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15 Interesting People to Follow on Google Buzz

Updated on October 31, 2012

Google Buzz has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. The service emerged to face immediate complaints about privacy violations that set back its initial development. Although Buzz quickly fixed the problems, the issue caused slow adoption of the new social networking service. Despite that, I really like using Google Buzz. I think it’s better than both Facebook and Twitter for different reasons (but that’s another article entirely!) And I’ve found that there are certain people who are really fun and interesting to follow on Buzz.

Here is a look at 15 different people that are worth following on Google Buzz:

1. Gina Trapani. Gina is a technology blogger who posts interesting links on this topic to Google Buzz. That’s not why I think Gina is a person to follow on Google Buzz, though. The reason I recommend her is because she starts really interesting conversations on Buzz and she has active followers who often chime in. This is what Buzz is all about!

2. Sharon Hurley Hall. She is a terrific web writer who you have probably seen around if you read about writing online. Her Google Buzz account combines posts from her blog Get Paid to Write Online with links to the different blogs and posts that she’s reading. Great material here! Sharon is also great about responding if you’ve got a question or interesting comment about something that she posts to Google Buzz.

3. Gautum Hans. If you’re interested in blogging, SEO, social media and website marketing then you’ll really enjoy the various links that this guy shares through Google Buzz.

4. Kristi Ambrose. Kristi does web marketing and is very active on Google Buzz. In addition to getting great information by following her, you can really get a good example of how to properly use Buzz by seeing what she’s doing there.

5. Rafi Kharma. Amazing updates and thoughts about various things going on with technology today. Great fun to follow if you have ideas about today’s tech. Of course, there are tons of tech bloggers to be found on Google Buzz; this just happens to be a favorite lesser-known choice of mine.

6. James Calhoun. Great posts fed in here from Get Schooled which is really interesting stuff for people curious about education issues. However James shares a lot more than that through Google Buzz. He also shares general news posts and various things of interest to the average person. Good stuff.

7. Darrell Hudson. Darrell is a computer guy who is very active on social networking sites. Google Buzz is a great place to find him. He posts about a myriad of different topics here mostly related to computing and technology. He’s also very active in starting and participating in conversations on Google Buzz which isn’t true of everyone who is using the site at this time.

8. Erin Kernohan. Do you need help staying on top of the latest news on the web? Following Erin on Google Buzz is a great way to do that. She uses Buzz to share links to all of the varied and interesting articles that she’s reading through Google Reader. You can share with her on Reader, of course, but I prefer streamlining everything through Google Buzz.

9. Caroline Jaffe-Pickett. Caroline is a freelance writer and editor who posts to Google Buzz from her blog CarrieWriterBlog as well as from Twitter. Great mixture here of personal “how ya doin’” posts and informative writing posts.

10. Kate Blogs. Kate is a terrific blogger/writer who you can get to know through her social networking activity. She updates Google Buzz via both Twitter and Google Reader so you get to see a smattering of what she’s reading along with what she’s doing and thinking.

11. Moody Eve. Self-described as a “freelance journalist, mom and photographer”, Moody Eve updates her Google Buzz account directly as well as through Buzz and Picasa. See photos, learn more about her work or just converse with her here.

12. Stacy Alexander. Stacy is a wonderful artist who shares lovely pictures on Google Buzz. It’s great to have your Buzz inbox brightened up with these images!

13. Julie M. Julie is an amazing photographer. I know her originally from her stunning I Live Here: SF photo storytelling project but she also works on a San Francisco photography blog called Caliber and does a ton of interesting side photos for various things. Her Google Buzz is updated from Flickr which means that following her allows you to see pretty pictures in your Buzz inbox.

14. Charis Tsevis. Charis is a visual designer from Greece. I found his posts on Google Buzz because he had linked to a favorite design blog of mine, SFGirlByBay. It turns out that he links to a wide range of different design and art content that he’s finding online at various sources. His Buzz account is like one-stop shopping for interesting links to cool design stuff. Love it!

15. Kristina Smith. I’ve just started following Kristina on Google Buzz but I think I’m going to enjoy seeing what she has to share here. She updates Buzz from footprint as well as from Twitter, sharing green information and thoughts about things like upcycling. That’s content that always generates conversation so hopefully her activity on Buzz will start to really take off.

I’m always happy to have new followers on Buzz, too, of course. You can find me here. Do you have favorite people to follow on Google Buzz?


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