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20 Web Sites for Unique Gifts

Updated on December 7, 2012
Photo by Rosana Modugno
Photo by Rosana Modugno

Looking for that one of a kind unique gift this year? Check these cool sites out.

Every year it becomes a challenge to find gifts. It's so much easier just to hand out a gift card, even though you are sacrificing that personal touch only you can give. And if you have a friend that has everything, it gets harder.

For the oddest, strangest, most unique gifts out there, here are 20 of the best sites that are good for just about anyone's taste, including the green friend who will only buy handmade gifts made from nature, to the friend who will only buy items made in the good old U.S.A. They are all here:

1. Incredible Things has items for everyone in the family.

2. Uncommon Goods recycles even its own catalogs. Lots of handmade gifts for everyone.

3. Perpetual Kid offers items for that child in all of us and for those that never want to grow up.

4. Who doesn't know who Vat 19 is? They have a lot of videos on youtube showing off their really cool state of the art items for reasonable prices.

5. Americans Working is THE site for ALL sites on the web offering nothing but Made in USA products and gifts.

6.Gadgets and Gear really does have cool and unusual gifts for everyone you know.

7. The name says it all.

8. If you really do want a stupid but funny gift, this is the place.

9. Inventor's Spot offers things like Squirrel Feet earrings. If this is for you, this is your site.

10. Exploratorium is for that science type we all know. Great learning items for all ages.

11. Cool Stuff Express has everything for everyone.

12. From Hobbit Feet slippers to Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, your geek will be happy here.

13. All Science, kits, toys from Chemistry to Astronomy and more.

14. Offering unexpected gifts for those people that have it all, prices a bit high but they all live up to their name.

15. Funny, oddball items for the entire family.

16. A site that offers nothing but more sites on finding that special, unique gift.

17. Unique home decor and American Artisan Handmade Gifts

18. Everything handmade and good for the Earth

19. Buy handmade, change a woman's life; Supports female Artisans all over the world

20. A site that offers just about everything for everyone.


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