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Top 10 best must have iOS 5&6 Cydia apps and tweaks

Updated on October 5, 2014

Let's make that iDevice into something unique!

UPDATE: iOS 7 jailbreak evasi0n has just been released as of 12-22-13, but keep in mind that very few (almost none from the bottom list) tweaks and packages are updated for iOS 7.

Tweaks, apps, and other packages that you can download off of Cydia can really personalize your iDevice into what YOU want it to look like. Some of those packages, tweaks, even go ahead and boost your iDevice's performance. From changing the way you organize your folders, to shortcuts that you can instantly run, you'll be amazed at what your iDevice is fully capable of doing.

Note that some of these Tweaks may require you to add a Source on Cydia. All of these will need to be downloaded from Cydia. If you have questions, please see my How to Use Cydia article for more info.

How to Use Cydia

Want to speed up your device? Check out this article for ways to just that!

For compatible iOS 6 tweaks and apps, see this.

For free iTunes, Paypal, and Amazon gift cards, go here.

Top 10 Tweaks

Tweaks are my most favorite packages on Cydia because of their impact on your iDevice. These can really improve your experience while using your iPod or iPhone. They generally will have a section in the Settings app after you install them.

  • Browser Changer

    With the release of Chrome for iPhone, many users have been wondering how to set Chrome as their new browser. This tweak allows you to select almost any browser in the App store to make as the default browser.

  • BrowserChooser

    Same functionality as above, but with different author.

  • Barrel

    This neat tweak allows you to change the way you flip the pages on your Homescreen. Instead of the boring sliding action, you can page fade, cube in and out, curl each page away, and much much more.

    See it in action here

  • Auxo

    A revolutionary design for the app switcher, and is now considered one of Cydia's best. Adds card-like previews to backgrounded apps and provides additional utility options to the switcher.

  • Activator

    Allow custom gestures and actions that let you create shortcuts. Example, I can open my Camera from anywhere, anytime by shaking my iPhone or iPod or triple clicking my home button.

  • Switchy

    This tweak modifies the multitasking bar to allow you to have not just one, but TWO rows top-bottom of apps. This also allows for an additional brightness adjuster, kill-app button, settings shortcut, and enhanced music bar. For a quick demo, check out this video:

    Switchy Demo

  • Zephyr

    This extremely neat tweak allows you to have multitasking gestures to let you switch between apps quickly. If you like the iPad's gestures, get this tweak! It is constantly being updated with new actions, so check it out!

Top 10 Cydia Apps

There really IS an app for that.

Cydia apps are similar to Apple apps in the sense that they both are user made and run on the iOS, but that is about it. Cydia apps aren't approved by Apple, but this is not a bad thing at all. Cydia apps can save you time, make using your iDevice more productive, and can make your iOS experience better.

  • AdBlocker

    This package performs just as it sounds- it blocks out annoying ads. Usable in Safari and other apps too, and is almost identical to the Chrome or Firefox AdBlocker.

  • BiteSMS

    Love texting? Also like the new iOS5 notifications? Then get BiteSMS, which combines both and lets you reply or compose texts from almost anywhere.

    Also try Messages+ for a sleek text and compose app that works much like BiteSMS. Check it out here.

  • Kill Background

    Lets you quickly kill all running tasks from the switcher in one click.

  • NCsettings

    Not really a tweak, but because it replaces SBsettings, I will list it so. This package allows for sleek, configurable toggles on your notification center for turning off wifi, 3g, blutooth, data, brightness, etc. If you were to download just one thing from this article, pick THIS package!

  • Winterboard

    One of the most famous Cydia apps, this allows for theme selection and configuration. Wondering how to use it? See my How to Use Cydia article.

  • Bytafont

    Change your system font! There is a large selection of fonts to choose from, and users can pick where fonts are applied.

  • iFile

    Navigate through your iDevice's system files. It is recommended that the user be more experienced, as this can lead to the device breaking if used incorrectly. I have used this hundreds of times, and it is extremely reliable.

  • Forecast

    Allows for a sleek preview of the weather forecast right on the lockscreen. Very cool.

    See it in action: here

  • Springtomize 2

    This neat app allows you to customize almost every aspect of your device, and can reduce the number of tweaks you need to install.

  • Terminal

    Allows command prompt actions. This allows you to access some root files (though it is easier to use iFile for that) and also run some programs that need to be executed in the terminal.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Zepplin

    Change your carrier logo to a logo of your own choosing. Logos can be downloaded from Cydia.

  • AndroidLock

    If you've ever seen the Android phone unlock, you will know this tweak right away. This tweak adds a configurable Android unlock functionality to your iPhone or iPod

  • Firebreak

    As requested by a reader. ;)

    This tweak enables the Panorama feature on iOS 5.

  • Bars

    Improves the cell signal meter by showing half bars.

  • Showcase

    Shows lowercase letters in the keyboard when in lowercase, and uppercase letters in keyboard when in shift is on. Supports many languages.

  • IntelliscreenX

    Clean, streamlined notification mod for the iOS. Allows for social widgets like Facebook, Twitter, mail, and RSS feeds to show up in a clean format in the notification center and lockscreen. Check out their website for more info: IntelliscreenX

Check out my list of iOS 6 compatible apps here


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