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10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Updated on May 1, 2012
Google Chrome Extensions
Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Web Store and a List of Extensions

Last two days I spent browsing the Chrome Web Store and I found some good Chrome extensions which are making my online Internet experience better. It's been difficult for me to make a list of only 10 best chrome extensions, as there are so many very good extensions in the Chrome Web Store. But, some super chrome extensions from well known web services made my work little bit easy.

If specific Chrome extension is provided by official source, I have considered it while sorting this list. For example, there is a Chrome extension of That is the url shortener service of Google. But, yet this extension is not officially developed by Google. So, I never included this extension in to my top 10 list.

Everyone has a different personalities and their different needs. The list that I am presenting below will reflect and fulfill the general needs of online Internet user experience.

1. Google Translate Extension

Google Translate helps you in translating web pages. This extension of Google Translate is officially provided by Google. Whenever you want to translate a web page, you just have to click that small extension button of Google Translate. This extension will auto detect the language, if the language is different from your Chrome Web Browser's default language. The banner regarding this will appear. Click the "Translate" option on this banner and the text will get translated in the new language. You can learn more about Google Translate.

2. Awesome Screenshot Extension

Website owners and Bloggers often need to take the Screenshots of a web page. They can provide information to their readers and make clear picture in their minds about the subject with these Screenshot images. Verified author of this Awesome screenshot extension is This screenshot extension is really awesome as it's name suggests. This extension captures selected area, visible portion or entire web and it supports PNG image format. You can annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text. You can crop taken screenshot, copy and paste it into Gmail, save and share images taken using this screenshot extension. If you are concerned with privacy, because of Chorme's alert, explanation about this is given on the same page of installation.

Google Dictionary Extension for Google Chrome
Google Dictionary Extension for Google Chrome | Source

3. Google Dictionary Extension

With Google Dictionary Extension, you can view definitions easily as you browse the web. You can find the meaning of any word by selecting it. A small pop up bubble will appear with the definition of your selected word. You can view the complete definition of any word in detail with the help of toolbar dictionary. Foreign word will automatically get translated into language of your choice. You can customize this extension using options under this extension.

4. AddThis Extension

You can share content over 300 services using this most popular sharing tool in the world. With AddThis Extension tool, you are allowed to share, bookmark, print or even translate pages. You can personalize your list of services in the drop down menu of this extension. Select services that you often use from options. Share your favorite content with your friends and people around the world. AddThis Extension for Chrome Web Browser is perfect for this.

5. StumbleUpon Extension

I highly recommend this extension for the people who love web browsing. StumbleUpon helps you to surf and explore quality web pages that match your interest. This is the best web tool to surf and bookmark the web. There are more than 500 topics to choose form. More you use this extension tool, it will provide you more accurate recommendations. Now, you can use StumbleUpon right from your Chrome Web Browser. StumbleUpon Google Chrome Extension is perfect for those who love to spend their time by surfing the web.

6. Yoono Extension

If you ever wanted all your social networks and IM services in one extension, then Yoono is the best option for you. Connect withTwitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, GoogleBuzz, Gtalk, Yammer, Friendfeed, MySpace and more with this simple to use extension. With Yoono, you can update your status and manage updates simultaneously in all networks. Yoono Extension for Google Chrome is best for social network lovers. The following video will give you the perfect idea of Yoono extension.

7. SEO for Chrome Extension

This is the most used SEO extension for Google Chrome. The SEO for Chrome extension provides easy access to search engine optimization tools. You will get the information of web pages regarding Indexed Pages, Backlinks, Traffic, Search Stats, Social Stats, Catched, On-Site and Domain Details. This SEO for Chrome extension is useful for webmasters and bloggers to do competitive Analysis and to make their websites and blogs more search engine friendly.

8. Clip to Evernote Extension

Using Clip to Evernote extension, you can save the things you see on the web into your Evernote account. The verified author of this extension is If you click this extension, at the time of surfing a blog or article, it will automatically save the article. You can save link, text or images by highlighting it. You can even search thorough your entire Evernote account. Clip to Evernote Extension is very good for taking online notes.

9. Stylish Extension is the verfied author of this Stylish Extension for Google Chrome. I love this extension, because Gobal Night Themes that this extension provides and protects my eyes form the radiation coming out of my laptop. I spent hours writing this hub, even though my eyes are not burning, and all credit for this goes to Stylish. Apart from this, as the name of this extension suggests, it makes Facebook, YouTube, Google like services more stylish in look and I love it. Recommended this extension to protect your valuable eyes and to make websites more stylish in look. The themes that you can manage through this extension are available to install at

10. AdBlock Extension

To be honest, I hate this AdBlock extension as a professional blogger. But, I can't control myself from recommending this, as I fell in love with it as a reader. As a blogger, ads are my only source of income, I feel AdBlock as one of my enemies. On the other hand, sometimes it is so irritating to face those ads all over internet. You have to find required content out of those ads. AdBlock is the best option to get rid of these ads. You can easily manage this extension and you have a full control over ad display. You may determine your preferences using options of this extension. Recommended this AdBlock extension, if you are tired of online Internet advertisements.

This is my list of 10 best Google Chrome Extensions. There is a huge difference between browsing Internet with these extensions and browsing it without these extensions. Try these extensions and let me know, if you found this hub useful.

Best Extensions for Indian Google Chrome Users

1. Way2SMS: This is not the official extension of Then also I recommended this extension, because this extension do not have access to any of your private information. You can check this out on the page of this extension. Way2SMS is the free sms service across India. With the help of this extension, you can send free sms anywhere across India with ease of use, right from your Chrome Web Browser. You should be the member of Way2SMS for using this service.

2. Saavn Extension: This is the official extension of You can listen Hindi and Tamil music by Internet streaming. Saavn Extension is nothing but a music player right into your Chrome Web Browser. To use this player extension, you should install saavn web application first. From this web application you can select songs of your choice and then you can play and control songs using it's extension. Use this extension and web application to listen songs of your choice while browsing Internet.

Some More Useful Extensions

1. Google Tasks: I use Google Tasks to manage my to-do list. This extension is developed by Google and very useful to remember your tasks.

2. SpringPad: It is quick and easy to take online notes and save anything that you want to remember with this SpringPad Extension. This extension is developed by

3. Bitly: Bitly is the well known url shortener service. You can convert long urls into short ulrs right from your Chrome Web Browser using this official Bitly extension. You can even share and track shorten links. This is one of the very useful extensions.

4. Blogger Dynamic Views: I love dynamic views of blogger blog. After installing this extension developed by Blogger Team, every time when you open any blogger blog, a small button will be visible into the address bar. Using this button, you can access lovely dynamic views of Blogger blog.

5. Feedly xt: With feedly, you can transfrom Google Reader into your personalized magazine. It is a stylish and more easy way to read your Google Reader subscriptions. You just have to grant access for feedly to your Google Reader and then your Google Reader subscriptions will get sync with feedly.

I hope you found this hub helpful. Please share it with your friends by using sharing options below. Thanks! :-)


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