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10 Best Tips To Prevent Paper Jams in Printers

Updated on March 22, 2013

Preventing Paper Jams in Printers

We always use printers in our daily routine and paper jams is the most frequently observed issue.We can easily deal with this issue if we understand the actual problem.

The below 10 best points can help us to prevent the paper jam issues.

1. Loosen the sheets
Most often,sheets get stuck with each other.So while loading the stack in the tray take care to loosen the sheets.The best way to do this is to roll the stack diag-onally twice in opposite directions.

2. Store in a cool, dry place
Make sure that the packet(containing papers) is kept away from humidity.

3. Sheets should not be overloaded
Generally people overload the tray with more papers than the specified capacity. This causes the paper jam issues most frequently.So, if you are facing this issue then reduce the number of papers from the tray and try again.

4. Alignment of Slider and Tray
Many printers have sliders that allow different types and sizes of paper to be fed into the printer. If the slider is not properly positioned it can cause paper jams. So ake sure the tray feeding the paper into the printer is aligned properly.

5. Type of Paper
The standard paper which is mentioned/suggested in the documentation should only be used.Using folded papers,gum papers,hard bound papers and large size papers can often cause paper jams.

6. Don’t mix-n-match
This is also the most common practise followed by the users where different types of papers mixed together in the tray.This should be avoided to reduce the paper jams.

7. Look under the hood
Check for any previous stuck papers inside the printer.Generally previous paper jams,torn papers etc. can cause reoccurring printer jams.

8. Keep the Printer Clean
Dust,ink or toner buildup inside the printer can often to jams, and even decrease the print quality.So always clean/wipe out the dust with soft brush to reduce the printer issues.

9. Understand your printer
Whenever you are working with your printer keep track on it.This observation helps us to find out if the printer is getting jammed for any specific kind of paper or not and also helps to understand the best settings under which your printer performs better.

10.Keep the toner in good condition
Even if you don't have anything to print, often do a test printout to keep the toner running in good condition.This enhances the printing quality.

Are you facing paper jams issue regularly ?

If yes, then always check the paper alignment first.Try to feed the paper one by one to avoid double paper feed issues.If the issue is not solved then, reinstall the drivers and check it again.

How to Fix Paper Jams in Printers ?

Step 1 : If your printer has multiple paper trays then identify the location where exactly the jam has occurred.

Step 2 : Turn off the printer and check for the jammed paper.

Step 3 : If you are able to find it then carefully pull it out of the printer and ensure there are no torn bits left inside. If you are not able to pull out the bits or the stuck paper, turn the printer off then power on.In most of the cases paper will be automatically ejected.

Step 4 : If possible,remove the printer (when it is turned off) cover and check for any bits. Remove the cartridge, clean the entire area with smooth cloth/brush and reinstall the cartridge back again.

Step 5 : Readjust the papers present in the tray and continue with your printing.

Step 6 : If still the issue persists, please contact your Service Representative.

Do you face paper jam issue frequently ?

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