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Diamond Gifts

Updated on June 20, 2014

Diamond Gifts For Women

Diamond jewelry is a symbol of status, so who wouldn't want a beautiful diamond ring, necklace or bracelet as a gift? I certainly wouldn't mind, especially if it's an even more unique vintage diamond piece! Selected here are some of my favorite diamond gifts for women.

Shown here: 1.10 Ct Round Ideal Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Bezel Set W Milgrain 14K WHITE GOLD SI1 GIA

Amazon policy on diamonds is that their suppliers, to the best of their knowledge, do not trade in conflict diamonds

Elizabeth taylor diamond
Elizabeth taylor diamond

Pearl and Diamond Necklace: Epitome of Class and Refinement

Elizabeth Taylor; Halle Berry; Christina Aguliera; Sharon Stone and Michelle Obama; what do these women all have in common? All of these women show classy taste in jewelry selections, and have been photographed or seen on the red carpet, wearing diamonds and pearls together. They all believe in the marriage of diamonds and pearls. The classic lines of snow white pearls with sparkling clear diamonds has evolved into the modern world with pairings of champagne pearls and chocolate diamonds or black Tahitian pearls with black diamonds. Black metals today can dramatize the pure colorless diamonds.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor Displaying Her Diamonds, Bought from Cartiers

Buy This at

Diamond And Pearls Beauty - Stunning necklace

One of the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen. Of course there is a price tag on it, but a girl can dream right?

Absolutely Stunning Pearl And Diamond Jewelry - High End Pearl and Diamond Gifts

Whether women desire the vintage classic look of old glamour or prefer the newer looks that incorporate leaf and nature designs, pearls and diamonds will forever look well together. As the recording star Prince sang in his song, Diamonds and Pearls: "If I gave you diamonds and pearls, would you be a happy boy or girl?" The answer was a resounding "yes" for both sexes. Diamonds and pearls are not only found in women's rings, bracelets and necklaces, but can be found in masculine cufflinks.

I hand selected a few stunning pieces here. All are pretty expensive but a real threat to look at. I wish I could have one of these pearl and diamond jewelry piece, and I am sure you wish too. You might want to casually leave the monitor open on this page so the man of your life get the message...who knows!

Diamond and South Sea Pearl 18k White Gold Bracelet
Diamond and South Sea Pearl 18k White Gold Bracelet

The perfect white bracelet. 11.46 carats of white diamonds and 16 white South Sea pearls set in white gold. Refinement at its best. Would make an exceptional wedding anniversary gift.

Mizuki 14k South Sea Pearl Necklace with Black Rough Diamond Fringe, 26"
Mizuki 14k South Sea Pearl Necklace with Black Rough Diamond Fringe, 26"

Retro, classic necklace with an edge. This stunning designer piece features a 14mm black south sea pearl and black diamonds.


Diamonds & Pearls: Dolce & Gabbana - 20 years of Diamonds and Pearls

Dolce & Gabanna honored the marriage of diamonds and pearls for two decades with a special book of photographs showcasing the luxury, pleasure and seduction of the jewel combinations. Also entitled "Diamonds and Pearls," it showcased photographs by the famous photographer Guenter Parth. Today, twenty years later, both real and imitation gems are found in fashion as well as jewelry; bridal gown, prom dresses, and even jeans.

Unique Vintage Pearl And Diamond Gifts - Estate jewelry

If price is not a problem and you really want THE unique piece, then consider buying vintage jewelry from reputable dealers.

What Are Black Diamonds

Information on black diamonds

Until relatively recently black diamonds were't much sought after. Indeed, they were mainly just to make diamond cutting tools because it was thought no one would want to buy them, after all, black diamonds don't sparkle! A tiny spark of interest for Carbonado or black diamond emerged during the Art Deco period when black and white jewelry was much sought after. However, it could not compete with the popularity of black onyx and black opals. In recent years though it has become much more popular,possibly due to intensive marketing, but also because fashion is always changing.

Most black diamonds come from Brazil - they are also found in the Congo but the best dealers shy away from them because so many are conflict diamonds mined, stolen, bartered and used to get money for arms and war.

One constant question about black diamonds is whether they are real or not. Totally black diamonds are rare, often they will be a smoky grey. Some have been created by radiating clear or white diamonds which makes them turn black. If this is important to you as a buyer, just ask if they are completely natural when you are buying.

Buy Black Diamond Jewelry - Gifts of timeless elegance

Black diamonds make stylish and elegant pieces of jewelry that every woman wants. They are precious gifts for yourself or someone you love. Invest in the timeless beauty these black diamonds represent, you won't regret it.

Fancy Black Diamond Engagement Ring/Wedding Band Set 14k White Gold
Fancy Black Diamond Engagement Ring/Wedding Band Set 14k White Gold

This beautiful matching set of engagement ring and wedding ring carry natural black diamonds set in white gold. Sure to become a much loved family heirloom.


Black and White Jewelry: Unique Black and White Diamond Gift Ideas - Make a statement with one of these fine pieces of black and white jewelry

Black and white jewelry offers understated sophistication and elegance that any woman would delight in wearing and it has never been so fashionable as now.

Black and White Diamond Fashion Earrings in 10K White Gold (1/2 cttw) (Color GH, Clarity I3-I4)
Black and White Diamond Fashion Earrings in 10K White Gold (1/2 cttw) (Color GH, Clarity I3-I4)

These stylish earrings are sure to cause a stir. The design is of intricately entwined diamonds with a white gold setting. Black and white jewels always look timelessly elegant and these are no exception.

10K White Gold Black and White Diamond Twist Pendant Necklace (1/3 cttw), 18"
10K White Gold Black and White Diamond Twist Pendant Necklace (1/3 cttw), 18"

This pendant carries 0.3 carats of black diamonds intertwined with white diamonds set in white gold. Beautiful drop earring match this pretty pendant and is available here: 10k White Gold Black and White Diamond Twist Earrings (1/3 cttw). The design forms an infinity symbol, symbolic of eternal love.


Exceptional Vintage Diamond Jewelry For The Connaisseur - One of a kind estate diamond gifts

Amazing vintage diamond gifts, gorgeous, unique, rare and expensive.

A Lovely Brown Diamond Necklace

If you want to find a unique gift for her, a brown diamond necklace is always a great idea. Brown diamonds are quickly gaining popularity with women and teenage girls.

A Guide To Buying Diamonds Online

Online shopping is fast becoming the most desirable way to purchase items and it seems that the same is now true for our diamonds. This may come as a surprise to people that see the benefits of dealing with jewellers directly, particularly when you consider the dangers of online purchasing and the value of the item in question, but there are some definite advantages - if you know what you are doing.

Buying diamonds online has its appeal, but it is not without its problems.

Online jewelers and wholesalers are able to provide a greater range of goods and prices than your average dealer, meaning a better chance at a bargain, and it much easier to shop around and compare your options between websites; jewelry stores are limited in their selections but with the internet the choices are practically limitless. This method of buying diamonds is not without its issues, however, and there are aspects to be cautious about. With all this choice and low prices it is too easy to run in blind when you should instead be cautious and careful; that seemingly low-cost beautiful stone could be a scam. With websites, you have little proof of exactly what and who is at the other end and there are many traps that unwitting consumers can fall into.

So what is the solution to successfully buying diamonds online?

Having such a great selection can be overwhelming but if you are careful you can use it in your favour. If you are patient and carefully compare the options, prices and retailers, you can start to get a better idea of the market and the real value of the items as well as the other benefits that the dealer can provide, such as shipping, sizing and refunds. This sort of research is vital for so many reasons and you can never be too knowledgeable about the field. The more you know about cuts, styles and carats the more ammunition you have against dodgy dealers and you can show them that you are not to be messed with.

Once you have put yourself on a level playing field, go a step further and question the retailer as well as the stones. This means asking for grading reports from an impartial laboratory to ensure the diamonds are the real deal and looking at consumer reviews such as BBB online to check that the site is reputable. Finally, there is always the escrow option. This service acts as a midway point between choosing and paying for the stone and means that the item is sent to an appraiser before it is forwarded on to you or the dealer can be paid.

The escrow method is clearly the most appealing because it takes the pressure off and provides a great safety net between you and the dealer; however, you should not look at it as the only solution to the dilemma of buying diamonds online. Knowledge and patience is vital in buying diamonds online because if you are prepared to take the time to search for a desirable, worthwhile stone - rather than just jump at the first, pretty one on offer - you can ensure that you will not be outfoxed by dealers and can walk away with the diamond you always wanted.

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Right?

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    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

      My mom had a ring with a very large black diamond in it. The ring somehow disappeared over the years but every time I see the price of black diamonds I think of that ring and wonder who walked away with it. That ring sure would be worth a lot today. It was beautiful. I loved how the gold looked next to the black which is why it stood out in my mind.

    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 4 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Somebody needs to buy me that diamond and south sea pearl bracelet for my birthday!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I love the black diamond ones - very contemporary looking!

    • dann7trdro lm profile image

      dann7trdro lm 4 years ago

      the last one is the perfect selection for a gift

    • LisaBeller profile image

      LisaBeller 4 years ago

      These are absolutely gorgeous! Great lens.

    • KathyMcGraw2 profile image

      Kathy McGraw 4 years ago from California

      Beautiful....those diamonds in the estate jewelry are to die for! I also learned a bit about black diamonds which I didn't know before.