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10 Reasons Why I Work on My Laptop at Starbucks

Updated on February 11, 2016

Lets go over the reasons...

We all know the scene. You walk into Starbucks and get in line, surrounded by what looks like Zombies staring at their laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android maybe even a Sidekick 3 from 2005 (maybe). They don't look like they're doing much but in us nerd's minds we are hard at work being creative as heck! Our neurons are firing at light speed, even as I write this article. It is where I get most of my work done, even having a full office setup at home. But why? Why does sitting in Starbucks working work so well? Lets explore the reasons shall we...

1. The music is ever so calming when trying to crunch in hours of work

2. Because caffeine

3. Because even through you are "in your zone" you feel more alive being surrounded by others

4. Those fireplaces can be extra comfy in winter cold

5. Because you have a super awesome traveler mug (yes, that's me and my mug)

6. You see people you know pretty often

7. The smell of coffee alone perks you up

8. Flat Whites are your best friend

9. The bottled water tastes better, even though it isn't

10. Did I mention caffeine!


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