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Tips on How to Lower and Reduce your Electricity Costs by Half

Updated on November 15, 2010

Tips on how to save electric costs by half

During this hard time when many people are feeling the financial limitations, it prudent to cut costs on our electricity consumption and costs, below are tips to reduce electricity costs

Tip1: Never leave electrical consuming gadgets on, ensure that all electrical appliances including TV, Computers, radios, stereo, iron boxes, amplifiers are turned off, this will reduce electricity costs, all appliances should be turned off at the surge protector.  Turning appliances off at the strip control ensures that devices like modem which normal consumes electricity are none consuming, this will greatly reduce your electrical costs

Tip2: Use energy saving bulbs for lightening your houses, energy saving bulbs are more economical than ordinary bulbs and are known to provide high quality light with less energy, energy saving bulbs will reduce your lightening consumption by half hence lower electricity costs

Tip3: Ensure that all the lamp shade you are using are clean, having lamp shades with white interior provide maximum light, this will greatly reduce your electricity costs and bills

Tip4: Your security lights that are outside the house should have a detectors, it is advisable to install timer switches like the local authority does for their public lights, this will reduce electricity costs by ensuring that electricity are only on when needed and at the right time

Tip5: Always close the refrigerator door, as open it causes the refrigerator to consume more electricity to provide cooling effect. Closing your refrigerator ensures that cool air are not let out does reduce the amount of electricity consume hence will lead to reduction in our electricity costs

Tip6: When boiling water, use your electric kettle, do not use cooker as they will take too long to boil hence increasing your electricity costs

Tip7: Use your microwaves oven to warm food as they are faster and simple to use, they heat up faster compare to cookers. Microwaves electrical consumption is greatly lower than the cookers; this allows you to save half your electricity costs. Microwaves are more efficient and cook faster than normal oven

Tip8: Do not waste your freezer space, ensure that it is always full; this allows for maximum utilization of energy consumed by the freezer hence will greatly serve you better

Tip9: unfreeze food in the on the open air or refrigerator rather than on the Microwaves, this might take more time but you will save electricity costs by half, unfreezing food in the Microwaves consume a lot of energy

Tip10: Lastly to save your electricity costs by 50% do all the above tips one by one and remember never to put hot food in your fridge, doing this will increase your electricity costs great, since hot food will requires much energy to cool off


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    • earthybirthymama profile image

      earthybirthymama 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great Hub! Amazing how easy it is to save on hydro usage.

    • TonieTate profile image

      TonieTate 8 years ago from Metro-Atlanta

      From this point on I will turn off my electric appliances from the surge.

      Thanks for the tips

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      @ SEO Expert Karala, thanks for pointing out CFL lamps

      @ alittlebitcrazy, am glad this has help you to reduce your electricity costs

    • alittlebitcrazy profile image

      alittlebitcrazy 8 years ago

      It's no wonder our bill is always so high. I leave everything on when I leave, use the microwave to defrost, leave the fridge hanging open, and use a cooker to boil. All in the name of saving myself time, I am costing my family financially! thank you for pointing all these out. Makes me, and others, stop to reevaluate their energy wasting habits.

    • SEO Expert Kerala profile image

      SEO Expert Kerala 8 years ago from KERALA

      Always use CFL lamps in home purpose .refrigerator and microwaves are having large electricty consumption . They take less than 10 Hrs to consume 1 unit of electricity . Do you know theTime taken by different equipments to take 1 unit of electricity ...Read my hub