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Women's Fedoras | Hats Make A Statement

Updated on September 8, 2010

I was reading Net A Porter, my favorite online fashion site because it's so damn surreal without being aware of it, when I came across the concept of 'statement hats' which were briefly online in a 'blink and you'll miss it' sort of feature. No definition of the term 'statement hat' was provided, but by the rakish fedoras pictured I could tell that they probably meant to imply to their reading public that hats have great power and one should wear hats to make a statement. Either that, or their hats are talking to them in bold statements, which could be either a cause for concern, or the premise of a quirky new sitcom starring one of the central cast members from Friends (but not Courtney Cox or Jennifer Aniston.)

Statement hats, in particular, statement fedoras are a concept I thoroughly applaud. As a big fan of hats in all their forms, I agree completely that a hat can make or break an outfit, and that if there is an opportunity to wear a hat, one should take it. How terrible it would be to come to the end of one's life and look back and realize just how many opportunities to wear hats were missed in the rush to step out in public bare headed.

Though Net A Porter mentioned all kinds of hats in its statement hat piece, including a rather fetching leather flying hat that may or may not have been crow-barred off the mysteriously missing head of Amelia Earhart, they showed a special preference for brightly colored fedoras of the rabbit hair variety.

There's so many reasons to find favor for these fedoras. For one, they are bright and cheerful and quite impossible to ignore. If you're tired of co-workers and friends ignoring your excellent style, then a brightly colored fedora is a shot over their bows that lets them know they better start remarking on your clothing before you show up in a space suit and tutu.

For two, they have a rather classic, vaguely androgynous feel about them, and everybody knows that there is nothing more attractive than a well dressed woman sporting an androgynous accessory. It's irresistible to all humans.

The fedora is appropriate for causal wear, clubbing, or even going out for a brisk walk along the banks of the river Seine, pondering the great history of the place and the fortunes and misfortunes of those gone before. Fedoras also go well with tea and biscuits, though one should take care to wear the fedora and consume the tea and biscuits, not the other way around.


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