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10 Reasons Why People Hate Facebook

Updated on August 21, 2012

Why People Don't Like Facebook

More and more people are 'unliking' facebook every day. Here are 10 reasons why so many people hate Facebook.

10 Things...

  1. Ads - everybody hates Facebook ads. I mean, Google ads can get a bit annoying at times, but they're usually either (a) relevant to something you are searching for, or (b) related to the content of the web page you are viewing. With Facebook, you just get some spooky ads that have just peered into your private life and then served it back up to you on a platter. If you're a 30 year old mother who likes chocolate you'll get an ad like 'delicious chocolate, just perfect for a young, hard working mum'. I mean, is anything private anymore?
  2. Sponsored stories - if Facebook ads weren't bad enough, you now get fake stories appearing in your news stream 'Sheila loves how Daz gets her whites shining bright' or some rubbish like that. Companies pay to 'sponsor' things that your friends say to turn them into adverts that clutter up your stream. Joy!
  3. Game invites appearing in your stream. Unless you are a digital hermit with no friends, you undoubtedly regularly see game requests in your stream - 'Barbara would like you to be her friend in Farmville', or shout at's 'Bill has just harvested 50 sacks of potatoes'. Why do you care?
  4. It's very difficult to un-sign up to Apps or Games once you've clicked accept. In fact, it's hard for you to undo everything.
  5. Privacy - Facebook's privacy track record is absolutely shocking. They share your personal information with advertisers, but that's not the half of it. As a default they share your personal profile and posts with everybody. You can change that if you can find and understand their privacy settings, but watch out! A couple of months later they'll make some changes to their privacy policy (this is a regular thing) and unless you quickly go and 'opt out' of their latest changes, your details will be in the public domain. And once the cat's out of the bag, there's no putting it back in.
  6. Facebook is just so darn cluttered. It many once have prized itself on its simplicity, but now there are so many options, add ons, games, apps, menus and settings that nobody understands half of them. People just stumble through it all.
  7. It is very difficult to share anything with just a few select friends, or a certain group of friends. It's not impossible (though it was until relatively recently), but it's buried in a sub-menu somewhere, and you have to find it every time, it defaults back to sharing with everyone next time.
  8. Facebook picks and chooses what it shows you. Think you are getting to see everything that your friends post? Wrong! Just get one of your friends to post something about Google Plus, an invite perhaps, then try to find it in your stream. Good luck! It's not just anything related to its biggest rival, lots of posts don't make it in your stream for various arbitrary reasons.
  9. You can't hide on Facebook, or quietly ignore people. You get friends from old school crushes, the person you met in the club last night, even your employer. You either have to accept them, in which case they'll have complete access to your Facebook profile, your friends, photos etc. Or you ignore them or decline them, and they'll know you've just stuck the finger up at them. Thanks Facebook.
  10. Facebook Timeline. It's a glorified scrapbook of your life. It's not optional, by now everyone will have been moved over to Timeline. Nobody wants it, now people viewing your profile can see your entire history on Facebook, what you did five years ago and so on. All to sell you more pathetic adverts.

Have I missed anything?

Have I missed anything? Let me know what annoys you most about Facebook.


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    • profile image

      Janice Terona 2 years ago

      Face Book allows many people to use pseudonyms, while at the same time Face Book knows who you are but you are trying to be private, they will not allow YOU to do the same ! They also let some people say hateful things to you BUT if you respond,they want to shut you up ! It is unfair! People have a right to be in a negative or positive discussion as long as they do not threaten each other. There is also the opportunity to block someone if you want to halt the comments.Face Book wants to interfere in a "lively discussion" when there is no threat to anyone.

    • profile image

      WhiteCrow RadhaMa 2 years ago

      Facebook seems to have adopted the determination to silence peaceful careful educational posts that inform the public of issues with certain policies planned or already in action. The only use I had for FB was for sharing information of this nature. So it is redundant anyway. They blocked my pages twice without notice and without cause. The first time I lost the history of 360 friends and 3 years of building the community and tracking down people from the past. The second time I had begun to rebuild it I had about 100 friends. No one responds either. The rules that FB state are that only if content is abusive or threatening will they block without notice. That did not apply to me in either situation. I hope that there is a mass exodus from FB overall - they don't deserve to have it continue to succeed since they don't abide by their own stated rules.

    • profile image

      Ritchbits 3 years ago

      I hate facebook so much I made an account for my dog and only use that for posting so when facebook goes the way of the dinosaurs I don't have to worry about all the telemarketing, scammy, spammy,third parties molesting my information crap that I would if I decided to be facebook's bitch. Their privacy policy is insulting to anyone who actually reads it and considering how many other services treat you with dignity, it's amazing how many people are willing to bend over for something they think is free. Catch me on Pinterest or Twitter any day. Facebook can go Facebook-F itself.

    • profile image

      MillenniumMan 3 years ago

      The abuse of censorship and their hypocrisy. You can't talk about guns or have pictures of guns or have an opinion about king hussein or the powers that be, but it's ok to make threats about public officials who's policies and ideas differ from king hussein and his ilk.

    • RandyG413 profile image

      Randy 4 years ago

      Yes I see a few good comments here. FB just needs to recognized as a base to stay in touch with people and be aware that just about anyone, old flame or what have you, can find you there. Aunt's, uncle's, the bud you staggered home with when you were 17. But yes if you are a growing expanding, beyond the normal limits, outside the box being. FB is not a good place to do such. I was a fan of myspace random and odd surveys. They got people to open up. To show some of their inner thoughts. On FB everyone knows all their sphere of influence, and as someone said, maybe even employers, are watching. I like a little more elbow room, to be a whole real self.

    • profile image

      Yosua 4 years ago

      I deleted my Facebook account 2 years ago. I cannot accept that my location is tracked. I have nothing against ads, but I live in a country that I hate, and Facebook was torturing me with ads for products from that very location that I hate. I tried to use proxy from other countries but it doesn't work, Facebook still traces me hard and I have no place to hide myself. Facebook is an electronic prison camp...

    • profile image

      Kristen 4 years ago

      All this annoys me but I was willing to deal with until I found out they are allowing hate speech against my religion. Apparently it doesn't violate Facebook policy. Screw them. I'm finding a different social media website.

    • profile image

      Krishna 4 years ago

      Facebook also likes to delete you when you've done nothing wrong.

    • profile image

      ascending energy 4 years ago

      How about the fact that FB, as of late, is RAMPANT with censorship?!?!?

      I have bairly gone a week on my FB account without having to "prove" who I am. I never post spam on FB and I have many followers whom I am not able to communicate with because FB is being so difficult. Honestly, I am getting quiet tired of it and may in the near future delet my account as I have no desire to continue to be monitored at this level and censored.

      Nuff said.. :-/

    • nakmeister profile image

      nakmeister 4 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      How are you finding Diaspora, is it quite an active network?

    • profile image

      May 4 years ago

      Privacy is my biggest one (tho I share a Lot w/friends), it's ridiculous to never know if you could lose a job interview because of Facebook. It opens up all the illegal to ask questions like if you are married, religion, politics.. Etc. despite working hard to set privacy settings, the targeted ads have me headed to

    • nakmeister profile image

      nakmeister 4 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      I agree with what you are saying but I think it is a baseline place to keep in touch with people. That doesn't mean you need to be a regular user. The quantity of adverts and rubbish messages bothers me only because it is so hard to filter out the things you don't want to see from the few things you do.

    • profile image

      HollowHell 4 years ago

      And you forgot the most important thing: Facebook is full of stupid childish people, rotting imbecile comments, trash sharings full of s*** with memes from unknown people, useless fan pages, shocking photoshop ridiculed edited pictures, and all the parafernalia about the decadence of the mind. Low society pollutes this entire decaying network. And you can not avoid that mess.

    • profile image

      DormDad 5 years ago

      I was a user until minutes ago. I am going to Google plus totally. The reason is my username. They will not register it. They want only real names so that they can sell their advertising. I am tired of that stuff. I am closing all accounts in one week, given so that my friends can know where to follow me and then I am gone for good.

    • bulama2 profile image

      Vivianne Kanawi 5 years ago

      I just created an account on face book a few days ago, thinking I can have control of who to socialise with. I just got a first email from FB and I already have 5-6 faces that I do not even know and after reading this, I think I'll remove my account if it is possible.

    • His princesz profile image

      His princesz 5 years ago

      You nailed it nakmeister. Those were also things I hate about Facebook. I open fb once in a while to check my mail, that's about it. I hate fb timeline as well. I have no choice as it is force on me. Great hub! Voted up and useful. :)

    • sassymomonthego profile image

      sassymomonthego 5 years ago from Philippines

      You cited almost all the things I hate about FB. What I don't like there, people use fb as their e-diary. Many of the things I read there were 'hourly updates' of people's lives. It was cute then, it's irritating now. I seldom use my personal fb account , I open it only when I have messages from my sister working abroad or long lost friends come up. The rest of my friends and families, I use my phone to communicate.