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2008 Gibson les paul slash signature standard goldtop limited edition only 1000 produced

Updated on August 14, 2012


This is one of my favorite guitars ever made by Gibson and there is so many reasons why I said that, not only it is linked to the Iconic Slash: former guitarist of Guns & roses and actual guitarist of Velvet Revolver ( Also known for some of the most amazing solos of all time: welcome to the jungle, sweet child of mine, the god father etc) but it's also a monster of tones, so let's see what makes this guitar a monster of tone and worth every penny ( This guitar keeps on going up in value)

Weight relieving process
Weight relieving process

Finish and weight:

Look at this beautiful gold finish, nothing says class and beauty like a Goldtop , the nitrocellulose brings that shine out of the gold and makes it more appealing for mainstream guitarists.

Now the weight, and I do believe that it is the reason why this particular model resonates very well, this guitar is weight relieved meaning the production process involves drilling holes in the back of the guitar.


Neck and Fingerboard:

The neck profile is of course Slash's favorite which is the 60's slim neck profile, it makes the neck very comfortable( they also call it fast neck).

The fingerboard is of course Rosewood but on this specific model Gibson used a very tight Indian Rosewood ( The lines are not too wide and there is not too much separation)

Gibson les paul slash goldtop: Hardware!
Gibson les paul slash goldtop: Hardware!


This guitar features some of the best pickups ever ( my favorite) the Seymour duncan Alnico II pro humbuckers, they deliver a warm sound good for playing Rhythm and Endless solos, buy a pair and you won't be disappointed.

The tuners are the Kluson style tuners, Slash like the way they look, I do like the way they look but I do prefer Grover locking tuners better.

The bridge and stop tailpiece are tonepros ( they have excellent reputation for providing good intonation)

Rare gibson les paul slash Goldtop only 1000 ever made
Rare gibson les paul slash Goldtop only 1000 ever made

Production number, average price and collectibility:

This Gibson les paul standard slash goldtop was limited to only 1000 units, all of them were sold out the first week in 2008, this was a must have guitar for Gold top lovers, Slash fans and Gibson collectors.

This guitar sold in 2008 for $2399 NEW, in 2009 it was selling for $2400 used, in 2010 it was selling for $2500 average( used), in 2011 you can't get one in mint condition for less than $2600, this year I saw them go for as high as $3000, I am sure that in the next few years this guitar will reach a record price of $3500 and it's not even a vintage guitar, it's considered a very good investment for people who do want more than just a saving account with a low interest rate to make some money.

So yes it's a must buy!

The lowest prices on Seymour duncan humbuckers!

Gibson les paul slash goldtop video!

Do you have one of these? if yes would you ever sell it?

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