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Beautify Yourself with Non Surgical Face Lift Options

Updated on July 13, 2016

Non surgical face lift is a cosmetic enhancement practice that does not involve the using of incisions in the process of doing the face lifting job. Also known as 'non invasive face lift', this advanced face lifting method provides patient with better alternatives compares to a conventional cosmetic surgery.

Non invasive face lift can be done very fast, cost saving, non risky and most importantly, requires a short period of recovery time. And with such advantages, it is no wonder why people are now more open to try out such cosmetic procedures.

There are actually quite a lot of different non surgical face lift procedures that are available in the cosmetic market and these include thermage face lift, thread face lift, laser face lift, micro-current face lift and skin resurfacing. Each of these methods has it own pros and cons. Mixed responses were received from patients who have gone through these procedures; some said they are effective while some said they are not as least compares to the conventional face lift surgery.

Below are some of the methods of non surgical face lift treatments:

1) Thermage Face Lift Treatment

Thermage face lift is the most popular anti-aging treatment at the moment and many people who have undergone this treatment rated it positively. Thermage or thermal face lift is considered as one of the most effective and no-risk non-invasive face lift procedures which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration back in late 2001. Thermage treatment uses radio frequency technology that delivers heat into the skin to enhance the facial skin appearance around the eyes and forehead, with virtually no recovery time except for some skin sensitiveness problem.

Thermage Face Treatment Before and After
Thermage Face Treatment Before and After | Source

Patient that has undergone a thermal treatment will normally start seeing the results in two weeks to six months following a single treatment. These treatments can last in between six months to approximately two years.

The best thing about a thermage face lift over conventional surgery is that it requires no incisions and it costs far more cheaper; about 1/4 of the price that a full blown face lift surgery costs you.

As we age, the collagen found beneath our skin will become weak and disorganized and which this lead to skin sagging problem. By introducing heat onto this collagen fiber, this will stimulate their growth and making them stronger. As the collagen continues to grow, the skin will be uplifted automatically. Thermal face lift procedure is indeed very fast and it could be done in one hour time and that's why this treatment also known as the 'Lunchtime Face Lift' or 'One Hour Face Lift'.

2) Thread Face Lift Procedure

Thread face lift is a procedure that involves using string to uplift the sagging skin. It involved inserting and weaving thin, clear strings into the patient facial muscles tissue underneath the surface of the skin. The strings that is used in this treatment would have tiny little barbs that are designed to cling on the excess muscles tissues.

These strings are extended up to the back of the ears and when everything is done, the strings will be pulled accordingly and they are supposed to anchor the sagging skin, stretch it and keep it lifted until the collagen fiber builds up beneath the skin and making the tissues firmer and more toned.

Thread Lift
Thread Lift | Source

Overtime, when the patient continues to age, the skin and muscle tissues will sag again and which, this is quite obvious if the patient has gained some weight. In order to rectify this problem, the patient will have to go back to the doctor and have the strings tightened and readjusted as necessary. This will again re-stretching the skin and lift it up just as before.

The thing that concern people most regarding this treatment is none other than the risk involved. Up to until now there is actually no scientific or medical studies that back up the effectiveness of this procedure and this is not a total risk free treatment as claimed. Since foreign object such as thread is introduced into the body, it might not react well to it and if the condition does not feel good, the patient might have to get them out.

3) Microcurrent Face Lift Treatment

This non-invasive face lift procedure is perhaps one of the most aesthetically effective and cost little less to consider. This treatment works by using gentle electric currents that run on your face and other skin areas that need to be fixed.

Microcurrent Facelift
Microcurrent Facelift | Source

The electric currents will cause a natural cellular reaction to happen and which resulting a favorable effect like skin exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. You will also be able to notice the changes of your skin such as lightening of dark spots and firming up of facial muscles as time goes by.

On top of that, microcurrent face lift also stimulates and promotes the the skin's normal capacity to produce collagen and elastin, which making your skin smoother, firmer and more elastic.

Laser Face Lift
Laser Face Lift

4) Laser Face Lift Method

Laser can be used to tighten your facial skin and muscles and which, also reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The laser treatment is able to vaporize tiny amounts of your muscle tissue under the skin and trigger the body's own healing response. This stimulation also promotes the growth of collagen which is very essential for youthful appearance skin; collagen makes your skin firmer and smoother.

Other than simulating the production of collagen, laser treatments can also improve skin texture and reduce pore size. It can eliminate or reduce skin imperfections that happen to show as we age, such as dark sports (due to exposure to sunlight), age sport and freckles.

Overall, laser treatments is ideal to make the skin tighter and generally restore a more youthful appearance, imagine having the look of a 20's when you are in your thirties. Laser face lift is safe and reliable;it is backed up with thousands of successful cases. Unlike tread face lift procedure, laser is safe and total invasive.

There are actually many other non invasive face lift procedure options that you can get in the market such as botox injections, liquid face lift treatment, skin resurfacing methods, mesolift and etc. Whatever option that you want to try out, do your own thorough research such as reading health forum, talk to patients who have done it, talk to the doctors (perhaps more than one is better), going through cosmetic journals and etc.

Not all treatments might suit you, perhaps you might try more than one method if your desire to achieve youthful look is very high. You might find that thermal method might not provide the best result you want but a laser face lift treatment will. I would recommend that you stay away from thread face lift procedure although there are people who were successful with it.

Lastly, if you are not ready or do not have the budget to get a face lift surgery, a non-invasive face lift procedure will be your best choice. It recovers fast and you do no have to endure pain of going under the knife. By the way, you can also try out anti-aging products that work at the cellular level to give you back the youthful look.

Non Surgical Face Lift


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  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 4 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks Au fait for the commenting, voting and sharing. :)

  • Au fait profile image

    C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

    The information here is very helpful for people wanting to know and weigh their options on cosmetic facial procedures. The Microcurrent method sounds the best to me and the thread method gives me the creeps. Very useful article! Voted up, useful, interesting, and will share!