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10 Free ways to increase your facebook page fans

Updated on February 28, 2014

The facebook ... the site that made the world as a small village .

Every time we mention something , we remember the most exciting and important thing in this something. Example , When we mention the sky ... we remember the Clarity . When we mention the sun ... We remember the power . When we mention the moon ... We remember the love !

But , when we say facebook ... we remember 750 million users . This huge number of users is really the most important thing in the Facebook .Why ?

Whatever your site is ! ... It won't be that site without audience . Where we can find audience simple and free ?! ... the answer will be Facebook definitely.

In this article ... I'll try to teach you how to increase facebook fans by creative , simple , effective and free ways . All I need from you is to be patient , hard worker and ambitious .

If you are not interested and want rapid solutions , you can buy fans or buy a new page with the fans . My coming article will be about : How to buy facebook pages .

1- Put facebook gadget in your own website

I will start with this one because it is very important and it is the most effective way .

You can go to facebook developers section and choose like box plugin . Why i gave you the link to facebook developers section and not to like box plugin directly ?! ....because there are other useful plugins and gadgets that we can use it in other things .

As you can see in the Picture , You will find many options to help you customizing your gadget . I recommend you to keep the title (Find Us On Facebook) as it can push your site visitors to click the like button . Also you can keep faces to attract the eyes of your site visitors . And finally , I think stream is advanced way ... So, Don't use it .

2- Use the Tag property to get Fans

This is very smart way to attract all your active facebook friends to your page , And click like button as we wish . Try to upload photos to your facebook page and use the tag property to attract your friends . You have to use attractive words to make your facebook page visitors to click the like button and use the tag property just like you .You can as example use this one : If you like this Image , click Like . Or you can use other words instead ... but using the order click like is more effective than other classic words .

3- Connect your page to your twitter acount

If you have a lot of twitter followers , Why you don't convert them to facebook fans . Its is very easy and effective way . You will not have to sign up with connect or deliver sites , It is built in facebook . All you have to do as this :

  1. Edit page from your facebook page
  2. Choose resources tab
  3. Click on Link your Page to Twitter
  4. Choose the page and connect .

If you do so , Try to use attractive posts in facebook page to attract followers in twitter . It is very easy way ... So , Don't lose it .

4- Put the URL of facebook page in your profile

Facebook gives you some words to write in your profile about , Try to use it to increase your page fans simply . Put the URL of your facebook page in your profile , But try to make it clickable by adding (http://) to URL .

If you don't have words for your URL , Use short URL sites as : Or .

5- Use the great Share button

This great button Helps you to share the page between your friends , It tells them about the page . You can share the page in your profile , other pages , other groups and friend's wall .

All what you have to do is clicking this button and wait the fans !

Here is a very good tip : you can short (share URL) and put it in about section to increase your page fans .You may think it is not an effective way , But you have to trust me ... It is very effective with me .

6- Try to Use @ Tag

You can use @tag in your page to tell your friends about post , video or photo . As long as you are a fan of your own page , you can use this facebook property . So , Why don't you use it to increaseyour facebook page fans ?!

7- Post your page URL in other pages and groups

Some pages and groups give you a permission to write on their wall .Try to post the link of your facebook page , and get fans from other pages and groups . But , try to choose pages and groups related to your facebook page .

You can also use the comments to post URL of your page in huge pages such as Angry birds and Cocacola . But careful , you might be banned !

Small Tip : You can post attractive comments in huge pages using facebook as your page . This will attract some users to like your page .

8- Put your page URL in signatures

If you are writing in forums and blogs , Why don't you put the URL of your facebook page in the signature area instead of other links . I am sure , It will help you increasing your facebook page fans .

9- Send facebook page URL via Email

If you have a list of Emails , Try to send your facebook page URL with some attractive words and photos .

10- Use your videos to increase fans

If you Don't post videos in your page , Now you have to . Facebook videos have the like button inside . As long as people sharing your videos , you can get fans easly and simply . As you can see in the photo , You will find the button in the upper left part of the video .

Why this is very effective way ? ... Because if users liked the video , they will click this like button . And this is a great trick to make people like your page instead of the video.

Finally , If you think there is only 10 free ways to increase your facebook page fans ... You are completely wrong . There are many other ways you can use . But I teached you the most important and effective ways to increase your facebook page fans . I put you on the road , You can now .... GO Onn !

If you've other effective ways , Don't be Skimpy ... And Share it !


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