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Vera Bradley Outlet Stores Sales

Updated on September 28, 2012

Find Vera Bradley Outlet Stores

Vera Bradley makes high quality handbags, wallets and accessories that are fun, lightweight and colorful. While paying full price for Vera Bradley items aren't an option for everyone, the prices at Vera Bradley outlet stores can't be beat! Save even more money by visiting a Vera Bradley Outlet Sale! At the outlet stores you'll find a variety of items on sale with discounts of up to 60% off the original price. There are Vera Bradley outlet locations across the United States and you'll even find some deep discounts and clearance items online. Check out this full list of Vera Bradley outlet stores.

Find Vera Bradley Outlet Sales - Deep Discount Vera Bradley

vera bradley outlet sales
vera bradley outlet sales

Want to save even more money at Vera Bradley Outlet stores? Shop during a Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. In order to gain access to the most exclusive sales, you'll need to purchase tickets. Yes, tickets for a sale or else there would be a mad rush for the discounts! If you don't pre-register for the sales and get tickets in advance, you'll need to wait in a long registration line. Those who pre-register for the outlet sales passes usually get Vera Bradley outlet coupons!

So here's how to get information about the outlet sales: Go to (make sure you are on the official website) and register for their newsletter. You'll need to provide your email address. You'll see a box that says "Sign up to receive exciting news and offers".

If you want to know NOW about outlet sales, do this: go to and type " outlet sales". You'll see a search engine results page with all the webpages on the Vera Bradley site pertaining to outlet sales. Now you need to sort this by the date the pages or announcements were posted. Go to the left hand side of the Google page and click on "Search Tools" then select "Past Week". Now you'll see any current announcements!

Sort even deeper by looking for specific outlet stores, like " outlet sales Pennsylvania" or wherever a location is convenient for you. You can even make your search speedier by looking for "summer sales 2012" or "winter / fall outlet sales 2012".

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Vera Bradley Outlet Stores By State

Full list of Vera Bradley Outlet Store locations in the U.S. with links to more information about each store.

Best Vera Bradley Outlet Sales?

Would you rather shop online for discount Vera Bradley or physically brave the crowds at an outlet store?

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Thank you for all the tips! I would like to know if there is some outlets outside the US?