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The Ingredients to Your Perfect Wardrobe and Style

Updated on June 26, 2016
Compilation of basic pieces you can obtain to start your wardrobe.
Compilation of basic pieces you can obtain to start your wardrobe.

What is a Basic?

When referring to a 'basic' piece of clothing in your wardrobe, it is speaking of the items of clothing that are classic and never go out of style.

A basic fits your body type/shape to a T and that beats out any trendy item that is fleeting and old hat in 6 months.These items tend to be neutral in color and are meant to be a canvas for accessories, your colors and prints, plus those transitory trendy items.

Basics are where you want to spend your money, invest in these items. Get them tailored to fit you perfectly! When trying an item on in the store and you find you're in between sizes, always choose the larger size. This way your tailor can easily fit them to you. Store bought clothing rarely has the seam allowance to tailor up a size.

The picture above gives you an example of basics showing you different style variations and colors on one item.

Take a Basic, Add a Dash of Style...

So thinking about your basic wardrobe like a canvas, your accessories, prints, and color choices will be the style defining items. Your style is an expression of your personality and taste through clothing. I personally love mixing vintage with modern and layering.

Not sure what your style is? Think about what inspires you. Is it a color? Do you like clothes from a specific period in history? Are you vegan and want to wear all animal free products? There are so many influences to draw from to create a unique look for yourself.

With that said, you don't want to overdo your style inspiration. Say you like the color purple, that doesn't mean wear a purple dress and shoes with a purple bag and so on. You would end up looking like a large grape and you don't want that. It means buy items with that color and mix them with your basics that are of a neutral color.

3 Different styles using same pair of jeans.
3 Different styles using same pair of jeans.

The picture to the right shows how you can take a basic piece, in this case a pair of jeans, and create three very different styles.

A) The cardigan and pumps are both classic and give the wearer a classy or preppy look.

B) The fluttery floral top and gladiator sandals of this outfit reference the 70's and would fall into 'Boho Chic'(bohemian chic).

C) A logo t-shirt, weather it be a band or graphic of any kind, and some converse shoes gives off the vibe of 'rocker casual'.

All three of these outfits can be altered to dress up for evening or down to be more casual. Outfit A could be dressed down by replacing the shoes with flats. Outfit B could be dressed up with a heeled gladiator in a metallic bronze, add some shiny bangles and you are ready for cocktails. Outfit C) can hit the red carpet with a tailored tuxedo jacket, silver pumps, a glittery clutch, and some rockin' feather earrings. Really, your options are endless.

Hair and Make-up

Your hair and make-up are both very important when it comes to styling yourself for any event, be it work or going out with the girls. The key with hair is to find the right cut and style for you, do not fuss over the current hair trends. It's not worth the time and money spent trying to mold your hair into something it's not.

My hair is very fine and thin. I cannot wear it long, I wish I could, but I have tried in vain and it has never worked for me. The longer it got the stringier it looked and I just would throw it back into a ponytail and be done. Took me 29 years to figure out that a pixie cut is the way to go. My hair looks like it has volume and not thin at all when cut short. Find a stylist that will be honest with you about your hair, it's condition and what would look best with your face shape. Love your hair no matter what kind you have, don't envy the lady with long locks or gorgeous silky curls.

Keep your make-up simple for day and then bring out the wow factor for evening. Unless you are a model don't wear a smokey eye to work. It's just not the right kind of message you want to send to coworkers and customers. A more polished, natural look is great for everyday wear, then you can modify it for the evening. I like Carmindy's 5 Minute Face, from What Not to Wear's make-up go-to gal. Her how-to video is below.

Carmindy's 5 Minute Face

Love Yourself, You Deserve It

I am about to get all 'after school special' on you for a moment.


Love yourself for all your strengths and weaknesses, perfections and flaws. Loving your hair and body is half the battle to gaining true style. If you are comfortable in your own skin it will show in the confidence you exude and that's attractive no matter how you slice it.


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