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Types Of Pleated Skirts | Different Pleats For Women Skirts

Updated on January 19, 2013

Pleated Skirt Photo


Pleat In Garments

Pleats are folds that are formed by doubling the garment using series of fabric to fold back on itself and sewing the fold lines to one end in order to secure it in place. Pleat is a part of a garment structure, which is used to give shapes to clothes. Pleats are parts of clothing design feature used to make impression as they fall in soft rounded folds.

The finished pleats may look somewhat difficult from a non fashion designer point of view, but in reality, they are quite simple to form.The point to note with pleats creation is that the design is not always perfect. What the dressmaker does is make sure that the pleat construction gives a group impression.

That is, when anyone sees it from a distance, it should look great, even though, some of the pleat lines may not be straight, they should be able to give the impression that the pleat lines are straight. Get free online pleat skirt patterns that i listed below to use and sew yourself great and fashionable looking pleated skirts.

Easy To make Pleated Skirt Tutorial

You can make this stylish skirt to add to your wardrobe. Or if you are a dressmaker, this online pleated skirt tutorial can show the easy way to make pleat skirts without a pattern. Here is how: Easy To Make Pleated Skirt Tutorial. It depends on the style you want to bring out. This is one of the simple way of designing a pleated skirt.

Uses Of Pleats In Fashion Design

Pleats in skirts are designed to show fashion styles and to ease movement to the wearer. There are many uses of pleats on many garments for both men and women.You can usually find pleats on blouses and women shirts. The pleats can be formed near the shirt cuff and at times at the back.

Some outdoor jackets have pleats at either the back or chest. Pleats can also be designed on women trousers and dresses. The pleats can be used to form waist or hips of skirts to give fullness or near the hem. Pleats on clothes are creative way to create a good design effects on fashion clothes.

Pleats on skirts are found at the front or back just below the waistband. The pleats can be one, two, three or more lines depending on which direction they are facing.

There are also pleats on pockets. The pocket pleats allow it to expand when many things are put in it.

Pleats On Garments

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Pleats Design In Fashion Trend

Pleats design can be said to be one of the most decorative dressmaking techniques. Whether you wear a pleat garment to allow room for easy movement or to create interesting fashion detail. Pleats can make any garment look extravagant.

It cannot be noticed, but a huge amount of fabric is hidden in pleats. The wearer can only feel the extra room it gives to the garment worn.

Pleats can be formed in anywhere on the garment as long as the pleats hang properly.

Types Of Pleated Skirts

There are many types of pleats on skirts which can be formed by using different methods. Here are some of the common skirt pleats you can find in fashion outlets.

Plain Pleats

This is one of the most common type of pleat you can find on skirts. The pleats are created with one foldline and placed on a single line. The pleat faces one direction when they are folded.

Box Pleats

This type of pleat face the opposite direction from each other. It is formed by folding the garment to the wrong side and stitching it to form the pleat on the right side. This is a very trendy type of women skirt. The bottom looks flared and it allows for ease of movement.

Inverted Pleats

Inverted pleats are the opposite of box pleat. The pleats are formed by folding a garment in two and joining them to a single line. The two folds are joined together at the center on the right side.


Godet is a type of pleat that can be inserted into a skirt, or dress hem to give it fullness. Godet can be constructed either by cutting the fabric in a triangular or half circle form and inserting it to garment's hem.

Kick Pleats

Kick pleat is used mainly on straight skirt to allow for ease of leg movement. It is a short pleat that can be inserted to the front or back of the skirt or dress hem area.

How To Sew Pleated Skirt Video Tutorial


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you kschimmel for passing by and commenting. Pleating is part of decorative dressmaking. It looks real great no matter where the pleat is found on a dress, skirt, blouse or trousers.

    • kschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel 5 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      Comprehensive look at pleats. Well done.