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How to Use the Native BitTorrent Client for Android

Updated on April 22, 2013


BitTorrents clients have for a long time been very popular across desktops and laptops and the popularity is rising on android. Developers have come up with the torrent clients for use on android. The result is that android users can now download the legitimate torrents directly into their android smartphones or android tablets.

The native BitTorrent client for android has become a popular app with android users and it is matching the popularity of the torrent clients for the desktops and the laptops. The ability to download files on your android device works extremely well for android users keen to extend their experience to the mobile devices. The experience entails searching for torrents; downloading files, resuming downloads, fine control of download and upload speeds, queuing torrents and even supporting RSS feeds.

The native uTorrent is one such good example of the torrent apps available on android and is worthy of all of the experience it is able to offer. The BitTorrent clients on android are always in high demand especially with the access to high speed internet on the android devices.

Let’s have a look at the best BitTorrent clients on android and that continue to receive favorable reviews from android users. These are BitTorrent clients that possess the characteristics of being powerful lightweight and fast. They open a wide array of options for android users. The competition and demand for the best BitTorrent clients has seen them get installed by millions of android users. The android BitTorrent client apps are all available from Google play. Examples are:

uTorrent app

This is one of the most popular BitTorrent client apps on android and which android users utilize to download, upload and even share files. It is based on the peer to peer technology. Therefore, whatever the android user intends to download from pirated music and video, games and content on the general, the uTorrent app is all capable.


This is a BitTorrent app which supports ads and is a native peer to peer client app. A paid version is available and does not have the ads. The most notable features of the app are adding torrents from files, partial downloads, limiting download and upload speeds, use of Wi-Fi option only, search of torrents via the dialog box and their subsequent opening on the browser, multiple downloads and finally stopping downloads until an external power source is obtained.


Another app which supports ads and the free version has a download speed limit pegged at 250kb/s. The paid version of the BitTorrent app eliminates the download speed limit and the ads. Features that stand out are queuing torrents, web browser integration; RSS support for torrent downloads from published feeds, magnet link download support, Wi-Fi only mode, multiple torrents downloads, Trackerless torrent (DHT) support, setting peer limits and IP filtering support.


It has the advantage of having no ads and it has an easy to understand user interface. The torrent app has the BTJunkie as the default torrent search engine even though this can be changed to the search engine of choice. Features associated with the torrent app are IP filtering support, control of maximum download and upload speed, and the option of using the EzRSS search engine and working as HTTP downloader.

Rutracker Downloader

It is another BitTorrent app with numerous ads but has the advantage of having no download speed limits. The torrent app is only compatible with android OS version 2.2 or higher. Features of this app are the queuing of torrents, the limiting of download and upload speed, management of storage space, support of magnet link downloads, multiple torrent downloading and support for numerous torrent search engines.


It has to be well known that the BitTorrent apps consume a lot of the battery resources when running downloads. This may be a challenge which can be tackled with apps carrying a feature that will pause downloads until the android device is plugged to a power source. Avoid using your data plan and utilize Wi-Fi for torrent downloads. Lastly, stick to the legitimate torrents and even then beware of malicious scripts and malware within the torrents.


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