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Where to Find Cheap School Uniforms

Updated on August 3, 2012

Find Cheap School Uniforms, Sales, Discounts and More

Do you want to learn how to find cheap school uniforms? If you don't have kids that wear school uniforms, you might think it's a cost efficient solution compared to children to wearing the latest fashions to school. However, finding cheap school uniforms isn't that easy.

Many schools, whether public or private, require specific styles, like straight leg pants, in a specific color. During the school year, or during the back to school shopping season, they might run low on the sizes you need. You'll be forced to go to a specialty shop, where the same item may cost twice as much as the retail shop! I know, I've been there. In this guide, I'll share with you all the tricks I've learned when it comes to finding cheap school uniforms.

cheap school uniforms
cheap school uniforms

Tips for finding cheap school uniforms

Most major retailers, especially Sears, JC Penney, Kmart and Walmart carry local school uniforms. The colors and selection will vary depending on the local schools that require uniforms. Many parochial schools and technical high schools require logos and embroidered designs. If this is the case, check your local online yellow pages for uniform stores or sports stores that embroider. Even if you buy the uniforms elsewhere, they'll usually do the required embroidering for you.

Sears, Kmart, JC Penney and Walmart often have sales on school uniforms during the school shopping season, which runs from mid-August through September. Look through local flyers and the websites of these stores. Before placing an order, look for an "online coupon code" or "promo code". This is usually a great way to get a discount on shipping or a % off your total order.

While you're looking for promo codes, see if you can find a current one for This online school uniform store has tons of selections, options, colors and sizes. They even have an online clearance section of school uniforms.

Search Cheap School Uniforms

Find the right color, style and sizes with this search tool.

Tip: Buy School Uniform Lots on eBay

Buy "school uniform lots" on eBay! On eBay you'll find a large variety of "lots" or bundles of used school uniforms. Lots are usually sold by size. For example: if you need a few white polo shirts in a 6x, check eBay! You might see "Lot of White School Uniform Polos 6x". Look through the listing below or follow one of the links to see more uniform lots.

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