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10 best parental control software to make your PC Kids-safe

Updated on January 26, 2017

When comes to the security of your kids, nothing can be left to destiny. In today’s world, it’s not that easy to guide children, especially when they are not mature enough to judge the things in a perfect manner. To some extent, we can keep a tab on them particularly when they are exploring things online. There are tons of applications that can keep your children safe from the nasty things of the Internet. Let’s have a roundup of 10 must-have parental control software to monitor your kids’ online activity and give them protection from various potential threats.

1. Norton Online Family

It’s free software for Windows that allows parents to have a check on the websites their kids visit along with the searches they go for. You can even monitor to whom your kids are chatting with online. With the help of this parental control software, you can not only set time limits for your children regarding how long they can employ their computer but also can see the activities they performed on social networks. You can even go through a complete report of your child online activities through a mail sent by the application on your registered mail Id.

2. K9 Web Protection

This is another best option when it comes to protecting your kids from online threats with ease. It is an all-in-one tool and web filtering package that not only protects your kids but provides security to your whole family. The windows software is capable of blocking access to a wide range of websites as per their categories such as drugs, pornography, gambling, hacking, and more. The app makes use of some pre-defined profiles to accelerate the whole process. For instance, choosing HIGH can block almost everything and is a fitting option for a very young kid, while switching to Minimal option is comparatively relaxed and is a suitable option for teenagers.

3. Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety, which is a part of its Windows Live Essential Package, offers access to MSN Messenger and Microsoft’s webmail client. The software allows worried parents to block specific sites as well as applications to have control on their kids. Offering a great deal of flexibility and professional layout, the application can be considered as one of the best options to protect your kids online. Given the software is completely free, it’s worth downloading.

4. Qustodio

Most parental control applications are aimed at Windows, but this is the one which is also available for various other platforms like Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle, etc. Though the free version of the application is powerful enough to secure your child from unsuitable content, still if you want an all-round protection system for your kids then switching to its paid version is the best option. You can set rules and time schedules, monitor SMS, have a check on social media features as well as control various apps.

5. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Now there no need to peep as you can check your child’s online activity with ease. Its features allow you to have an eye on what your kids have been up to. Though the application does not work exactly as parental control software; it’s an infallible solution to see what they’ve done on their machine. All in all, it’s not the best option for younger ones but is appropriate for older kids in case you suspect online bullying or any other unpleasant activity.

6. PGSurfer

This is another best option in our list of best parental control software. The utility enables parents to filter inappropriate or badly chosen content from their children by providing profiles that can be set up confining the types of websites that can be accessed. Apart from that, adults can also use the program to block chat rooms, other unwanted apps, and p2p sharing programs and to stop files from being downloaded.

7. DNS Angel

This simple yet powerful software helps parents in blocking certain websites that are not, at all, good for their children. Using the tool, you can not only block malware or phishing sites but also restrict the web content that is not well-suited for your kids. It lets you stop your children from exploring such nasty content, thus giving you complete peace of mind regarding the security of your kids when they surf the web.

8. Monitor Smart

Many of nuts and bolts we need in parental control software are available in Monitor Smart. This is an effective tool to keep a check on your kids’ online activities. Using the application, you can keep track of the sites your kid has visited along with checking the search details. Over 1 million happy customers are making use of this tool to check the online activities of their kids’. The software features intuitive and user-friendly interface and offers lifetime free updates.

9. Verity Parental Control

This is another awesome option when comes to tracking and monitoring what you children are doing on a computer. The software let parents block specific websites or programs and even allows them to log the time spent by their kids for each program. Parents can even track the websites visited by their kids. Best of all, you can monitor online chatting of your kids with the help of screenshots. Along with blocking inappropriate content, such as pornographic websites, the tool allows users to set daily time limits on PC, application, or website usage. Why not give this top-notch utility a try. Give the application a shoot by downloading from a site like

10. AVG Family Safety

Available for free, the application lets parents create profiles for each child in the family. These profiles can be modified as the child gets older and according to changes found in his/her habits or digital behaviour. Besides, parents can block inapt sites or content to protect their kids from the potential threats. With the help of this tool, users can even restrict access to more than 80 different social networks, including Facebook and MySpace.


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