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100 Stupid Things to Google About Men

Updated on September 9, 2019
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Krzysztof is a YouTube researcher with over a decade of experience analyzing and uncovering YouTube trends, challenges, and media.


Top 10 Male Stereotypes

What are the 100 dumbest Google questions about male stereotypes?

Or better yet...

How does modern society define what "being male" is?

Below is a tiny snippet of some of the google entries people have searched for regarding males today.

  1. Are men and women equal
  2. Are men stronger than women
  3. Are men better than women
  4. Can men and women be friends
  5. Can men be feminists
  6. Is a man allowed to hit a woman
  7. Is a man born gay
  8. Is a man crying a sign of weakness
  9. Is a man cheating
  10. Is a man happy if he cheats

Are any of these questions shocking to read?

Unlikely, but it's mind blowing how stereotypes from 40-60 years ago still apply today. Society wants men to "man up", be strong, cheat happily, and be superior to women.

Want to hear more?

Then continue on and read 90 more dumb Google questions people have searched online about the male species.

Should a man pay for the first date
Should a man pay for vacation
Should a man support a woman financially
Should a man tell a woman how he feels
Should a man always pay
Should a man wear cologne everyday
Should a man own a tuxedo
Should a man know how to fight
Should a man wear jewelry
Should a man leave his family

Men and Money

Here we have a few fair questions about males paying for dates and supporting women financially.

So why are they viewed as "Dumb Google Questions"?

The problem is that they continue to support labels regarding masculinity. If we want to support equality and see ourselves as human beings, then there shouldn't be any labels regarding gender roles.

People shouldn't be restrained and looked down upon because they want equality, however; many of those search queries do just that.

Should a man take vitamins
Should a man argue with a woman
Should a man be a provider
Should a man move for a woman
Should a man open the car door for a woman
Should a man order for a woman at a restaurant
Should a man moisturize
Should a man extend his hand to a woman
Should a man control his wife
Should a man ever ask a woman for money

Men vs Gender Equality

Ah so many commonalities are appearing with each new question. We have the "opening the door for a woman argument" and the "men assumed to be the main providers" statement.

Opening and holding the door for anyone is a nice gesture and shows courtesy, but herein lies the problem. Why should a man only be doing this for a woman and why can't it be the other way around.

And what's the deal with male dominance...

Yes men should be providers but so could women; it's how society should work but people don't see it that way yet.

Can men breastfeed
Can men have babies
Can a man carry a baby
Can a man nurse a baby
Is a man period real
Is a man crying a turn off
Is a man ever justified in hitting a woman
Should men shave their legs
Is a man flirting with me
Is a man getting a pedicure gay
Is a man gay if he likes
Is a good man hard to find
Is a man still wrong
Is a man the head of the household
What is a man truck
What is a man thing
What is a man up
Is a man who is tall happy
Can a man buy the morning after pill
Is a man using you

Masculinity vs Toxic Masculinity

There's a multitude of entries about men and babies and how a man should act. The questions about babies are dumb and uneducated. They're dumb from a medical and social standpoint.

If someone asked me what it meant to be a man based on Google queries, then I would say that men can't be emotional, can only be tough, and never do anything "unmanly" otherwise they'd be called gay.

So sorry guys I guess getting pedicures and being sensitive is out.

Can a man do a split
Can a man donate hair
Can a man divorce his wife
Can a man enter his mother's womb
Can a man fall in love in a month
Can a man impregnate a dog
Can a man kill a lion
Can a man kill a wolf
Can a man kill a bear with bare hands
Can a man marry his widow's sister
Can a man not pay child support
Can a man outrun a bear
Can a man only want one woman
Can a man rob god
Can a man really change
Can a man use women's shaving cream
Can a man wax his face
Can a man work at hooters
Can a man's vasectomy grow back
Can a man wear an engagement ring

The World's Strongest Man

Google says men have to be super strong no matter what. They must learn how to kill a massive animal with their bare hands and never be a victim.

Another question is "Can a man really change", which I'll respond rhetorically with "Can society really change". Our views on men remain pretty straight forward despite global social changes.

No matter how equal people say we are, there are things ingrained in our brains from childhood regarding each gender. Google has confirmed what I assumed about strength and dominance for the average male.

Can a man quit cheating
Can a man stop abusing his wife
Would a man date a pregnant woman
Would a man date a married woman
Is a man once a cheater always a cheater
Would a man cheat if he was happy
Would a man cheat if he loves you
Would a christian man cheat
Would a man date a woman with a child
Would a man date an older woman
Why would a man ever get married
Why would a man feel insecure
Would a man lie about loving you
Would a man leave his wife for another woman
Would a married man cheat
Would a married man flirt
Why would a man not want to sleep with you
Why would a man only want to be friends
Would a married man have an affair
Would a man sleep with any woman

Who Cheats More: Men or Women?

Talk about a hot Google topic!

When looking through the search engines about male stereotypes, the topic of cheating came out on top.

Does everyone automatically assume that all men are cheaters? Well I can tell you that online it would definitely seem that way.

There are multiple variations on the whole affair (no pun intended), and you'll have to see it for yourself or else take my word for it according to the questions that came up.

Oh and for all purposes men do cheat more than women, but the statistics remain vague and transparent on the issue.

Would you date a man with no car
Should a man blow dry his hair
Should a man be older than a woman
Should a man carry a bag
Should a man help with housework
Should a man remove his pubic hair
Should a man see a male therapist
Should a man remove his body hair
Why would a man blush
Is a man responsible for his wife debts

What It Means to Man Up

God forbid a man carries a bag or helps out with the housework. He should be the head of the household and always be fixing something with tools right?

I'm actually surprised more common male stereotypes didn't show up on Google, but I'm not complaining. Perhaps we have moved forward somewhat since the 1950's (one can wish).

However the struggles of being a man and acting like a man continue to haunt the male species. They are still told to man up at the very slight hint of weakness and non-masculine (feminine) behavior.

Women still have it much tougher over the world, but it's definitely not easy being a boy in today's culture. One can argue that growing young boys have it even tougher because of the societal pressures being placed on them.

Often if they fail to live up to the stereotypes, then the world says they fail at "being male" and then what are they going to do (to be).

And finally what does that say about us?

Your Turn!

What's the worst kind of stereotype?

See results

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