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10 Unique Alarm Clocks To Wake You Up

Updated on January 7, 2014

Oh boy! More alarm clocks! Isn't this what we need in the world? Well, maybe some of us like me do because we hate to wake up early in the morning! These many unique alarm clocks will surely get you awake or flying, running, jumping, and many other interesting things to make sure that you are awake! Remember their sole purpose is to wake you up and if they do just that please be kind to your alarm clock as it was only doing its job. Maybe you have work or school to get up for in the morning and lack motivation. Well these things surely are going to be able to "motivate" you to wake up in the morning.

Want to start your morning off with a run? Well it's not up to you anymore! With this alarm clock it will not stop moving until you catch it and turn it off all by yourself. Isn't that comforting? This one will run around, change directions, and annoy the heck out of you all at the same time, but wait theres more! Or is there? No, I think that about sums it up.

Here's one that could prove to be a challenge. You have to shoot it to wake up. This would be a great way to practice taking down bad guys in your sleep. Let's just hope that your subconsious doesn't pick up on this little trick. Ever considered shooting lessons? Maybe glasses?

Who's ever thought of their alam clocks flying. When will man's instruments of torture stop getting so creative? For some it may be a blessing, but others maybe not so much. Have fun catching your helicopter/bomb siren every morning! This alarm doesn't shut off until you bring back the flying thing to it's holster thing. That's right I said it. Flying thing. Let's make rude comments about the author of this articles descriptive abilities in the comments (cough cough).

Now heres a cool alarm that some people might not consider very torturous like the others. It has a projector built into it and it will project the time onto the wall. Wake up to seeing the time on the wall so you can say "5 more minutes" hit snooze, roll over, and go back to sleep. I think it's an interesting concept! Especially if you project it into your neighbors house to let him know how much you care about when he wakes up. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be giving you any ideas...

Perhaps this alarm is a little more peaceful. This one uses the radio to wake you up, and also light up when its alarm time. It slowly increases it's amount of light the longer the alarm goes off to simulate a sun rise. That seems to be pretty cool right? Maybe if you are a light sleeper. If you sleep like you are in a coma this one might not be for you. Feel free to try it if you like!

Ah man, it seems like im running out of violent... I mean helpful alarm clocks to show you. No, i'm just kidding I got plenty to show you! This one isn't as "helpful" however. It does change colors though. That's pretty cool right? right.....?

So I heard you need loud alarms. I got a whole 113 decibels sitting right here for you! In case you didn't know that's louder than standing next to a motercycle. This probably would not be the solution for you if you have a wife or husband unless you want them to "misplace" it somewhere. After you just "misplaced" their favorite shirt they haven't washed in 12 days.

Do you like lifting weights? You wont anymore! this alarm keeps blaring until you do 30 reps with it! Are you prepared for those toned arms you've always wanted? Well, this won't give you them because it's lightweight, but it can wake you up for a trip to the gym.

This one is pretty intimidating. I wouldn't travel with it if I were you. It's an alarm clock where you have to pull the right wire to diffuse the bomb. You feeling lucky? Don't worry it's not a real bomb. It is however a real alarm. So handle with caution the sleep of the neighborhood rests in your hands!

If you are motivated by money then this will be the exact motivation you need. Every single time you hit the snooze button some of your money is donated to charity. How thoughtful of you! There are better ways to donate however. Like maybe out of the kindness of your heart?

Alarm Pillow

Which torture device will you choose?

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Above I decided to add a video that I found to be a pretty interesting alarm. It's a pillow alarm! Now sleep on top of your alarm so your personal annoyance machine can directly attack your ear drums! Also to the side I added a poll so you can publicly decide what kind of torture device you choose for your personal use. I hope you found this article to be interesting and useful! If you have any recommendations for me feel free to comment or contact me!


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