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10 Must have Android Apps for every blogger

Updated on June 29, 2014


Blogging might look easy to others. And why not all they see is, a person working from home and earning more than a traditional worker. But frankly speaking, I don't see blogging as easy as people see it. (Ask any blogger and s/he will tell you the same).

A blogger has to constantly look for useful contents that people want and present it in a simple way. We are also supposed to be active on social media, articles should have correct seo with no grammatical error, to keep the future secure bloggers have to diversify income sources and what not?


With so much to do, with limited resources, trust me blogging is not easy. But we have advantage over others and biggest of them is INTERNET. And hopefully there are many tools available to increase your productivity and make you more efficient.

In this article I have made a list of free and must have android apps that you should use if you are running a website. So let's get started.

Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers

1. Evernote For Android

This is my favorite web app and had used it from the day 1 of my blogging. The crazy thing about blogging is,(I am sure most of you will agree) that you get best ideas at unexpected time like taking a walk, bathing or while talking to someone.

With Evernote you can collect idea and write it down

And this where Evernote comes in real handy, irrespective of where you are, what you are doing, you will always have your mobile phone with you. So that you can write your new idea before it disappear.

2. Adsense For Android

Adsense is the no. 1 cpc paying network and tough it hard to get approved by them, once you are there you will love the change it will bring to your life. I guessing that you are already affiliated to Adsense (if not then apply for it now , it's really awesome) then why not get its official app on your android for keeping a close eye on daily earning.

Another advantage of Adsense in Android over traditional Adsense on browser is that app compare your income report on daily, weekly and monthly basis which can motivates you to earn more and more.

3. Analytics For Android

I am sure most of you are already using this app, and if not then this is first app you should download right away. The only problem that you might face while downloading this app is that it support android version 4.0 or higher. You can do all kind of stuff like checking your real-time audience, traffic source, behaviour etc that you do web version of analytics.

But if you don't have android 4.0 or higher you can try it's alternative

4. WordPress For Android

Usually I write my post from desktop but this application is really useful to quickly edit the article before publishing or uploading screenshots from smartphone directly to the post.

Although don't get surprised you find it flakey sometimes, problem in uploading an image or if you have to make multiple login attempts. I believe that is nice app and might come handy especially when you need it but this app seriously need some change and bugs fixing.

5. Pocket For Android

Ever Since I have started using pocket my productivity has increased. Many bloggers (including me), easily get distracted by articles and videos shared on social media and end your day without completing our daily tasks.

And this is where you can use Pocket to increase your productivity. Pocket is available as a browser extension so when you stumble upon an interesting article you just click on the pocket browser extension. And it will save the article in form nicely readable plain text into your pocket account that you can read later from your browser orsmartphone. Pocket also support offline reading in android which is really cool if you struggle to find internet connection everywhere.

6. Photoshop For Android

I am not the big fan of Photoshop's android app because it's nothing as compare to the desktop version. But still I found it better than the other image editor on android. To the best you can crop, rotate a picture. So if you are looking for more functionality then upgrade to paid version Adobe Photoshop Touch (10$).

7. Chrome For Android

Similarly to analytics chrome for android is only available for android 4.0 and above. If you are already using chrome on your desktop then definitely go for this app, as it can sync with your browsing history and bookmarks.Chrome for android also support incognito mode and is faster than other fellow browser just like it's desktop version which is kind of cool.

8. Kingsoft office For Android

Every blogger needs a handy office app for day-to-day tasks. And with Kingsoft office you can directly read any file type , editing word document or make Powerpoint presentation of your own. In short you can so all type of office work that you do in any desktop program.

I have used this app for more than a year now and never faced any problem, so I think it's quite stable. And best part, it's FREE .

9. Hootsuite For Android

In this beginning of the post, I have emphasises on the fact that How important it is for a blogger to be active on social media. But sometimes being on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ cost us our productivity. Anyone can get carried away from these websites and end up wasting our day.

If that's your story then it won't be after you install Hootsuite. This android app lets you Manage and schedule posts to multiple social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more, all from one app

10. Flipboard For Android

I am new to this app, Actually I came to know about this app while I was doing my research for this blog post and trust me I am loving it from the day I installed it. This app works as your personalized magazine, you can select your categories of your interest and connect you Fb, twitter and Google+ plus account to see what your friends are sharing.

In short, if you struggle to find new idea for your blog post then this app is what you need.

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These are some apps that I have used/still using on my android tablet. They help me to stay more productive. If you know some other app that should be included in this list then let me know via comment below.

However I would like to say that these apps can only make your work easy by organizing and managing your work effectively but to become a professional blogger the real inspiration should come from your soul. Work hard and be patient you will get there soon. Best of Luck.


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      It's really useful.Every android user must know about this .