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Wedding Gown and Party Dress

Updated on May 19, 2017

Choosing the best wedding gown

Like everyone, I bet that you look at the front part of the gown or dress first and perhaps, you will not even check the back part. Who cares about the back anyway?

I always tell the bride that in choosing a bridal gown, consider the back view as much as you consider the front design. Why? Many pictures taken during the wedding feature the bride's back. Those pictures showing the church altar and backdrop, for example. Friends and relatives will be bringing along their digital camera and while seated on their place, they will be snapping pictures. Most of these will show the brides back view, is it not?

The bride should always look at her best during her wedding day, be it her back view, side, front, and kidding aside, even top view that's why we love gowns with decorative trains that spreads like what a peacock does to showcase its magnificent feathers.

Secondly, I always recommend fitting. Some brides refuse to fit though because of some superstitious beliefs that it would be a bad omen to fit the bridal gown before the event. Ladies have different body shape. A particular design may highlight the unwanted if not carefully selected.

I am not a fashion expert. I am basing what I'm writing here on what I observed through the years, operating a bridal and party gown and dress rental.

So, if you are preparing for your wedding or for a particular occasion or celebration that you want to look stunningly beautiful, you may find some ideas here on selecting your gown or dress. Check my other hubs to get more ideas on wedding giveaways, invites or presents.

Make your Own and Choose to Make the Best

The gown or dress should highlight your asset without overdoing it

The best example I could give here is using a shell type design on the bass area. If you have a well-formed and good size breast, better not go for this design. While the shell type highlights the bass area, it will actually conceal the contour of your breast. That means, instead of revealing your beauty, you are actually hiding it.

It should hide those aspects that you're not proud of

It is not about low esteem, it is about feeling good and looking at your best during the event. So, if you are not proud about some fats, (let's call it baby fats) in any part, there is a way to hide that.

Notice the gown in the picture. This design was used by one of my brides who was 5 months pregnant. Wearing a casual shirt or blouse, one can see her baby bump. When she used this gown, the baby bump was not obvious and she looked perfectly fabulous and sexy during her wedding. I think, it's because the eyes of the viewers' focus is diverted to the ribbons, beads and accents so at a glance, the tummy is not emphasized. Another factor is the textile used. It's "back-satin". Since the textile is not as soft compared to organza, it does not accentuate the bump. I mean, it does not trace the contour of the bump, it stiffly hangs. The back part of this gown is shown in the intro photo of my lens.

Color choices

Which shade fits you best

Color matters when we talk about parties or those who are attending a wedding ceremony. For brides, white still stands to be the rule. Some brides, which I say are a bit radical, opted to use the opposite - black. Other brides choose to accent their bridal gown to manifest their chosen motif.

I had been reading several tips online for what color fits and what does not. Yet, I found out that in reality, there is no fast and hard rule in determining what fits a particular skin tone. When an expert says that gray is a shade to avoid for darker skin tones, I observed that some dark skin tone do not really follow this. You may find my next sentence ridiculous but I say, the best way is to fit it (there is no substitute). The problem about this arises when you are purchasing online. In that case, try to approximate the best shade based on your previous purchases.

Time of the event

When the event happens in the night, I love recommending a two-tone dress or gown. It radiates the evening light and there is a deceiving perception that the gown has two shades.

Bridal Gowns

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Gowns and Dresses

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    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      5 years ago from Alabama USA

      Hi I like these wedding dressing.

    • jayavi profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice collection of wedding gown.

    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      Beautiful wedding dress. I know my gf would wear our traditional dress on our wedding :)

    • stephen downing profile image

      stephen downing 

      5 years ago

      Nice lens and good advice, my wife will love this. She wants to start a wedding dress hire business.

    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 

      5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      In the USA the average wedding cost in the $10,000...with this in mind,having a budget is key to having a beautiful wedding without going into debt. Having seen a $100,000 wedding when I worked at The Brown/A Hilton Hotel some 20 years ago the biggest cost was the hotel rooms for out of town guest and transportation to the wedding venue and back to the hotel.

    • beaworkathomemom profile image


      5 years ago

      great lens. I really love what you have posted here.


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