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Did you Know your Body Is Not Shaped For All Types of Handbags?

Updated on August 23, 2016

What you should know about handbags

When we’re buying designer handbags the first thing we look for is the beauty of the bags. To be honest most women don’t look for anything else besides the brand and the look. However, there are more aspects you should look for in a handbag besides its brand name and its look.

According some fashion experts, when buying a handbag, you should buy one that has a shape which is opposite to yours. For example, if you’re a short woman, then a long or larger shape handbag would look better on you. If you’re tall, then you should buy handbags that are smaller in size. If I was to give you a clearer example using a celebrity, I’d say that Kim Kardashian would look even more beautiful carrying a large rectangular handbag because she’s kind of on the shorter side.

How to carry your handbag like a lady

Buying the most beautiful handbag is one thing, but knowing how to carry your beautiful bag correctly is another thing. The way you should carry your handbag is to slide your hand through the handles while your hand is facing upward. Keep your hand and finger well-relaxed as you’re walking with your handbag.

Don’t carry your handbag on your shoulder. The reason is because it may hide your curve which you may not like. On top of that, when you’re carrying your designer handbag on your shoulder your arm will be placed on the bag. Placing your arm on your bag will deform it somehow.

How to take care of your handbag properly

Taking good care of your handbag is a must if you want to have it for a long time. The best way to care for your handbag is to treat it like a baby. When I say treat it like a baby I literally mean it because if you’re being careless toward your bag it won’t last long.

Always handle your bag with your hands clean. You don’t want to put dirt or grease on your bag which will require you to clean it. When you clean your bag too often that degrades its look. So if you can keep it clean for as long as possible it would be a good thing.

For a leather handbag it would be in your advantage to invest in leather cleaners. You’ll be so happy seeing the results. If you clean your leather bag with anything else besides leather cleaners, you’ll also see the different. It is a huge different and it’s not something you’ll like.

Always zip or close your handbags when storing them. Leaving them open while in storage may cause them to lose their form.

Never store your handbags inside plastics and vinyls. These objects won’t allow air to come through as you may already know, and they will keep your bags wet, which is also not a good thing for them. Therefore, you should always remember not to leave your handbags in either plastic or vinyl storages.

Swap your handbags, don’t use one every day and leave the others in storage. You don’t want your handbag to be worn out, and when you’re using one too much that’s exactly what will happen to it. Therefore, you should switch bags from time to time. I’m pretty sure you’ll always find more than one of your handbags that match your outfit.

In conclusion

Buying designer handbags is a great way to keep yourself happy and to look good in your dresses. But you’ve got to know what to expect from them as well as how to take care of them.

If you put all these tips I’ve shared with you from this post in practice you’ll be always happy with your bags.


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