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How Women Pick Their Panties

Updated on October 21, 2009

I thought it might be of interest to the male panty wearing crowd to get an insight as to how women pick their panties, and for women to perhaps find some inspiration in future panty purchases. Most women have three types of panties in their panty drawer, though there may be a crossover between the types and it is quite common for panties to transition from one category to another over the course of their life times.

LILY Italia Giada
LILY Italia Giada

Sexy Panties

These are the panties we choose when we have something or someone special in mind. They are likely to be colorful, ornate and sometimes a little bit naughty. How many pairs of naughty panties a woman has will vary wildly from woman to woman depending on her interest in fashion and her budget, but almost every woman will own at least one pair of panties that make her feel sexy. Oftentimes these will come with a matching bra, which will almost always be worn when the panties are. 

Victoria's Secret Cotton Panties
Victoria's Secret Cotton Panties

Comfortable Panties

These are the panties which we wear to work, school, sports etcetera. They're pretty tidy panties we wouldn't mind being seen in and they're the panties that most men will see their wives and girlfriends wearing, except if it is some kind of special occasion. These panties may or may not come with a matching bra and every now and again, yes, we'll wear a clearly non matching bra.

and even these are a bit glam for granny panties...
and even these are a bit glam for granny panties...

Granny Panties

Granny panties are a lot like sexy panties, in that the number of this panty type will vary greatly from woman to woman. These are panties we would be horrified to be seen in, but which are usually very comfortable and suitable for 'that time of the month.' Granny panties may be actual granny panties (full brief, high waist,) or they can be more subtle, perhaps an older bikini cut panty in black. Granny panties are often retired comfortable panties, but are very rarely retired sexy panties. Once sexy panties outlive their usefulness they are generally discarded as they're not a woman's first choice in terms of comfort.

The Panty Lesson

The difference between men, who buy panties purely for the aesthetics and feeling of the material and women for whom panties are essential, is that men have no need for Granny panties, and many men only keep what we'd call 'sexy' panties around. Is it any wonder then, that men tend to love and appreciate their panties more than women do?

Women, depending on their existing perspective on lingerie, could take a leaf out of a lingerie loving man's book when it comes to choosing panties and perhaps pick out a few more sexy panties next time they're shopping for lingerie. If you only have one or two pairs of sexy panties, it is easy to get stuck in a rut and forget how good nice lingerie can make you feel. Think of it this way, if panties are capable of making some men feel feminine, then imagine what they can do for a woman's sense of femininity.

Just because a woman is a woman, it doesn't mean that she feels ultra feminine all the time. Pretty lingerie is a nice way to remind yourself of just how lovely and feminine you can be, whether you're male or female.


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    • profile image

      xname 3 years ago

      calcinha é simplesmente a melhor peça de roupa que já foi inventada ate hoje!

    • profile image

      Henry 4 years ago

      Why there's nothing upto date on website. The last update is two years .

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      I am a straight male and I prefer to wear womens panties, I have quite a variety, I wear cotton ones to work and I like my nylon and lacey ones when I am home. I purchase my undies from Victoria Secret,Soma Intimates,Herroom and Fredrick's of Hollywood. I think womens underwear is far more comfortable than mens underwear and I love the way the nylon and lace feel!

    • profile image

      hanes 7 years ago

      I love wearing women's panties. I am a SWM and straight. I cannot explain my joy in wearing something for the opposite sex.

    • profile image

      Mikk 8 years ago

      Xdress and BodyAware are two sites that cater to men who like a little female influence in their undies

    • profile image

      Julliette - Jullianne 8 years ago

      The LILY Italia Giada in the top image are simply beautiful. I love them.

    • profile image

      Emily 8 years ago

      I love nylon panties with a lace trim.

    • profile image

      carol 8 years ago

      I love granny panties,nice silky and maybe some lace. I also love Body Shine hipsters The waist does not show so easy when bending. The microfiber hippys are great for comfort and more accommodating

    • profile image

      Julliette - Jullianne 8 years ago

      Of course, yes when I think about it, that's me too, confusion gone, after all that's the fun and sweet pleasure of wearing panties and womens lingerie after all. Into my shopping cart...

      Thankyou Hope and commentators et al.

      PS: I did find one website, that hand crafted beautiful feminine lingerie designs made for men, but alas lost it again.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Actually Julliet, most men who wear women's panties seem quite happy to wear women's lingerie lines. So no, there's not really a market for men's lingerie at all. I've written about it before and most commenters agreed that they just wanted to wear panties that were designed for ladies.

    • profile image

      Julliette - Jullianne 8 years ago

      It is interesting, perhaps so very predictable that what is designed for womens underwear does not translate to mens.

      Of course we might say, our shape is somewhat, different. Well naturally.

      But could we not take the essence of the idea, the design, the fabric, the softness, the feminine.

      Have not those manufacturers, those marketers looking for a new line, caught on yet that there is, definitely is a market. We are here in our thousands around the globe, in quite suburbran streets, office towers and aeroplanes travelling to far off places. We'll keep it quite, we'll not create a stir, you write the copy that gets it accepted in the store and we'll do the rest. We are out here at the shop door patiently, eagerly, gently waiting.

      We too shop from one page to the next, that so enjoyable lingerie retail therapy photographed for women buyers, and so thoroughly enjoyed by men, not just looking as observers at female beauty, of what our wives and girlfiends go out to wear, but those men and femininely comfortable among us who want to unashamedly browse among the racks, we too love those delicate pretty garments too.

      Until then we wait choosing from jockettes and boxer shorts, burly briefs, underwear for blokes, devoid of any elegantly feminesque. Fine in their place, but what happens when one wants to, dress up, step out, go walking with feminine on ones hips, to go dancing on clouds along moonlit paths at night.

      Search around the wonderful web, look in shop lingerie windows, search department store displays along the Champs Elyssee and no, hardly a stitch of feminesque to be found that is cut, thought about and created to be a companion to girdle our male physique, to soften our malesque armour.

      Why is it so?

      How beautiful, how sensually beautiful are the lingerie designs for our sisters who so enjoy the wonders of pantyhose, stockings and blouse.

      How delightfully yummy he fleeting glimpse of lace at the edge of fine cloth, on the edge of fine panties, caressing the underlying shape of the body, maybe just on a page so skillfully photographed. So sensually elegant.

      There are so many beautiful images of dresses from the twenties, of Chanel from the fifties, of Haute Couture designs by Yves St Laurent, and so many designers over the decades. Look in a book shop, scan the magazine stands, revel in the materials and patterns section of the spotlight materials store, where men for the most part seen uncomfortablly waiting for wives and partners. But is there a whisper in our psyche that says, me too, I love that pattern, how sweet that design, how delicate that feel.

      Not even having thought, but simply to appreciate, is that so out there, to enjoy the aesthetic, the weave and pattern. As if in the Louvre, fine art, fine clothes, fine linen, fine gardens, fine taste.

      I wear panties, I wear pantyhose, so sweetly comfortable.

      Into my shopping, rouge, fine lace and satin.

      Sweet shopping, what's that, this is you too.

    • profile image

      scantilyclad 8 years ago

      i wear panties 24/7 and i do really like the "granny panties" i find them to fit nicely and be really comfy

    • profile image

      RD 8 years ago


      "perhaps pick out a few more sexy panties" is always good asvice for anyone. Love Ya

    • profile image

      Peggy 8 years ago

      Hi , i wear pantys everyday i am male cotton panyies are most comfortable for work as i sit and drive 8 to 9 hours per day , when i get home i put on my satin panties for a more sexy feeling they are not uncomfortable but not great for sitting on hot vinyl seats

    • profile image

      Anthony 8 years ago

      Im a bikini nylom pantie wearer,.I Love them the way they feel and fit:}

    • profile image

      oralbobert 8 years ago

      I love sexy frilly little panties too,but they're just not comfortable for everyday wear. Granny panties let me keep everything tucked in and make me feel femmy up to my waist.And,after all, these are what mom wore.

    • profile image

      PantyBoy331 8 years ago

      A year ago, I would have never even considered "granny panties" (high-waisted briefs) or anything other than sexy panties. But I recently bought a few pairs of very lacy satin high-waisted briefs from Vanity Fair's Private Collection. These are more like vintage panties from the 50's than the boring high-waisted briefs with cheap nylon you typically find today.

      I have to say, these are the most comfortable panties I've ever worn. They're very silky and they feel terrific against the skin. I'm finding that they actually make me feel more "feminine" than the panties I usually wear, in a retro glamorous way.

      So don't judge all "granny panties" the same until you try a pair of good quality or vintage style satin & lace briefs.

    • EctomorphGuy profile image

      EctomorphGuy 8 years ago

      I wouldn't be caught dead in anything other than a sexy pair of panties, be they thongs, which are my favorite, or boy shorts, which are more practical at certain times. Granny panties? In your nightmares! I have well over 100 pairs of various types of thongs; those that I view as being utilitarian (cotton thongs for everyday use, including those that are "good" for the gym) and those that make me feel "sexy." We all know what types of panties those can be: those that have lace or intricate design patterns; satin or silk materials; special designs, such as the leopard print thong available from Jockey.

    • profile image

      iwhcpanties 8 years ago

      Hope you hit that on the mark. As for me though I like the hanes or fruit of the loom Hi-cuts in cotton. Colors and prints of course. They fit the best and are very comfortable. I am not your typical guy that wants a lot of lace or tiny sexy lingerie, I like to keep it simple. I have also found it is more acceptiable in my life that way as well.

    • profile image

      celtichic 8 years ago

      Thanks again for a very interesting Hub article, Hope!

      I have over 400 pairs of panties. For me, as a MTF crossdresser, I pick panties almost as you describe that women do. However, since I am fond of lace, most of mine have lace on them. But also, since I am a great fan of panties as art objects in themselves, I sometimes buy them simply to add to my collection...for their sheer beauty (pun intended!). I also love antique panties, purchased from vintage clothing stores, that date back to the early 20th century.

      So I buy them for everyday comfort wear, and others for sexy play with my wife. And I love older granny panties, especially if they have lace on them. I buy for the same reasons as do women I think, except for the obvious one related to cyclical reasons. Though I think men have "periods" too! (Perhaps a topic for your Hub sometime??)


    • profile image

      Pantywearer of Tampa 8 years ago

      I disagree with Pantiesformen regarding "granny panties". I personally don't care for the looks (appearance). I love to buy ONLY the "sexy" and the "comfortable" panties. I buy most of my panties from Victoria's Secret and they have the look, the feel, and the design of a women's panty that I look for. I don't have a single pair of "granny panties" in my panty drawer. Target, K-Mart, & Wal-Mart have the "comfortable" panties at an affordable price. I love wearing what women are wearing. Men's underwear is almost like women's "granny panties.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Yeah, except what I refer to in this article as 'granny panties' and what I refer to in other articles as 'granny panties' aren't the same thing. Other articles, I use the term 'granny panties' to describe full brief, high waisted panties, whereas in this one I used the term to refer to the panties a woman wears when she just wants to be ultra comfortable.

      But I see where the confusion came in. Thanks for stopping by to disagree ;)

    • profile image

      pantiesformen 8 years ago

      Boy do I disagree with the statement "The difference between men, who buy panties purely for the aesthetics and feeling of the material and women for whom panties are essential, is that men have no need for Granny panties, and many men only keep what we'd call 'sexy' panties around". As you state in many of your other blogs..."Granny Panties" are the number one choice among men who wear panties (see our surveys at No panty feels as good on the male anatomy as a good quality nylon or satin full brief Granny Panty. This is why the winner of the 2009 Undie Awards was the "Olga Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Halfpant Panty 913". It certainly wasn't WOMEN who voted overwhelmingly for this modern "Granny Panty"

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

      Good to know Hope. I personally love simple cotton ones on any pretty butt, and my wife knows it :)

      Well, to be precise I better love a pretty butt without panties, but since we speak of panties... :)


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