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101 HD Windows 7 Ultimate Wallpapers

Updated on June 13, 2010

Some HD windows 7  wallpapers, that I have collected in a couple of months.

Most of the Wallpapers are of windows 7 ultimate edition that I use ,but they are almost universal and can be used anywhere.

To see these High definition windows 7 wallpapers ,please click on them .

101 HD windows 7 wallpaper

101 Windows 7 wallpapers

HD windows 7 wallpapers

Cool Windows 7 Ultimate wallpapers

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    • profile image

      rajesh kumar 4 years ago

      Very nice

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      you can copy and paste..i did and it worked.,

    • profile image

      deepak 5 years ago

      very nice

      good pictures

      beautiful pictures

      best pictures

      best collection

      but the pictures are not in HD

      very impressive backgrounds

    • profile image

      kamalendu 5 years ago

      very nice beautiful thems of windows 7.this is my best website because it contains best pictures .

      but i am so upset because of the pictures are not so big.means the pictures are not in hd.but i like this website .

    • profile image

      akhil 5 years ago

      good collection

    • profile image

      Manthan 5 years ago

      Dude you can do right click, save link as n then slect da fpolder u want to put them on...

    • profile image

      theng lyheang 5 years ago

      I want to know how to get Safari for my desktop

    • profile image

      himanshu gupta 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Smegedd 5 years ago

      how to download?

    • profile image

      sachin 5 years ago

      this is hot hot hot

    • profile image

      Kura 5 years ago

      How to download them? all they are nice wallpaper !

    • profile image

      naren 5 years ago

      aah aah aah aah aajh aah ah aah aah aah aah aah ah

    • profile image

      BHARATH 5 years ago

      hey, when I download it, it lost it's hd. it may be because it may not be proper resolution to my monitor.

    • profile image

      pachhu 6 years ago

      very impressive backgrounds. I really like THIS:)

    • profile image

      divyansh bhatt 6 years ago

      very nice

      thank u

    • profile image 6 years ago

      dpois darei o meu cometário

    • profile image

      adonis domingues 6 years ago


    • profile image

      psd web templates 7 years ago

      Those are some very impressive backgrounds. I really like the one on wood as well as the landscapes. Who took those pictures? Does anyone know?

    • profile image

      sheheryar 7 years ago

      dude why can't I download it?

    • profile image

      alexander evans felix 7 years ago

      waw....look awesome the way i like your wallpaper window 7 ultimate....make some more...^^ hehe...add me in

    • profile image

      razkul 7 years ago

      nice work