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10 Hilarious Messages in "Engrish"

Updated on February 21, 2013
Seriously, this is better than any comedy you can see on TV!
Seriously, this is better than any comedy you can see on TV! | Source

I never thought that English was a funny language. Well, there are some words and phrases that sound funny, but then they are intended to be funny. Anyway, that's true for real English (American, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand English included). But what about "Engrish"?

What is "Engrish"?

According to WikiPedia, Engrish "is a slang term for the misuse of the English language by native speakers of some East Asian languages". The term itself comes from the way the Japanese pronounce "English". Since they don't have the "L" sound in their own language, they substitute it with the "R" sound. The Japanese and the Chinese love writing in "Engrish" and the funniest thing is that they don't always get things right. And only too often a perfectly innocent phrase becomes hilarious. Really hilarious. So, here are 10 "Engrish" phrases that I found really funny.

Disclaimer: I'm only posting the phrases because I don't own the actual photos. Go to to have a look at the originals and find many more "Engrish" corkers.

1. A miserable romantic rat

This mousetrap description can make anyone die of laughter, not to mention miserable romantic rats:

Romantic rat night life

The charming dashing habit is many

The on the way fortune upons the strange monster

Miserably and miserably and miserably!die

Sounds like deep and philosophical Chinese poetry, doesn't it?

2. Electricity is sexy

Now, I don't know about the country where you come from, but apparently electricity is considered really sexy in China. Moreover, it's compulsory:

Yaxiang Electrician

Max. 10A250V~

China is national compulsory sex product attestation


3. A delightful surprise

Toilet is better than Christmas (the following is written on a Japanese toilet slipper. These slippers are worn when one enters the loo):

Always a delightful surprise


Super planning

Just make sure you plan it right, OK?

4. New concept of healthy tea drinking

Defecation tea

Need I say more? Only that "it possesses a bright liquor, fragrant aroma and characteristic flavour".

5. What about tolerance?

Beverages from a Japanese supermarket:


Straight Tea

I never knew Lipton made straight tea... And human rights fighters, where are you???

6. A taste for a true gourmet

From a salami pack:


Orchard City I thought that acid

Fresh new feeling of new flu

Consume with caution...

7. Slapstick!

Guess what this is written on:

Warm Tips

Please do not chase, slapstick!

On a wet floor sign! Wasn't it obvious?

8. Taiwanese facial creme

It can do wonders:

For Face

Clean Out Horniest Gel

9. Surgeons will be envious

Lip & eye remover

Thankfully, they clarify: "lipcolor off, eyecolor off".

10. Traditional food

And last but not least, a traditional dish:

Braised Crap Served on Pebbles

I'll pass!

Did you enjoy these? Which one is your favourite? And if you know any "Engrish", please share in your comments!


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    • Snurre profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @MarleneB Thanks!

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      6 years ago from USA

      Oh so funny. I liked them all, but my favorite is #9. What a great way to start the day - with humor. Thanks!

    • Snurre profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @Brett.Tesol LOL thank you!

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 

      6 years ago from Asia

      Very funny. There is plenty of Engrish over here in Asia lol. However, it was a picture that got my attention recently. The toilet sign had the girl peeing in almost the same way as the man ... while possible, it was funny to see a graphic depicting it in a restaurant!!

      Shared, up and awesome.


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