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2013 a horror story why you need a VPN to be safe online

Updated on December 28, 2016


They started with grafitti to identify the places to attack 23 AUG 2013 144pm
They started with grafitti to identify the places to attack 23 AUG 2013 144pm | Source
They then set about damaging things. Even destroyed our letterbox & grafittied gardens 22 AUG 2013 1045pm
They then set about damaging things. Even destroyed our letterbox & grafittied gardens 22 AUG 2013 1045pm | Source


Before you read on. I know some of this may sound far fetched and like it came out of a novel, BUT every word is true and this type of cyber stalking & bullying is a cyber crime, that they are perpetrating on us, is VERY REAL.

OH and don't worry, for legal purposes and to protect the identities of the stupid I've changed their names and details.

Most people think, I am hooking up to my banks site or some other site you have to log into, it's secure so I'm safe. I have bad news for you. YOU are dead WRONG! Just like I thought for years, I was like I have to login so I'm safe. Yet could never figure out how strangers were getting my information, coming up to us in the street, talking to us familiar like and seeming to know so much about my family, friends and I.

Because these people got in almost everywhere in my stuff they had all sorts of knowledge about us. A number of them even came up to us in the street, in 2013, when we were doing charity work, they bullied and threatened us about information on their, (let's call them handlers), that they had been fed stolen directly from our sites, computers and accounts. Due to clean virus scans we were completely unaware, we had been hacked.

NOW I didn't realise until too late.
BUT please, I hope for your sake you'll learn from my mistakes.
How do I fix it? I hear you ask.
Well let me tell you below our story and more about this issue, in hope you will be more secure.


The viruses etc found DEC 7 2016
The viruses etc found DEC 7 2016 | Source
Even though AVG said it was clean on 11/11/2016
Even though AVG said it was clean on 11/11/2016 | Source


I would like to say VPNs are perfect but, they have just a few flaws. A VPN will only work IF YOU have a good clean system to start with. OR... The intruders in you computer can follow you anywhere. I found this out the hard way when... Almost every time I was trying to go to one site or another I would have lag and then the password & usernames would fill with junk. Often all or most of the words on the site would be in a foreign language or the computer would end up going to a different site, no matter how hard I tried. I even tried 5 different browsers on 7 devices and some sites even said I had visited to many times, plus a whole lot more.

So you have to check first you haven't been followed. Because on 1 site I was followed to, they copied everything. Which they were doing anyway & (they even copied my system alerts from images to text somehow). They ended up wreaking havoc, they slandered and attacked other members and were general nuisances.


They even killed our lawn to identify our place, AUG 11 2014 905am
They even killed our lawn to identify our place, AUG 11 2014 905am | Source
They had hoons like this follow us from one end of the coast to the other to be annoying like on 16 JAN 2014 257pm
They had hoons like this follow us from one end of the coast to the other to be annoying like on 16 JAN 2014 257pm | Source


04 11 16 access denied. Why? Hackers
04 11 16 access denied. Why? Hackers | Source
241116 554am attempted google hack
241116 554am attempted google hack | Source
141116 GOOGLE Blocked
141116 GOOGLE Blocked | Source
10122016 Hackers converted image to text AMAZINGLY
10122016 Hackers converted image to text AMAZINGLY | Source


​How it got started was...

Increasingly from 2011... I had a bunch of lawyers & their mob/gang start harassing myself, family, friends & businesses I frequented, they initially started in LATE 2006 with threatening letters. Their conniving ways only came to light in 2011 when we started to see patterns of behaviour and incidents. It was only then we found they were involved in conspiring to do things in an immoral, illegal, or harmful way toward us. It was also then we realised the pattern of damage to our electronics and since had a hard time stopping them.

It is understood;
It seems to show no matter where we moved or what we do, they could get to us, due to the size of their association using (6 degrees of separation, principle). It's understood they even threatened at least 2 of my friends, in of all places, America & England. Here's just some of what they did leading to a number of bouts of depression. And, as recently as 18 July 2015, they started up again, repeating 17 of the 18 things they did last time. From those underhanded Lawyers and associates, which has been known since 2013 as their F*CKTARD associates gang.

Worse still...
This big law firm, CNL in Brisbane Australia appear linked to what appear to be corrupt cops? It has been 10 years they have been hassling me. YES that's right LAWYERS.!!! And... shock you as it might we found back in 2011/12 they use a street gang/group to do their dirty work so they (the lawyers), stay clean. They tell everyone involved that no one knows anyone if caught it seems, another way the lawyers stay clean. ALL because our business sent 1 of their clients a debt collection notice in 2006, from my email, which is probably why they've picked on mainly me..

How they get away...
With it is, these LIARS I mean (lawyers) LIE to the cops, and... Because they are seemingly underhanded lawyers they are somehow holding something over/threatening in some way the cops OR they are supposedly more trusted/believed. BUT lawyers (for the benefit of their clients), twist the truth/lie by deception almost daily and YES even in court. The cops are so blinded, they don't seem to see they are being played by these LIARS (oops, slipped again it's so close to lawyers).

First was
1 In a matter of months our 3 NEW phones were hacked & destroyed then
2 They started setting off explosions and
3 Had hoons come round & hoon near us BUT NOT CLOSE enough for evidence, then
4 Graffiti in our yard, then
5 Rubbish thrown in our yard then
6 Fence palings were ripped off in our yard then
7 They broke stuff like the tiles & bin & stole it etc then
8 They threw objects at the house
9 They spread lies about us
10 All the while they were doing crank calls...
11 Smashed the windows & kicked in the doors on the car
12 They messed with phone & internet causing complaints
13 They messed with the power in area causing complaints
14 And they were making false reports from & or about me (the hospital said)
15 They hacked my computer & destroyed it along with all the evidence against them
16 They were eavesdropping AND selectively repeating our conversations when near us
17 They found what we were sensitive to & sprayed near us burning our eyes nose etc
18 In 2013 they had someone try & run me over. This was on August 24 2013 walking up Adelaide st Brisbane a white Camry registration 5***VV a ​1999 model was stalking us @ Post Office Square about 740pm AUG 24. We were inspecting flower damage & it chased us up Adelaide st, revved & started to drive at me/us whilst at cnr of Edward st lights when we lawfully crossed in front of it heading to Ann st.

(Maybe coincidence)? doesn't seem to be..??
IF 1 or 2 things repeated YES a coincidence. BUT 16 out of 18.
THAT is WAY TOO many coincidences, to logically be coincidental.
That is, 88.89% Repeated.
They say history never repeats.

​YET it seems to be...
It looks, based on the patterns above, like those certain individuals who are calculating & vindictive are targeting us again, causing problems or...
It's a warped a government experiment..??
Now most of my stuff both on & offline has been hacked since July 18 2015. On October 25 2016, they caused so much damage to the internet connection the windows network & internet connections needed replacing, plus a FULL DNS flush, to resolve only part the problem.
Little did we know until December 7 2016 the hackers were still in our accounts & systems. It was just before that time our internet provider told us 1 particular node in the system was being heavily hit, (seemingly DDOS style attacks) by these intruders. And, he found 36 people on that node they were having intermittent problems. YET, OURS was being targeted 100% of the time.

The hackers...
They hacked OUR email, home wifi, internet and even spoofed
(copied) OUR phone & iPads and made 26+ calls." AND... messages.
PLUS destroyed ​over $8500 worth of electronics
6 phones in a matter of 4-6 months (Over 3 years).
And in 1 hit destroyed
3-4 hard drives (including backups).
2 Modems
1 computer
1 video card
And more...

PLUS all my other online accounts it appears were gone through.
They were looking to cause mischief while searching for something. And Thankfully this time they only destroyed a modem & $3500 in phones + PC in a 4-5 month period since they got in on July 18 2015. It seems they even tried to commit identity theft and credit fraud. Because they applied to buy a credit using our credit and worse still... They made a kind of a stock investing thingy, purchase, thankfully the bank found out in time and cancelled it. It only took 2 months to get the money back, whew.

SO it looks like currently moving to anywhere is not a good idea, though Pimpama seems safe after the shooting??

Just in case of tomfoolery, by this gang... We backed this up using
5 different places
4 businesses
3 Countries
2 different ways
Because of
1 underhanded gang/group

ALL the while these blatant criminals continuce after 10 years to evade prosecution


14 NOV 2016 gate damage
14 NOV 2016 gate damage | Source


ON A final note.
Even today these people are doing damage. So you need to be really careful online what you disclose.

Because nothing good in life is free and YOU get what you pay for, I should know I found out the hard way.

To stay safe...
GET yourself a good PAID anti virus, run a whole system scan. Then go get a PAID VPN and use it whenever you can.

Pictures plus more info on this & part of how we (well at least seemed) to fix the situation is here at

Do you know have you been hacked?

Have you been hacked online?

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