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10 Great Free Web Hosting Services

Updated on October 30, 2012

10 Sites that Offer Free Web Hosting

Why pay for web hosting when there are places out there that will host your site for free? Actually, there are several good reasons. Free web hosting tends to be limited in MB space and services and also usually includes advertising on your website. If you're operating a professional website, you may want to pay to host it through an inexpensive company rather than through a free web hosting service. But if you're just putting up a personal website and/or you don't mind the limitations of free web hosting then there are certainly a plethora of web hosts out there that are happy to provide you services free of charge.

Here are ten different web hosts that have some version of free hosting:

1. This is one of the better free web hosts out there but it's not necessarily the simplest to use. It's ideal for the person who has some familiarity with website building and design but who wants a free web host. It offers 250 MB of disk space and 100 GB of data transfer along with lots of different features.

2. 50megs. Many people have complained that this ad-supported service places too many ads on your site but some people have successfully used it for satisfying free web hosting. Interestingly, their site is suspiciously similar to FreeServers (featured below). Check it out to compare.

3. Agility Hoster. This is a good free web host for the small business or the professional solo website. With 20 MB of disk space and 5 GB of data transfer, it's comparable to or higher than other services out there. You're allowed two domains and five subdomains on this site along with five separate email accounts which is why it works for the small business.

4. AwardSpace. This free web host is one of the easiest services in terms of immediately setting up a small website. It allows you 200 MB disk space and 5 GB of monthly traffic which is considerably higher than many of the other available free services.

5. Bravenet. This is an ad-supported service that offers you free hosting with very few limitations. You can use 1.5 GB monthly, you have 50 MB of disk space and your number of domains and subdomains are unlimited. It's a Linux-based system with 24/7 customer service support and a plethora of other free tools.

6. FortuneCity. This is a favorite free web hosting service because it's been around for more than a decade so the company has worked out a lot of its kinks. You get unlimited bandwidth, 1 GB of free web space and a free blog builder to add a blog to your site at no charge. A major benefit is that there are no pop-up ads on your website when you use this company.

7. FreeHostia. This service has gotten attention as being one of the fastest free web hosts available. It gives you 250 MB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth which is higher than most other free sites. Additionally, it does not force ads on to your website. As a result, this is considered one of the leading free web hosts in the industry.

8. FreeServers. This is an ad-supported website that gives you 50 MB of web space and 1 GB of monthly bandwidth. It doesn't, unfortunately, let you incorporate a WordPress blog which is a problem for a lot of people. But if you're looking for a basic free website, this company has established a name for itself in the business.

9. ProHosting. This free webhosting company gives you 1.2 GB monthly and 100 MB disk space so it's comparable with the other major service providers out there.

10. TopCities. This is a fun easy-to-use service that is ideal for people working in the Web 2.0 world. It has 150 MB of space and unlimited bandwidth. More importantly, it allows for easy search engine submission and form email. However, the blog service is still in the works so this is

The majority of the free web host services on this list also offer premium services at an affordable cost. You can use the free services to test out the system. If you like them and they're enough for you, you can stick with them. If you like them but want more, you can upgrade to the paid hosting.


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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    oh, it is usefull for me, but mysite is not free

  • profile image


    7 years ago

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Nice hub, only you have missed one of the best hosting companies. In my opinion is the best.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    well. I already have my website running on byethost for wordpress (php) and it seems to be good but I still can't see any asp .net free hosting providers in your list....!!!which is what I am looking right now.

  • WebHostingNigeria profile image


    7 years ago

    thanks for the list of free hosting companies you gave us this is very vita information will share this with my members.

    thanks to this

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Nice summery of free hosts..

  • CF Sales Training profile image

    CF Sales Training 

    7 years ago from Florida

    Great Article, very helpful. Cheers

  • steffer profile image

    Stef Verheyen 

    7 years ago from Belgium (Europe)

    great article, really helpfull, i already have an account at 000 webhost, but am looking for another one.

    I am not satisfied with their service. Putting up a website on their hosting often fails. While all files are transferred correctly, and your site, should be up, more than half of your site doesn't work.

    So thanks to your article, i can choose a new one. greatly done


  • profile image


    7 years ago

    very nice list of free. If you need paid best hosts, have a look at

  • profile image

    web hosting in pakistan 

    7 years ago

    great article,very good information about web hosting

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I already try 00webhost and using but unfortunately, disk space and bandwidth is small, though I already found, better free web hosting , orange is best and providing more disk space and bandwidth, just Goggling then you will find it in a minutes

  • pbadda profile image


    8 years ago from bangladesh may be one of the 10

  • profile image

    top web host 

    8 years ago

    while choosing your web you should keep certain things in your mind along with can check reviews about some top websites at .you will be able to choose right host for you after reading critical reviews there.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Thanks for the info

    For the best domain name registration and web hosting plan,

    you may visit this site

    It has the best web hosting plan and good domain name registration!!!

  • anawia profile image


    8 years ago

    to indeed good. but not for the affiliates program because they do not pay a member.

    I prefer to use hostgator. although expensive there affiliates. and free for the first 45 days.

  • Bibleseo profile image


    8 years ago

    Great list. I have tried 000webhosting. I liked it. But it was offline many times.

    personally, I would choose rather or which give you free website (or blog), with some limitations. But they are always online. but thats just me.

  • nanospeck profile image

    Akhil Anil 

    8 years ago

    i was serching evrywhere for free php hosting.Thnx a lot!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Good list, I have used many of the listed hosts, but you forgot to mention that most of these web hosts have limitations on the applications you can run, and most will not allow you to use free domains. Another free web host with few limitations is where you can run just about any application you want, you can use your free domain, and most applications like Wordpress, Blogger, Forums, etc are already built in and usable with one click. This is my favorite host to date. You should add it to your list.

  • samironwebtrack profile image


    8 years ago

    Thanks you very much, for a long i was looking for purchase a dedicated reseller hosting plan at affordable rate, and i get this information from your hub.

  • johntriggerman profile image


    8 years ago from United States

    This is exactly what I have been looking for, thank you for sharing. :)


  • seotrainingclub profile image


    9 years ago from UK

    Thanks for the list Kathryn. It's great to see some new recommendations to check out.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    thanks for that list,free hosting companies gave us some hope to start our business .

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I was wondering if people still run after free hostings. I lost a website and it's entire database of users. I didn't even get time to create a back up. After I read something about website hosting deals and packages on

    I'm more careful about the reliability of the hosting server. I do reconfirm with many people and experts before I finalize.

  • theboxmeister profile image


    9 years ago

    I am surprised to see that is not in the list. As for an reply for a comment here that point Google sites, lets not omit other big companies Like Microsoft or Yahoo. The last one I have not checked recently so I'm not 100 percent sure.

  • caymanhost profile image


    9 years ago from Cayman Islands

    Sorry to rain on anyone's parade but free hosting is not usually a good idea for countless reasons.

    In relation to one of the services you mention, I invite you to read the following post or Google "000Webhost scam" for more information




  • profile image


    10 years ago

    It would be a good idea if you could do something on web 2.0 hosting as I would love to see it.Cheers

  • Shay Govara profile image

    Shay Govara 

    10 years ago from On the run

    I like

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Great hub with lots of information on web hosting.

  • Peter M. Lopez profile image

    Peter M. Lopez 

    10 years ago from Sweetwater, TX

    Wow, I had not heard of many of these. Great info.

  • Whitney05 profile image


    10 years ago from Georgia

    Great list Kathryn. I didn't realize there were so many free hosting sites.

  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 

    10 years ago from Portugal

    Great hub Kathryn! I also found in one of your G. adds ;)

    And there is always the googlepages which are very easy to build. Thumbs up!

  • Gadzooks profile image


    10 years ago from United Kingdom

    Hey great page, thanks for the info. I was googling for free hosting a while back and did not find any of these services...

  • Andres Wagner profile image

    Andres Wagner 

    10 years ago from Los Angeles

    Kathryn, I was just looking for some new hosting ideas. Great information

  • imthedoctor7 profile image


    10 years ago from Japan, Tokyo

    Wow, thank you so much for posting this! It's helped me a lot! Thanks! :D

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Nice hub on the basics of these sites. Good that you included those links, too, so that we can look up the particulars. Sometimes, when you get into the fine print, it isn't such a good deal.

    What am I saying? Free is always a good deal!

  • jonixk profile image


    10 years ago from Lisbon

    Thanks for the info kathryn. This is very interesting for us that won't to spend (or don't have) money. A link for each of the sites could be interesting, thanks.


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