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192 Names for Your Server

Updated on July 3, 2017

Let's face it, work can be boring. Mundane routines, meetings, log files, plain Jane (and sometimes unnecessarily long) server names...Blah. Of course, sometimes boring server names just can't be avoided. Policies and naming conventions etc... Yawn.

Sometimes however, we can choose what we want (skurt skurt!). If this is you, opportunity knocks mang, don't waste it!

In this article I've compile a decent little list containing 192 stout names that you can peruse for your server kingdom. If you're setting up a domain, hey, do a theme. I realize that within each theme there are many more names to choose from, but for this particular list, in the end short names won. This comes from practical experience. Therefore, most of the names in my list will be one or two syllables (unless I felt like a name rocked so hard that I couldn't dare remove it from my list, for risk of bad IT karma).

But of course,... its your world! Go with whatever you want. At the very least hopefully you'll have a good idea generation situation going on!

Find it, Name it, Rock it.

Star Wars

Star Wars is up first (Respect!). Listed below is a short list to get you started down the Star Wars path, without using the force.

  1. Yoda
  2. Vader
  3. Solo
  4. Obi
  5. Chewie
  6. Lando
  7. Jabba
  8. Boba
  9. Leia
  10. Kylo

Obviously the greatest Star Wars Character of all time is:

See results

Star Trek

Let your server "Live Long and Prosper" by blessing it as a "trekkie".

11. Kirk

12. Spock

13. Picard

14. Riker

15. McCoy

16. Khan

17. Q

18. Worf

19. Scotty -- "Beam my files up Scotty"

20. Borg

Names We Know

21. Katsumoto

22. Ghengis

23. Samarai

24. Hannibal

25. Indiana

26. Simba

27. Mufasa

28. Deebo

29. Sullivan (Sully)

30. KeyserSoze

31. SkinnyPete

32. Carter


Taking a break from themes for a minute or two, let's visit some solid options for stand alone servers:

33. Ranger

34. Bubba

35. HAL

36. Hunter

37. Molly

38. Blade

39. Vegas -- "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

40. Bud

41. Ax

42. Hawk

43. Rebel

44. Rudy

45. Rogue

46. Blaze -- "Man Im still in the office blazin that shite up"

47. Rocco

48. Boris

49. Neo

50. Ripley

51. Gordon

52. Diesel

53. Wyatt

54. Damon

Greek Mythology

Man: a being in search of meaning -- Plato.

Google: the search engine that helps man search for this meaning

Server: another device to help provide man with access to google for search of meaning

55. Zeus

56. Hera

57. Poseidon

58. Athena

59. Apollo

60. Artemis

61. Aphrodite

62. Hades

63. Hypnos

64. Thanatos

65. Nemesis

66. Iris

67. Hecate

68. Janus

And Then?
And Then?

And Then?

69. Tyche

70. Hermes

71. Castor

72. Perseus

73. Proteus

74. Adonis

75. Achilles

76. Argus

77. Eros

78. Helios

79. Morpheus

80. Theseus

81. Kallisto

Are You Not Entertained?
Are You Not Entertained?

Roman - Gladiator

Lucilla - "Today I saw a Server become more Powerful than the Domain Controller itself"

82. Vulcan

83. Ceres

84. Venus

85. Caesar

86. Maximus

87. Proximo

88. Commodus

89. Lucius

90. Bacchus

91. Tigris

92. Aurora

93. Fauna

94. Juno

95. Vesta

96. Thor

97. Loki

98. Gandalf

99. Gunnar

100. Roman

101. Tiki

102. Odin

103. Hugi

104. Viking

Lord of the Rings

"My Precious.......Server" ... "You Shall Not Pass"

105. Frodo

106. Sauron

107. Gollum

108. Arwen

109. Saruman

110. Samwise

111. Legolas

112. Aragorn

113. Gamgee

114. Took

115. Hobbit

Do you think you can resist the power of the ring?

See results

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Got Groot?

116. StarLord

117. Rocket

118. Gamora

119. Thanos

120. Nebula

121. Groot

122. Ronan

123. Drax

124. Mantis

125. Kismet

126. Tulik

127. Narblik

128. Yondu

Top Gun --- Full Metal Jacket

"I feel the need....The need for Bandwidth"

129. Maverick

130. Goose

131. Iceman

132. Charlie

133. Slider

134. Jester

135. Merlin

136. Viper

137. Cougar

138. Joker

139. Cowboy

140. Stinger

141. Hollywood


142. Plato

143. Socrates

144. Aristotle

145. Confucius

146. Marx

147. Locke

148. Sartre

149. Aquinas

150. Drake

151. Hippo

152. Voltaire

153. Buddha

154. Einstein


155. Dutch

156. Dillon

157. Blain

158. Mac

159. Poncho

160. Billy

Best Aliens\Predator Movie of All Time was:

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Simpsons --- Muppets

161. Animal

162. Kermit

163. Fonzie

164. Gonzo

165. Chef

166. Beaker

167. Rowlf

168. Rizzo

169. Homer

170. Bart

171. Moe

172. Millhouse

173. Barney

174. Krusty

175. Skinner

176. Wiggum

Game of Thrones

177. Cersei

178. Arya

179. Sansa

180. Tyrion

181. Drogo

182. Tyrell

183. Dylan

184. Stark

185. Snow

Music Icons

Last but most undoubtedly not in the slightest least, you can elect to honor your favorite music legend via server tribute. Hendrix, Marley, Ozzy, all good choices indeed?


186. Hendrix

187. Lars

188. Ozzy

189. Axl

190. Bowie

191. Ace

192. Marley


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    • profile image


      18 months ago

      How come Duke aint on the list?


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