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18 mistakes to avoid in blogs

Updated on June 10, 2009

We all make mistakes in our blogs. I have also made many mistakes but with these errors we can learn and improve.

Here is a list of mistakes that I made or have seen being committed.

1. Giving up too soon - It takes time and pacience to work to get visitors you do not get visitors from one day to another.
2. Take the initiative to launch a blog - sometimes we must make the decision to launch a blog. If we wait until we think that all is perfect we may never launch the blog.
3. Launching a blog too early - there is a middle ground, neither too early nor too late. You must publish some text before starting to spread or otherwise the visitors find a blog and not come back empty.
4. Copy the text from other blogs - not worth it go to copy the texts of other blogs. Sooner or later they discover it and we will be punished. If you think that a text from another blog deserves to be disclosed you can contact the autor to see of i accept that you publish the text with proper credit to the author.
5. Do not use a domain itself - without thinking about the goals and as to whether a blog. Some blogs are fit well in a system of free blogs but it has to be well thought where we will launch the blog. After addition of change to be extremely laborious it always ends up losing visitors and links.
6. Establish a rhythm of updates - everything here depends on the theme of the blog. If some issues "require" several updates a day other topics just 1 per week. We need to get a pace we can maintain, upgrade less often is better than much promise and not fulfill.
7. Not find many excuses - the aim is not to make our blog a huge apology. "Excuse was not thinking," I do not want sorry, "" sorry I was on holiday "etc.. We all have problems but we can not let too much affect on our blogs or else we will not succeed.
8. Only worry about the amount of traffic and not the quality - the blog visitors who disappear as quickly as they appear in the statistics are good but assiduous visitors worth more. The assiduous visitors read the text carefully, and comment back to the blog. We need both types of visitors.
9. Cluttering up a blog - many widgets, much publicity, many buttons and many options. This whole thing scares the visitors do not know what to do. Do not forget that the key is content.

10. Choose well the titles of the posts - the title has to relate to what the text is of course but in addition has to be attractive and capture the attention of the visitor and should not be too long.
11. Choose well the theme of the blog - we should think carefully before choosing the theme of the blog. If you do not like the subject more easily lose interest and end up leaving the blog.
12. Make the blog useful - if you have a blog on how to save money but do not give any tips to save money your blog is not useful. Visitors who are there and don't learn anything do not come back.
13. Become addicted in the statistics - the statistics are important to understand what visitors want and why visit the blog but if you spend more time looking at the statistics than working on blog something is wrong.
14. Do not know why have a blog - this is something we must know why. We eat because hunger, sleep because we need rest. You know why have a blog?
15. Don't have Objectives - have an objective means to work for it. If no targets for your blogs end up going to lose interest in work.
16. Think we know everything - nobody knows everything. WebSite are in the news and no one who knows everything. We always learn and can learn a lot from what the visitors say in the comments. Give more attention to the comments.
17. Create wars with less positive comments and insults - This type of comment can get many visitors but in return are not beneficial. Visitors will soon though and have had a negative view on you will not go back more to your blog.
18. Writing exclusively for search engines - Some bloguers to discover the seo ultimately meaningless only write texts in order to rise in the rankings. So will not achieve anything and will end up losing visitors. More important than achieving visitors to search engines and keep them on the blog.


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