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What are Milanese Loops?

Updated on December 7, 2016

Almost everyone today owns a watch or has owned a watch. The thing is, watch these days are not only used as a timepiece but, it is now also used as an accessory especially for those who wants to look fashionable.

However, if you are like me who isn’t particular about names, you would probably think of Milanese loops as something not related to watch bands or straps. When I learned what Milanese loop are and what it looks like, I laughed. Why? Well, because I have several watches with Milanese loops like the apple watch band 38mm and I don’t even know what they are called. I just know that they are straps to accessorize my watch. So now, let’s all learn what Milanese loops are.

Apple Watch bands 38mm can be detachable.
Apple Watch bands 38mm can be detachable.

History of Milanese Loops

Milanese loops according to WatchOtaku:

'Milanese' is a nickname for a mesh bracelet, from the Italian phrase "tessuto milanese" or "golden hair."

Milanese loops according to WorldTempus:

This type of bracelet originates from the protective metal chain-mail worn under the armor of ancient warriors.

Each of the tiny loops is made from gold threads twisted in the same stitch to make a flexible fabric. Its final appearance is achieved by hammering (a rolling process is now used), to produce hard-wearing semi-rigid meshwork which would otherwise be too loose.

Be more fashionable with apple watch band 38mm.
Be more fashionable with apple watch band 38mm.

From the 13th to the 19th centuries, this manufacturing process was the exclusive preserve of the Milanese goldsmiths who catered to princely connoisseurs and the clergy.

Basically, Milanese loop is named for a design from the 13th to 19th century Milan where the stainless steel loop is woven on special Italian machines to create a mesh that's both tough as metal and yet supple as leather. Now that we have identified what a Milanese loop is and what it looks like, we come to the next question.

Why Use Milanese Loop?

As previously mentioned, apple watch band 38mm are created to look like a mesh that is as tough as a metal but as supple as a leather. I, for one, love these kind of straps (aside from leather straps). The closures are magnetic clasp so it can be adjusted to be as fit as I want or to be loose as I want. The metal band provides a superior elegance to my personality which is a plus for me.

Since Milanese loops are created like a mesh, these straps are thin, lightweight, and durable as well. Unlike synthetic rubber or plastic straps that are thick and sometimes heavy, Milanese loops are super comfortable to wear, due to flexibility and breathability. That makes these loops ideal for anyone who wants something old and yet distinctive, hard and yet soft, and as adjustable as possible.

Join the trend
Join the trend

Most Milanese loops are created using stainless steel so the color does not tarnish easily. So for those looking for the perfect accessory for their Apple Watch, Milanese loops are one of the best. Apple also offer these straps to accessorize your Apple Watch. However, the prices are quite pricey. The good news is that there are a lot of third party sellers of Milanese loop for your Apple Watch band. Just look for something that will perfectly match your Apple watch. Don’t forget to choose a Milanese loop that has a strong magnetic clasp. You would certainly not want to lose your Apple Watch because of a weak clasp, right? Speaking of strong magnetic clasp, I was able to find this Milanese loop in Amazon.


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