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Embedding Tradition in Wedding Jewelry and Emblems

Updated on August 11, 2015

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

— Unknown

No one can exactly tell you how this adage got its way to a wedding tradition, but no one seems to question it somehow. This tradition had been followed by many for so long in many places that it had become the center element of any wedding. It is interesting to note that almost every bride tries to follow this tradition by embedding its features in her own bridal wedding gown, motif, dress and accessories.

Something Old-Antique Estate Jewelry

"Something old" is often times a piece of a family heirloom given by the groom to her bride and handed down through generations. If the groom is the eldest, he will inherit an estate jewelry piece from her mother which he can give to his wife as a gift. It could be a ring handed down to her mother from her great grandmother and which later on will be handed down by his wife to his eldest son and so on. It could also be any piece or set of jewelry. This kind of family tradition in wedding occasions had been a part of a family history and is expected to last for several generations to come. Wearing of this estate jewelry by the bride reinforces a sense of family tradition and a high regard for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Jewelry

Something New-Fashionable Jewelry

"Something new" is somehow the most relevant to the occasion as this will open up a new door to the life of the soon-to-be couple. Unless done in a rush or on a very tight budget, "something new" is symbolized in a new wedding gown, bridal jewelry, wedding shoes and other accessories. A large array of wedding gowns, dresses, and bridal jewelry can be found in online stores and other e-commerce sites. The would-be bride often times got too excited in shopping for new jewelry items for her wedding and which she could treasure and store as a memento of that greatest day in her life.

Antique Wedding Jewelry

Something Borrowed-Rented Jewelry

"Something borrowed" on the other hand, may appear to be somehow out of place in any wedding celebration. After all, who would want something borrowed on her grand wedding day? You may find it hard at first to connect a bridal jewelry with something borrowed but there are jewelry shops which offer to rent out antiques or estate bridal jewelry such as necklace, bracelet, earrings, tiaras, and many more for a rental fee and certain refundable deposit, for brides who want to appear great on their wedding photos and videos without spending much on their bridal jewelries and accessories.

Gold Wedding Jewelry

Something Blue-Blue Jewelry

Something blue can be easily connected to wedding jewelry as there are lots of remarkably amazing gems that can easily fit this description. Precious gems such sapphires, agates, topaz, aquamarines and blue pearls embedded on rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or tiaras will perfectly complement the traditional wedding adage.

Blue as a color creates a relaxing and peaceful mood. This could be the reason why of all colors, blue was given more importance in the wedding tradition.

· Blue also signifies a need for tranquility in your future your great desire to have a life based on your own ideals and beliefs. Changing your inflexible point of view just to satisfy other will be totally out of your viewpoint.

. Blue as a color creates a relaxing and peaceful mood. This could be the reason why of all colors, blue was given more importance in the wedding tradition.

· Blue also signifies a need for tranquility in your future your great desire to have a life based on your own ideals and beliefs. Changing your inflexible point of view just to satisfy other will be totally out of your view point.

Bridal Jewelry for a Bride’s Stunning Look

The bride is the center of attraction on her wedding day and it is just appropriate that she must have that stunning look if she does not want to be overshadowed by one of her bride’s maids on her very special day. To acquire that stunning effect, carefully chosen bridal jewelry and accessories will surely accentuate your striking appearance to create than stunning look of the century.

Glittering jewelries and accessories are known to be women’s best friends and would you expect a bride without her best friends on her great wedding day? Sure enough, a bridal attire can never be complete unless accentuated with something awesome and can help her lift her spirit up on this great grand occasion. Once in her life, she will be able to walk through the aisle with all those awestruck looks and attention solely upon her.

Even a woman who don’t care about much those pieces of jewelry can’t help but make use of those hidden family heirloom she got there inside her neglected jewelry box. Who would not jump on a chance to display it on her wedding day? It might be her only chance to don such exquisite masterpiece she had kept a secret for so long.

Brides-to-be are supposed to have these “ something new, something, old, something borrowed and something blue” at hand on her wedding day. Your set of jewelry might be able to handle this need for you, minus that “something borrowed”, which you could easily ask from any member of your family or friends.

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In choosing the kind of jewelry to wear on a traditional wedding, pearls and real diamonds top the list in terms of popularity as they are suitable for any occasion. Pearl symbolizes purity and looks elegant. Next to diamond, pearl is ageless.

If you choose to wear a diamond with your bridal gown, be sure you can give justice to this exquisite piece of ornament. Diamonds must be worn with elegance and dignified sophistication to be able to express that fairy-tale look and not appear gaudy and fanciful. If you're not sure you can emit that fine air of elegance, then, better proceed to the second option.

Guidelines for Bridal Jewelry

In using the perfect jewelry for your wedding attire, simply follow the rule, “the simpler the dress, the more elaborate the jewelry. If you’re the type who don’t go for fanciful gowns, then use your jewelry to accentuate. However, don’t overload yourself with extravagant jewelry. You may not want people to admire those bearings and forget about the bearer.

You may hear that a white bridal gown requires silver jewelry and that an ivory bridal gown requires gold jewelry. Unless you specifically selected your bridal gown to match your engagement and wedding rings, select gold or silver jewelry according to your personal preference. You're going to find that almost everyone with whom you discuss your wedding plans has an opinion on nearly everything, usually stated as a rule.

When selecting your wedding jewelry, you may consider the following guide in choosing the kind of jewelry to wear:

  • Always suit the kind of jewelry to suit the occasion. If your wedding event is simple, then use simple jewelry, if grandiose, then select the type that goes with it.
  • Wear a necklace that follows the neckline of your wedding dress. It’s best to wear a choker of pearl for a round neckline. For a gown with a V-neckline, the length of the necklace must be compatible with its depth.
  • Be sure that the jewelry you wear on your wedding will draw attention to your best feature and not steal the spotlight away from it. It’s always safe to avoid using a large piece of jewelry on your neck or head when you can’t elegantly handle them. Be strong that you definitely got that striking appearance before the audience will totally forgot the personality behind those walking jewelry.
  • For your earring options, it’s always best to choose delicate and elegant pieces to match your stunning look regardless of its style, whether dangling or studs. Choose the same color that reflects the dominant color in your bouquet but not striking enough to take the focus away from your face.


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