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Best iPhone Cydia tweaks - Jailbroken

Updated on June 14, 2013


'Barrel' will make your icons row all over the place, Barrel gives special effects when you scroll your home page;additionally the tweak allows you to vary the time it takes the icons to scroll,if you are impatient enough to whine about it.


NC Settings

NC stand for notification center,

This will allow you access wifi on/off just with in a drag with ur finger,theres also a fast key for volume, birghtness, Mobile data etc.

This app makes setting so much easier and faster to access .

*Bonus* The tweak 'CustomNCbackgroun' allows you to change the background of you notification center.



Activator allows you to map practically any button or touch gesture to an iOS action.

Scenario - Playing music, the phone is in your pocket by having activator you can set 'At Lock Screen/Home Button/Long Hold, Play/Pause.

Quick and easy.



Apple's built-in messaging app is good, but BiteSMS is way more efficient. BiteSMS basically is an app that will replace the Message app and it will make your reply to messages to friends&family fast and easy.

If you have a passcode then BiteSMS would be perfecto mucho(a)s for you because it will have a pop up on the lock screen, quick and easy reply without entering passcode.

*BiteSMS will not disable 'Messages' or anything (Both can be used at same time).



Zeppelin can turn your network logo/carrier logo into your ideal symbol, fancy some batman, your country flag or maybe a football team.

There are tonnes of symbol package you can get on Cydia.



Have something to keep your nosy friends out of your message?

Applocker will perfectly to do so. It has a reset code so if you forget your password it would give you a backup.



Sick and tired of your friend making fun of you because your prowess in games, IAPFree lets you hack the coins and charged in-game packages, e.g. 'Bloons TD 5' - get your self unlimited coins and upgrade you monkeys to gold.

Surpise them with your high score XD




Tweaks from Cydia and still not free?

BiteSMS for instance is a trial app soon it will run out, enter UDIDFaker and find BiteSMS select and click 'Random UDID' restart your iPhone and you're good to go.


Which one of these tweaks you love the most?

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