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2012 London Olympics Mobile App - Top 4 Choices

Updated on July 22, 2012

2012 London Olympics and Mobile App Connection

With the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics about to start, the event will probably the most connected Olympics ever. As new technology for mobile devices emerges, following the games in real time has never been easier through the touch of a finger. Best of all its for free, well at least for most cases.

Having round up the top free mobile applications to keep you updated on your Android smartphone or tablet, iPad or iPhone and Blackberry devices, here’s a list of what to utilize for your mobile device to keep you updated with the event:

I. The Official London 2012 Mobile Apps

The 2012 Olympic Games official mobile application is the - Official London 2012 Mobile App. Three applications (Join In, Results, Games) are available for download to provide users with a platform to keep them updated on the sporting event wherever they maybe. The Join In app can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Blackberry while the Results app is available for download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. Games apps can also be downloaded for users to play and have fun with. The Official London 2012 Mobile Apps.

* 2012 London Olympics Join App

The Join In App will allow users to be updated on the ceremonial activities of the quadrennial sporting event. From the opening to the closing ceremonies, cultural and community celebrations will be happening all across UK. The Join In app will be a useful partner to keep you organized making your Olympic experience even more memorable. For further information visit the Join In App.

* 2012 London Olympics Result App

The Results App provides users with updated Olympic news, events and schedules. Real time results and medal tallies from sporting events are provided in a single platform. This makes it a convenient tool for professional Olympic observers and sport fans as well. Results App

* 2012 London Olympics Game App

The Game App highlights 9 Olympic game for users to play around with. Mobile users can virtually train like athletes and compete in events like Archery, Swimming, Athletics and so forth. A perfect way to get busy during idle times. Game App

II. NBC Olympics Live Extra

Jumping into the bandwagon of Olympic mobile applications is the NBC Olympic Live Extra. Developed by NBC Sports and Adobe System. The app is now available for download for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch through the Apple's App Store. The app features live streaming feeds and recorded footage for instant playback on demand. NBC Olympics Live Extra

III. BBC iPlayer

It is most likely that your Smartphones and tablets are already pre-installed with this free app. If not then you can download the app from Google Play and iTunes Store which is available now. BBC iPlayer allows mobile users to stream BBC programs for 7 days from the start of the Olympic event. To be able to use the app, a valid TV license is required and close monitoring of your 3G data usage should be made. BBC iPlayer

IV. CTV 2012 London Olympics App

For Canadian users, CTV 2012 London Olympics App is now available to download for free and can be used for Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 devices. Real time video feeds on all Olympic matters will be streamed through TSN and Sportsnet (DC1) for mobile users.

Bell having exclusive rights for Canadian users will be charging a $10 per device for live video feeds. CTV 2012 London Olympics App


As modern day technology makes its way for everyone to take advantage of, never has information been so interconnected in the history of Olympic events. The 2012 London Olympics will probably be the most real time broadcasted sports event thanks to these mobile application that are available for free.

Following this guide will enable you to select the best app for you and make your Olympic experience more awesome than ever before.

For further reading please visit Countdown to the 2012 London Olympics


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