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Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

Updated on March 11, 2021
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Around 80% Women Are Wearing the Wrong Bra!

Are you wearing the wrong bra size?

A lot of women still use the same bra band size and cup size which they used for the first time and are under the illusion that it is still the perfect size for them whereas the truth would be something else.

Bra size is bound to change with weight gain or weight loss and it changes a bit even during the menstrual cycle. It is another fact that women hardly ever take measurements for that perfect bra size and the result is - the wrong bra!

Statistics show that most women (a shocking 80%) are wearing the wrong bra with most opting for a band that is 1 size too big and cups that are 1 size smaller.

I realized that I was wearing the wrong bra size too when I measured myself at home. And you know what? The statistics held true in my case. I was wearing a bra with a bigger band size and a smaller cup.

I was surprised at first that I was wearing the wrong bra size for such a long period of time and wondered if there were any downsides linked to this. I read and found out that there are health risks linked with wearing the wrong bra. It might be damaging for your breast tissues, you might get skin infections, scars, your shoulders will hurt and you will get painful grooves on your shoulders.

A wrong bra also affects your posture, and you might also look larger than you seem. The correct bra will improve upon your appearance making you look thinner and also will provide essential comfort and support. So what are the tell-tale signs that you are sporting the wrong bra? On this page you will get to know about the various signs and also how to overcome them i.e. should you increase or decrease your bra band size/cup size etc.

How to Know if You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

  • Does the band of your current bra ride up at the back?
  • Do you experience over-spillage at the sides or under your bra?
  • Do you feel that the cups of your bra are not 'filled' completely i.e. is there too much space left in the cups after you wear your bra?
  • If you are wearing a wired bra, does the wiring rest on TOP of your breasts?
  • Does the center of your bra (the portion between the two cups) pull away from your chest?
  • Does your bra move when you raise your arms?
  • Is the band of your bra causing you pain in any way?
  • Do you always wear the bra using the last (tightest) hook?

If you answered "yes" to ANY of these questions, then you are wearing the bra size!


  • If the back of your bra is riding up then it means you need to shift to a bra with smaller band size.
  • If you experience over spillage at the sides (including side boobs; when the sides bulge out more than necessary) or under your bra, you need a bra with a bigger cup size.
  • If there is too much space in your bra cups, you need a bra with a smaller cup size.
  • If the wiring of your bra rests on top of your breasts, get a bra with a bigger cup size.
  • If the center fabric is pulling away from your chest instead of lying flat, get a bra with a bigger cup size.
  • If your bra moves easily when you raise your arms, or when you are lying down or doing any sort of activity, you should get a bra with smaller band size.
  • If your bra band is too tight, then shift to bigger band size. This will prevent unwanted shoulder grooves and back scars.
  • If you always wear the bra on the tightest hook, then this indicates that the bra is not tight enough for you. Shift to smaller band size. When you wear a bra for the first time, you should always try it on the first hook (the most loose fitting) and it should fit perfectly that way. The rest of the hooks are meant to be used ONLY when the bra wears down after repeated washing or constant usage.

How Can I Measure My Bra Size at Home?

Like me, it is possible to measure your bra size at home. Please note that it is always best to consult an expert because the way you take your own measurements can vary depending on where you start from, how tightly you hold the measuring tape, the bra brand, etc. I measured myself using this video found on YouTube but I found some variations. After trying out different sizes and checking off points from the list given above of how a bra should not fit, I ended up with the perfect bra size.

How to Measure Your Bust Using a Measuring Tape

When Should I Measure Myself?

It is best to get a bra fitting at least two times per year. Since it is recommended to change your undergarments every 6 months, you can ask an expert to measure you before you purchase your new set of lingerie.


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