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Women's Flannel Pajamas

Updated on April 4, 2013

Flannel Pajamas for Women

In the winter I love nothing better than taking a hot bath, then slipping into a pair of cozy flannel pajamas! What could be better than curling up with a cup of tea and a good book, toasty warm wearing pretty flannel pajamas?

As ladies, we want to be pretty and warm too. We can meet both requirements with these lovely flannel pajamas for women! They come in pretty colors and prints, and in flattering styles.

All of these flannel pajamas are made for women, and meet my personal requirements for comfort, beauty and style. For me, women's flannel pajamas have to be cozy, warm and cute!

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Red Flannel Pajamas for Women

You will love these super cute red flannel pajamas covered with penguins!

Women's flannel pajamas with elephant print
Women's flannel pajamas with elephant print

Women's Flannel Pajamas in Cute Prints

Check the adorable prints on these flannel pajamas! Everything from owls to reindeer to elephants with parasols (as shown in the photo above)! So cute!

Pretty Flannel Pajamas for Women - Regular and Plus Size

You will love these pretty flannel pajamas in sizes up to 5X. They come in so many pretty prints, you might have to buy more than one pair! Very cute and comfy!

100% Cotton Flannel Pajamas for Women

Perfect for any cat lover, these 100% cotton flannel pajamas are covered with cute sleepy kitties!

Pink or Blue Flannel Pajamas for Women

I love these cute pajamas! Choose from pink or blue cats!

Nautical Flannel Pajamas for Women

Anchors away! You will be sailing off to dreamland in this cute, cozy pair of flannel p.j.s!

More Flannel Pajamas for Women

Here are more flannel pajamas we love! Which one is your favorite?

Women's Cotton Flannel Pajama Set Plaid White
Women's Cotton Flannel Pajama Set Plaid White

Black and white plaid. Traditional and classic!


More Flannel Pajamas for Women

These women's flannel pajamas have been extremely popular on Amazon. Due to sell outs, some may not be available in every size or color. I am listing them here due to reader demand. Click on the style you like to see if your size is still available!

Are you buying flannel pajamas for yourself or someone else? - Do you have a favorite pair of flannel p.j.s?

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