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10 Tips to Make Your Blog Post Popular

Updated on September 11, 2014

Listed down are 10 tips as an advice to content writers and bloggers who can surely be a successful popular blogger using them.

Take Time to Write

Taking time to write a good article will definitely be worth writing than writing an article in a hurry for the sake of writing more. Researching on a topic, writing it with facts and SEO contents, formatting and then posting, would make your blog post of a better quality and would generate more views and traffic than an article that you wrote in a hurry, just for the sake of posting a blog post.

Use the Best Information

When you are writing a blog post, make sure you enrich it with the best information you have got so that the article is rich in its own content. See yourself as the viewer reading your blog post, and design and write it in such a way that the blog would be worth reading. Provide information, points and ideas that would be helpful to the reader and would make people actually like reading it. This way people would even share your blogs to other people to read.

Have a well Formatted Article

After you write a blog post, make sure you format the blog post well. Use points, numbers to highlight important points. Make the blog post systematic and easy to read. Highlight various words and phrases of emphasis using the bold and underline options. Use relevant images to explain various stuffs. Add up humor as humor attracts people's attention. Add up your own experiences, useful ideas and advice and make them stand out in the article.

Attractive Headlines to the Post

Don't Judge a book by its cover has become just old a saying, as people do just a blog post by its headline. To make sure people opens up your blog post and articles, you have to make sure that your headline is well suitable and attractive that people will click on it and open your blog post. Use relevant keywords in the title with phrases and words that best describes your blog post and also add up making it a catchy title that people feel like opening the post.

Put in More of Values to Your Post

Try adding up more valuable information in your article so that people get convinced by it. More value your add up to your article, make likely is your blog post to be likely shared by readers in social networking and bookmarking sites. If suppose you're writing about '5 Ways to Lose Weight' with detailed information, then you could be smart and maybe write an article with '50 Ways to Lose Weight'. This way viewers are likely to vote up your blog post, and become more popular than the ones with less values and ideas.

Make Your Blog Post Beautiful

Yes, human gets attracted to beauty and make sure you make your blog post beautiful too. Well, do not take this literally and I do not mean applying make-ups as being beautiful. Adding relevant images, formatting your article well with sorted paragraphs, key-points and thumbnails would automatically give your blog post a very good visual appeal. With so much a web content in the Internet, you have to make sure your blog post stands out.

Be Upto the Point

Viewers reading your blog want relevant information and not useless words. Therefore, make sure you do not write long descriptions and introductions which may actually bored readers. Provide them with valuable information, even if it is short, but up to the point. What people look forward to reading in your blog is information and nothing personal.

Linking your Blog

One of the best way a blogger can popularize his blogs is by linking one post to the other. You may have written and published various blog posts, so why not link them to each other. Even the viewers and readers visiting your blog post, may find reading some more relevant blog post and linking them to each other would provide them with access to more of your blog contents, making it more exposed and popular.

Use Your Network in the Internet

Use all the network available to you for your blogs. You may have fans and followers in Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit or Twitter, so why not use these excellent platforms online to promote your blog posts. If you are active in online forums, leave links to relevant posts so that it may even help people as well as you by making your blog posts popular. Email and IMS the links to your blog posts to your friends and personal contact who may actually find your blog post interesting and may be likely to share them in their own social networks.

Study Your Posts and Trends

Study and examine the blog posts that you have posted. See the trends for what blogs become more popular and what kind of work added to it would actually enhance your writing. With you gaining more and more experience, make sure you learn from it. See what kind of blog posts and stuffs do not work and do not repeat those mistakes.


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    • moumitadasgupta86 profile image

      Moumita Dasgupta 

      4 years ago from Kolkata

      You must customize the blog post URL, if you have the option to widen the reach, it works miraculously. Second, you might use the content curation ways, where you can refer to the quality articles of other people to gain their attention as they would be reciprocating you in the similar way.

    • lifestyleblogging profile image

      Joshua. N 

      4 years ago

      I agree with you, linking your blog’s posts to one another will provide readers with access to your content which otherwise some of them won’t have known if such content exist. However, you should link your blog post to one another that contain relevant content.


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