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2010 Riding Log

Updated on February 8, 2013

Bike Computer

Bike Computer recorded rides.
Bike Computer recorded rides.

2010 riding log

A-bike/ Road Bike/ Mountain Bike Ride Data 2010

This is a log on my riding of the various bikes I own. The log is highlighting the various speeds each of the bikes produce. It determines just how well the A-bicycle foilding bike holds up to other full-sized bikes. This open log will be up-dated from now (09/28/10) until the end of this year. This has been a great year to cycle and I have gotten some nice rides in. The A-bicycle is working well when compared to the other bikes I have!

I am using Mongoose cycling computers to record the speed, distance, average speeds, and max speeds off each of the bikes that show recorded data.


Road Bike

- Distance- 9.821 km

- Max Speed- 37.1 kph

- Average Speed- 20.2 kph

- Time on bike- 29:14 mins./ secs.

Note- Test ride on the Vision road bike for time/speed/ distance data.

Ride date- 05/16/10


- Distance- 10.382 km

- Max Speed- 25.6 kph

- Average Speed- 12 kph

- Time on bike- 52:18 mins./ secs.

Note- Test ride on the A-bike for time/speed/ distance data.

Ride date- 05/16/10

6/05/10 Mountain Bike with original off-road tires/ 26 by 2"

- Distance- 9.44 km

- Max Speed- 30.3 kph

- Average Speed- 25.9 kph

- Time on bike- 21:55

Note- Ride from Newbury to Wardsville and back.

Ride date- 6/05/10

Road Bike ride

- Distance- 5.823 km

- Max Speed- 34.7 kph

- Average Speed- 22.312 kph

- Time on bike- 15:47

Note- After work ride from apartment to CIBC and back.

Ride date- 6/08/10

Work route test ride/ Mountain Bike

- Distance- 11.043

- Max Speed- 40.1 kph

- Average Speed- 22.3 kph

- Time on bike- 29:49

Note- Test ride to check time/ distance for new job.

Ride date- 6/09/10

Mountain Bike with new 26 by 1.9" tires

- 10.874 km

- Max Speed- 37.9

- Average Speed- 23.4 kph

- Time on bike- 27:53

Note- Ride to work and back home.

Ride Date- 07/13/10

Mountain Bike

- Distance- 11.382

- Max Speed- 43.1 kph

- Average Speed- 22.1

- Time on bike- 30:50

Note- Ride to work and back home.

Ride Date- 07/21/10

Total mileage to date- 679.45 km

Road Bike

- Distance- 11.331

- Max Speed- 37.0 kph

- Average Speed- 24.3 kph

- Time on bike- 28:00

Note- Ride to work and back home.

Ride Date- 07/22/10

Total mileage to date- 1053.5 km

Mountain Communter Bike

- Distance- 11.6 km

- Max Speed- 37.9 kph

- Average Speed- 22.0 kph

- Time on bike- 31:45

Note- Ride to work and back home.

Ride date- 07/23/10

A-bike Short Ride

- Distance- .765 km

- Max Speed- 17.0 kph

- Average Speed- 8.4 kph

- Time on bike- 5:30

Note- Ride to Macs store and back

Ride Date- 07/23/10

SWB Recumbent

- Distance- 12.371 km

- Max Speed- 41.0 kph

- Average Speed- 21.8 kph

- Time on bike- 34:09

Note- A ride on recumbent on hilly terrian of Stratford. Maintained a speed of 32 to 35 kph on Ontario Street.

Ride Date- 07/30/10


- Distance- 4.367 km

- Max Speed- 23.9 kph

- Average Speed- 15.7 kph

- Time on bike- 16:42

Note- Carried the bike on the tandem recumbent I passed on to the Stratford Theatre. I used the A-bike for getting home.

Ride Date- 08/03/10

Mountain Commuter Bike

- Distance- 34.563 km

- Max Speed- 40.4 kph

- Average Speed- 19.6 kph

- Time on bike- 1:46:06

Note- Combined ride time from 2 days.

Ride Dates- 08/05/10- 08/06/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 17.410 km

- Max Speed- 38.5 kph

- Average Speed- 21.1 kph

- Time on bike- 49:32

Note- Commute on bike around town.

Ride Date- 08/06/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 8.689 km

- Max Speed- 33.6 kph

- Average Speed- 23.8

- Time on bike- 21:59

Note- Dropped off movie to video store on Huron Street. Distance recorded on Odometrer total- 1127.8 km

Ride Date- 08/09/10

Communter Mountain Bike

- Distance8.443 km

- Max Speed- 40.4 kph

- Average Speed- 21.0 kph

- Time on bike- 24:13

Note- Dropped off money for Christines print to parents home. Total mileage on odemeter- 785.67 km

Mountain Bike

- Distance- 13.592 km

- Max Speed- 31.8

- Average Speed- 23.6 kph

- Time on bike- 34:29

Note- Ride from Glencoe to Richards and back.

Ride Date- 08/18/10


- Distance- 12.020 km

- Max Speed- 31.2 kph

- Average speed- 24.4 kph

- Time on bike- 29:36

Note- Same location of M.B. ride 08/18/10

Ride Date- 08/19/10

Mountain Bike

- Distance- 10.79 km

- Max Speed- 29.4 kph

- Average Speed- 26.0 kph

- Time on bike- 24:56

Note- Ride from Glencoe to Newbury.

Ride Date- 08/20/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 11.388 km

- Max Speed- 34.1 kph

- Average Speed- 30.6 kph

- Time on bike- 22:25

Note- Fastest time on bike to date. Nice fast run. Glencoe to Newbury.

Total Distance on Odometer- 1211.0 km

Ride Date- 08/25/10

Ride Note Details

Total distance on road bike to date is 1211.0 km. Mileage in 2009 is 456.0 km. Mileage to date in 2010 is 755 km as of 08/25/10. Estimated 2009 mountain bike mileage is 256.0 km. 2010 mileage to date of 08/25/10 is 755 km. A-bike distance recorded is about 209 km. Total 2009/ 2010 distance is 1310 km. Other odd distances include the new used single speed bike with about 15 km on it. 2010 is a good riding year.

Got "new" CCM bike. To be used as a winter bike. Picked up on 08/23/10. Ridden on a number of test rides. Distances include Glencoe to farm house. No recorded data from this bike b ut based on data collected from other bikes, distance of 11.6 km. No speed data. Other distances include another one way trip to the farm house, distance 5 km. Then a ride from Newbury to Glencoe, distance 10.5 km.

CCM single speed bike

- Distance- about 18.00 km

- Speed- unknown

Ride Date- 08/28/10

Ride Note- Replaced front wheel/ tire with the same sized unit but in better condition. Also replaced the seat with a better seat off a donor bike.


- Distance- 6.552 km

- Max Speed- 22.5 kph

- Average Speed- 13.7 kph

- Time on Bike- 28:40

Ride note- 222.77 km total mileage on computer to date.

Ride date- 08/30/10


- Distance- 5.694 km

- Max Speed- 20.7 kph

- Average Speed- 14.5 kph

- Time on bike- 23:39

Note- 234.82 km total distance recorded. Combined with the 97 km from last year, total mile on biketo date is 331.82 km. Total recorded distance on all bike for 2009/ 2010 is about 2342.82 km. 2010 mileage is about 2419.82 km. There is about 100 to 150 km unrecorded mileage on bikes that either had no computer on it.

Ride Date- 09/05/10

CCM Cruiser

Distance- About 11 km

No other data recorded.

Ride note- Dropped off resume at Zellers and then bought a new air pump for $9.99 plus taxes. The bike has a few small rattles in the frame but the bike itself rides solid. The handle bar postioning is working out great! This bike is not as refined in the details like bearing smoothness on the mountain or road bike but it still rides comfortably. The womens frame design works out well for easy starts and stops. A nice beater bike that only cost me a bit of time to get it fixed with free parts.

Ride Date- 09/06/10


- Distance- 7.927 km

- Max Speed- 21.4 kph

- Average Speed- 11.5 kph

- Time on bike- 41:27

Note- Early Sept. ride coming up on the time that I bought the bike last year. I have put about 345 km on the bike. I wanted to get at least 500 km on the bike by this time but the bike is holding up well to date.

Ride date- 09/08/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 7.213 km

- Max Speed- 37.6 kph

- Average Speed- 24.5 kph

- Time on bike- 17:41

Note- Ride to Ontario Street video store and back.

Ride date- 09/13/10


- Distance- 11.976 km

- Max Speed- 22.8 kph

- Average Speed- 14.1 kph

- Time on bike- 51:00

Note- Longer run for this bike. Very pleasant Sept. morning. Photographed in the Upper Queens Park area.

Ride date- 09/15/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 7.196 km

- Max Speed- 31.3 kph

- Average Speed- 15.3 kph

- Time on bike- 28:19

Note- Very relaxed late summer/ fall ride. Just a nice afternoon out doors.

Ride date- 09/15/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 16.938

- Max Speed- 35.8 kph

- Average Speed- 19.4 kph

- Time on bike- 52:26

Note- Ride down to the dragon boat races and photographed it. Carried the Pentax along with the camera bag (about 5 lbs) and my Fuji S1500. Mileage on computer as total distance- 1255.2 km.

Ride date- 09/18/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 8.580 km

- Max Speed- 38.0 kph

- Average Speed- 22.2 kph

- Time on bike- 23:17

Note- Distance on odometer is 1263.7 km

Ride date- 09/19/10


- Distance- 7.827 km

- Max Speed- 22.4 kph

- Average Speed- 12.9 kph

- Time on bike- 36:20

Note- Two cracks have started rear frame section. I need to put a steel clamp in place to stop this from going farther. Total mileage on the bike when the cracks where noted was at about 377.00 km (282.11 km 2010 mileage).

Ride date- 09/19/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 10.792 km

- Max Speed- 35.5 kph

- Average Speed- 15.1 kph

- Time on bike- 42:51

Note- Rides around the Univerity of Waterllo area. Do not the area that well so just doing short trips out of the semenary building. Total mileage on odometer, 1274.6 km.

Ride date- 09/20/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 17.261 km

- Max Speed- 40.5 kph

- Average Speed- 20.9 kph

- Time on bike- 49:36

Note- Combined morning and after rides. Afternoon run included a loaded back-pack with a load of basic fod stuff. As picked up a hose clamp to repair the A-bike frame.

Ride date- 09/21/10


- Distance- 7.850 km

- Max Speed- 25.2 kph

- Average Speed- 13.9 kph

- Time on bike- 33:53

Note- Nice first part of ride, average speed in first 10:00 minute time frame, 14.9 kph, distance- 2.6 km. The hose clamp was working well in the rear repaired frame section. It tightened up the frame and it felt good, just like new. 10 km to reach 400 total mileage goal.

Ride date- 09/21/10

Scwhinn Folding Bike

No recorded info but based on riding my A-bike computer reading, 7.8 km to the same place as the 09/19/10 and a time of about 36 minutes riding time. Average speed about 13 kph. Note the use of a 6 speed transmission and 20" tires. Gear ratio about the same as A-bike when in high 6th gear about 45 gear inches range.

Ride date- 09/22/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 13.481 km

- Max Speed- 48.2 kph

- Average Speed- 24.3 kph

- Time on bike- 33:23

Note- Ride to Christines work place to pick up recordable CD.

Ride date- 09/22/10

CCM Bike

- Another unrecorded ride to the downtown and back home. About 7.8 km.


- Distance- 6.447 km

- Max Speed- 22.8 kph

- Average Speed- 13.7 kph

- Time on bike- 28:19

Note- A ride from the Goverment offices on the south side of town to the apartment.

Ride date- 09/23/10


- Distance- 2.685 km

- Max Speed- 19.4 km

- Average Speed- 11.1 kph

- Time on bike- 14:33

Note- Just a short ride on the Univerisity Of Waterllo. The bike passed its 400 km make. The odometer on the computer is 300.47 km. Took pictures of tire wear as well. The rear tire is showing much more wear then the front.

Ride date- 09/23/10


- Distance- 3.785 km

- Max Speed- 18.2 kph

- Average Speed- 13.6 kph

- Time on bike- 16:40

Note- Nice night time ride. After taping a small loose part on the bottom frame section, the bike ran very smooth and quiet other road noise from tires. It felt very solid on the ride.

Ride date- 09/25/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 5.394 km

- Max Speed- 33.4 kph

- Average Speed- 23.4

- Time on bike- 13:55

Ride date- 09/26/10

Road Bike

- Distance- 6.622 km

- Max Speed- 28.6 kph

- Average Speed- 16.8 kph

- Time on bike- 23:43

Note- Very easy going fall ride one day after my birthday. The camera came along for the ride and took some great fall colour pictures. The ride was short being outside on a great day was all I needed.

Ride date- 09/29/10


- Distance- 9.530 km

- Max Speed- 21.4 kph

- Average Speed- 11.6 kph

- Time on bike- 49:16

Ride date- 09/29/10

Mountain Communter Bike

- 9.875 km

- Max Speed- 33.8 kph

- Average Speed- 21.5 kph

- Time on bike- 27:33

Note- A very wet fall day. Did some running around getting a number of pictures printed up. This bike has been parked for a while. Total mile to date, 860.055 km.

Ride date- 10/02/10


- Distance- 6.425

- Max Speed- 24.8 kph

- Average Speed- 13.4 kph

- Time on bike- 28:42

Last noted ride of the season. Ride date- 10/05/10. Odometer reading on computer, 329.02 km. Total distance on the A-bike from the time the bike was new, 426.02 km.


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