weather protection
  2. Fashion and Photography
  3. Religious ceremony
  4. Weapon
  5. Beach Vacation
  6. Wedding ceremony

Oil paper Parasol Umbrella - Wagasa

Oil paper umbrella is different than other parasol i have described here in this lens. It is actually originated from China then spread across all East Asian countries such as in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand. Later this umbrella was developed by Taiwanese. In Japanese culture, this umbrella is used as valuable dancing accessory.

To make an oil paper parasol umbrella you must need a bamboo. There are mainly four basic parts of making this parasol. The first step is you have to collect bamboo then in the second step you have to craft it and then soak it in water. Let it dry then drill it and assemble it into a skeleton. In the third step you cut paper and attach paper onto the skeleton. The last step is about paintings.

In Japan, oil paper umbrella appears in Japanese culture, they use it when dance, geisha women use it as part of their life, you can also see this umbrella during traditional tea ceremony. Oil paper umbrella in Japan symbolizes many things like brides are covered with red oil paper umbrella. On the other hand purple oil paper umbrella symbolizes longevity and Japanese people use white oil paper umbrella in the funerals.

A Japanese Bride is covered by a red oil paper umbrella

Image credit: Yiie

Parasol and umbrella for wedding ceremony

These days wedding parasol or umbrella has become more popular than ever. Whether you choose an umbrella or a parasol for your wedding you must think of its colorful design. It is seen as one of the must have accessories for brides in modern days. It does not only give her shade but also makes her very fashionable and beautiful. Wedding parasol or umbrella has to be beautiful that matches with the theme you are going to choose for your wedding ceremony. I have a great idea for you that if your wedding dress become white then choose a white color parasol. That's the fact! If you choose only a parasol which is lightweight then it can only protect you from sun but not from rain. However, if you see the weather is simply quite beautiful and sunny then choose a well designed parasol. That would be the best way to celebrate your wedding ceremony. Don't forget to select a nice color of parasol. It could be blue, white or even purple.

During wedding ceremony we take as many as pictures we want with camera to capture the precious moments. Yes, that happens because everyone loves it and someday they would like to remember the wedding day for a long viewing the pictures together or alone. It will be delightful especially for bride that if she uses a fancy beautiful umbrella or parasol on her wedding and take stunning photos with parasol or umbrella. If you choose a beach for your wedding, again you have to have beach umbrellas that would protect your guests from sunlight during the wedding ceremony. However, don't forget to buy beautiful parasol or umbrella since they would shine your wedding day and I am sure it would be memorable wedding ceremony for you.

Image credit:

Which one do you prefer for your wedding?

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Victorian style Parasol Umbrella for Wedding

Japanese happy couple with traditional parasols

Image credit: Manish Prabhune

Paper Parasol for Summer - It is originated from Asia!

Asian Paper parasol first was made in China. At first was not that type of shade which protects us from rain but later Chinese artists' added wax or lacquer over paper parasol and then everything changed. Paper parasols become useful even in the rain and of course wax or lacquer made the parasol more durable than ever. Chinese artists paint their paper parasol with Chinese symbols, landscape, flowers, dragons, and birds.

Paper Umbrellas in Thailand

Image credit: beggs

When is Umbrella Day?

10th February

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      I love the rain. Great lens.

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      Excellent lens. I recall looking at amazon for a parasol a few years ago. I lived in Japan before and have enjoyed your images from japan above.

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      I love umbrellas and keep one handy in the car and our coat closet for rainy days.

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      5 years ago

      You have such beautiful parasols in your country. In Australia we mostly have umbrellas and I use one on hot days when outside walking. They are also handy for keeping the diving Magpies at bay during their breeding season. Beautiful lens and gorgeous pictures. :)

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      5 years ago

      That red wagasa in the first image is gorgeous. I have the 62" Windjammer by ShedRain. A good umbrella is essential in Melbourne and the Windjammer is huge and vents the wind without dripping.

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      Wow! I'm floored by your umbrella collection! Yes, as you said, they are your best friends in summer. And during the rainy season too.

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      Nice lens, we needed here in Belgium umbrellas , because it usually rains here :-)

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      Some umbrellas can be really beautiful. They are also for fashion apart from just keeping yourself dry from the rain.

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      5 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      A beautiful array of parasols and umbrellas. I didn't realize there were so many options. Nice lens!

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      Loraine Brummer 

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      A beautiful array of parasols and umbrellas. I didn't realize there were so many options. Nice lens!

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      Asian style parasols are an excellent accessory for summer outings and weddings. They look elegant, yet cover all the weather options.

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      Very nice umbrellas. Good to have them for decoration.

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      5 years ago

      I love the beauty and color and lightness of a parasol. They make the umbrella seem so clunky. But I guess on a rainy or snowy day, the umbrella is a little more practical. Beautiful lens. d

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      What a beautiful lens! I love the Asian parasols, they're so pretty. Thanks!

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      Parasols are certainly very beautiful and decorative.

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      Really enjoyed this - I adore the parasols in particular. Unfortunately, so would Trouble I (Odan) and Trouble II (Sylvester). *Sigh* Umbrellas it is....

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      Nice lens. Beautiful parasols

      I enjoyed reading this. Thanks

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      Just stopped by to see what you recently updated and discovered I'd never been to this loveliness before. You brought back the memory of an Asian style parasol that I had years ago...many years ago that was pink with cherry blossoms and a few cherries on have a lovely gallery of umbrellas and parasols here! :)

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      Love this lens. So many beautiful parasols and umbrellas. I love the decorating possibilities.

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      Really nice Lens. My wife likes these. Great Success to you.

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      These would be nice for almost any place, especially garden weddings.

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      I love the look of parasols, they are so beautiful.

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      A terrific lens! (my daughter has 3 Asian parasols, she is very proud of them. I often wondered about the history of umbrella/parasol, never thought that I would see an article about it one day. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us).

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      Beautiful lens!

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      Hi I love these beautiful umbrella and parasol.

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      These are so beautiful. My favorite is the Japanese patio umbrella.

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      I didn't realize there were so many choices in umbrella's and parasol's. You showcased some beautiful ones.


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