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2008 gibson les paul slash signature standard vintage burst only 1600 ever made average price

Updated on February 16, 2014

Gibson les paul standard Slash signature limited edition vintageburst: number produced, average sale price and specs

In this lens will be discussing the very rare discontinued Gibson les paul Slash vintageburst, why was it sold out within a week from the time it hit stores.

Most people think that it's because it's associated with the name Slash ( the former guitarist of Guns & roses and actual guitarist of Velvet Revolver), Slash is an artist who collaborated with many artists and was mostly famous for his work with Guns & roses, his guitars solos are still ranked some of the best guitar solos of all time ( we all know songs like sweet child of mine, November rain, don't cry, the god father theme etc)

with that said let's explore in def what made this guitar so special:

2008 gibson les paul slash signature limited edition vintageburst headstock
2008 gibson les paul slash signature limited edition vintageburst headstock

what are the specs, the exact production number and average sale price

The 2008 Gibson les paul standard Slash signature limited edition was limited to only 1600, this edition was sold out the first week it was introduced, people drove hundreds of miles to the next city to get their hands on one so it is not a surprise that this edition was going to be a super collector edition, this guitar sold brand new for about $2500-$2600, these days they sell used for $2500-$3000 and if it's in mint condition it can reach $3199 (on ebay) if you want to buy one as an investment I recommend buying one in mint condition with its certificate, I won't be surprised if in few years this guitar reached the $4000-$5000 mark!

This guitar was manufactured following Slash's specifications: his main requirements were the 60's slim neck profile, the vintageburst finish, a pair of Seymour Duncan Alnico II humbuckers ( My favorites pickups too), a weight relived body, tonepros stopbar tailpiece and bridge.

I gotta say this guitar exceeded my expectations, it really rocks, I recommend it for collectors and professional guitarist and always remember put a shirt over your belt( you don't want to scratch this beauty)

Video of slash talking about the 2008 Gibson les paul slash signature serie limited edition vintageburst only 1600 made



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