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Why To Refuse The Smart Meter

Updated on October 19, 2015
Buildreps profile image

Mario Buildreps is a graduate engineer. Become aware of topics in a way you have never heard before.

There are many reasons to refuse a smart meter. The smart meter is only smart for the big corporations.
There are many reasons to refuse a smart meter. The smart meter is only smart for the big corporations. | Source

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The Terminology 'Smart'

There are many 'smart' devices today, like smart phones, smart tablets, smart watches, smart refrigerators, smart thermostats, etcetera. The list of smart devices and appliances is endless. There is even smart dust coming - the ultimate eavesdropping.

The terminology smart means that the device has some kind of chip planted inside which enables the device to perform certain automated tasks and to communicate with the environment, or other devices, or with a central host.

One of the latest developments in smart technology is the smart meter.

Everywhere around the world are intrusive campaigns going on to install smart meters. It is going on a massive scale at the moment. It is one of the issues high on the list of the illustrious Bilderberg Group.

Connection of Smart Devices

A scheme of smart devices and appliances. All devices can be controlled from a distance via internet.
A scheme of smart devices and appliances. All devices can be controlled from a distance via internet. | Source
The only thing energy companies want from you is more money.
The only thing energy companies want from you is more money.

What is a Smart Meter?

The smart meter is yet another addition in a long row of already present smart devices which are connected to the Internet.

When a smart meter is installed between one of the utility services, like electricity, water or gas, it allegedly offers the consumer the possibility to use energy more consciously. The meter measures every few minutes the energy consumption of a household and sends this data to the provider for collection and monitoring.

The smart meter sends the data pulse-wise through a wireless connection to a nearby substation, through which it goes to the central server. Banks of smart meters in apartment building have already lead to many health complaints because clustering these devices result in an accumulation of radiation.

The provider sends the consumer every few months a data sheet with consumption figures. The consumer on its turn can use the data to safe energy. At least that would be the reason why this smart meters were introduced in the first place.

But monitoring a priori doesn't lead to the reduction of energy. Reduction of energy requires actions. These actions were already set into motion a few years ago by introducing LED lighting, A+ appliances, home insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, etcetera. So why is there now so much energy and money invested in these smart meters?

The Global Rollout of Smart Meters

The amount of installed smart meters, and the plans for future instalments show a clear worldwide empowered agenda.
The amount of installed smart meters, and the plans for future instalments show a clear worldwide empowered agenda. | Source

A Global Coordinated Agenda

Where world leaders are squabbling over stupid details, and don't seem to agree on unimportant issues, are big thing simply ignored. The smart meter is rolled out on a global scale without any notice to the general public in advance. The steamroller of the perverse system crushes over every border, allegedly ignoring any political influence over it. Isn't that amazing? Have we ever seen referendums on this issue?

The smart meter is able to track your most intimate domestic behaviours. Combined with your internet behaviour and your mobile phone movements your privacy is completely smashed to smithereens.

The complete rollout of the smart meter will be finished within a few years from now. It started in 2008 and will be finished around 2020. Within a period 12 years is the whole world stuffed behind a smart meter. A global invasion.

The pace in which this is completed is simply unseen, and shows the deep global agenda of the ruling elite - the Bilderberg Group.

Hey dude, this makeover is going to cost you!
Hey dude, this makeover is going to cost you!

Who is Benefiting From Smart Meters?

There is something counter-intuitive going on in the energy business.

On the one hand are companies increasingly put under pressure by shareholders to make profit, while on the other hand these companies install smart meters, for free, for the consumers to save energy.

In other words; these companies invest to make less profit. Isn't that strange? So, where is the catch?

When I go to my barber it would be strange when he advices me to let my hair grow because it is the latest fashion, and sends me away. "Come back in a few months", and gives me even shampoo for free for an extra hair wash. Where would be the catch of the barber? Maybe a multiple price tag for cutting longer hair?

Why are people so credulous everywhere around the world? Is it because they feel Stupid when they refuse something Smart?

All businesses are finally about profit. The same with this smart meter. The real intention is hidden behind fake smiles, fake green goals and hidden agenda's. They only want to shake your pockets empty and want to know everything about YOU!

Smart meters are meant for extra profit. Energy bills will explode within a few years by violating your privacy rights.

Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded.

— Edward Snowden

And Your Privacy is The Other Thing They Want

Who doesn't know the revelations of Edward Snowden? Some regard him as a traitor, while others regard him as an angel. What he really is, is less important than the information he leaked, which revealed the long term intentions of governments and the few in power. I think he is an angel of light.

The merciless pace in which the smart meters are rolled out worldwide leave no doubt about the intentions. It's all about money and the power on information.

Reason #1 to Refuse

Smart meters appear to emit a kind of radiation that is highly damaging to red blood cells. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that these meters are very harmful because of the typical kind of high pulsating radiation they emit.

There are a number of experts who have shown that the smart meter is seriously hazardous for your health. You can watch the documentary "Take Back Your Power" on Vimeo. I can recommend it for your information.

Damaging To Your Health

The smart meters emit high levels of pulse radiation that is proven to be damaging to blood cells of all living beings.
The smart meters emit high levels of pulse radiation that is proven to be damaging to blood cells of all living beings. | Source

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Reason #2 to Refuse

All businesses only invest to increase profitability. On the long run, let's say between 5 and 10 years the prices of energy will sky rocket. If you're going to use energy during the rush hours it is going to cost you gold.

To make this possible this meter will measure your specific use every few minutes. When you like almost everyone else come home after work, and are going to use energy like every one else at the same time, this energy will be multiple times more expensive than during off peak hours. This is why you got this stupid thing for free!

The only way to come around this dilemma is to save on this extremely expensive energy. You will be forced to invest in other appliances that are more 'energy saving'. These energy saving devices will have the ability to communicate with your smart meter. Who are earning on this agenda you think? You?

Your private daily behaviours in your OWN home will be completely transparent, through your 'smart' appliances, to the authorities who are gathering these data on a massive scale. Ask them why they want these data. I don't know.

The end of the song is that you will have to invest considerably to keep your bills within reasonable limits.

Daily Power Trace
Daily Power Trace | Source
Protect your rights by putting this sign.
Protect your rights by putting this sign.
Be clear in your intentions.
Be clear in your intentions.

Is It Smart To Refuse?

The campaigns to install these meters are aggressive and sometimes even intimidating. You must be firm in your position to refuse and you must ensure to protect your rights.

When you opt-out there won't happen much the coming few years. But it will change in a few years. You will be put under pressure with financial and legal force. Nice to live in a democracy, isn't it?

In this campaign the world has been turned upside down. You must actively opt-out to refuse a smart meter, otherwise it will be installed. Probably when you're not at home. Even then, 'administrative' errors are easily made, and a smart meter can still be installed while not at home. Even when you've opted-out.

The least you can do is putting a sign like on the picture, near your existing meters, and make sure your property is closed with a gate. Putting a camera to watch movements is somewhat farfetched but there will be experts by experience who will recommend to do this.

You must ensure you've legally opted-out by writing a letter to your power company, and by protecting your current conventional meter for example with a cage and a sign "do not install smart meter".

People who opted-out will be intimidated with legal and financial force within a few years. The attitude "then we'll see again", is better than selling your soul without any battle.

You are smart to refuse and to fight for your rights than to surrender without a fight to this stupid meter that is pushed down everyones throat!

It is time for a new revolution!

© 2015 by Buildreps

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    • Buildreps profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Europe

      Almost all technology that is commercialized comes from Universities and the Military. It's always the government that ultimately finances these developments. But the government is in the hands of a few corporatocrates. It's their way to finance their perverse plans through the public domain. It's time that the government starts to protect the public from these psychopathic perverts.

      Mariana Mazzucato has a great story about this issue:

      Thanks for your comment, Deb.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      It's always something with the government, isn't it? The DARK Act, food no longer protected by the FDA, and Big Money gets its way. Of COURSE, the SMART meter is next. You can bet that I will have none of it.

    • manatita44 profile image


      5 years ago from london

      Thanks Bro.

    • Buildreps profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Europe

      You're welcome, brother, and thanks very much for your informative comment. It's never too late to take action. You can decide to get off grid, and connect to solar power. But before you do that inform yourself on the legal consequences because getting off grid has become illegal in an increasing amount of countries. Strange, isn't it? That shows the real intentions of the smart grid. And that is getting more control over the people and their lives.

      Have a great week, Manatita.

    • manatita44 profile image


      5 years ago from london

      Your information is wonderful, Bro.

      And I appreciate you informing us. Someone electronical told me two years ago, that it was already too late to do anything. That 'they' know everything already. He he.

      Yes, I could not see them doing this for love; to help us. Great that you highlight this. Peace.

    • Buildreps profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Europe

      Thanks Larry, I'm happy it helped a bit.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      5 years ago from Oklahoma

      Enlightening analysis.

    • Buildreps profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Europe

      Thanks for your visit, Jodah. It appears to be the same everywhere around the world, no matter which country. It is al about the money, the profit and another intrusion on privacy like you say correctly. Russia has many sanctions imposed on them, bet they are nevertheless enrolling this smart meter grid as well. Russia almost suffocates in gas en electricity. It's weird to see what is happening directly under our noses.

    • Buildreps profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Europe

      I had never heard of them until a team of three men strong came to our house few days ago to install such a device without any notice. I had to sent them away, with a slight raised voice. It was a weird experience of pure intrusion and indoctrination. Only after this event I started to research on this issue. It is enrolled worldwide. It is unbelievable that this whole operation is enrolled worldwide from Brazil to Australia and from Bulgaria to Russia. That is weird and shows a deep agenda. Thanks for your visit my friend.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      5 years ago from Gondwana Land

      I have heard of these smart meters Buildreps, and I think they have been installed on electricity meters and water meters in some states and major cities here in Australia. I feel it is just another invasion of privacy and these companies don't do anything unless it means more money for them and their shareholders.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Never heard of it but I appreciate the heads-up. If we have it here I'm clueless about it, but I'll now be on the lookout. Thanks my friend.


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